1-on-1 with Miss Global

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1-on-1 with Miss Global

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It had been a tough couple of hours that night during the glamorous pageant. Stiff competition was presented in the form of Samantha Dika (former Miss Harare) and Caroline Musaraurwa (Miss H-Metro) but Nyasha could have none of it.

The organisers of the pageant could have easily done without the judges and still manage to come out with the 23-year-old as the winner.
Mutsauri put her best qualities forward and that was enough to earn her a place at the top of the table.

She is yet to come to terms with her newly found fame although she admits to having goose bumps just thinking about it.
A University of South Africa public relations student, Mutsauri is already gearing up for greater things to come.

“I have a phobia and can’t stand the popping of a balloon,” she said.
It is only natural that Saturday Lifestyle unmasked the person behind the Miss Global title. Tafadzwa Zimoyo (TZ) caught up with the model Nyasha (NM), in an effort to know her better.

TZ: Greetings, Nyasha. Tell us briefly who Nyasha is?
: Nyasha is the eldest daughter in a family of two. I have a little brother called Kudakwashe. I went to Haig Park Primary School before enrolling for high school at Eaglesvale. That is where I completed my high school. I then went to South Africa to study for a Diploma in Public Relations at Midrand Graduate Institute. From there I moved to Harare at the beginning of this year before enrolling with Unisa. I also love farming and during my spare time I visit my parents farm in Zvimba South, Darwendale. I am single but not searching because I need to focus on my studies and my title.

TZ: Are you new in the industry and what do you think should be done to improve local beauty pageants?
: Not at all. I am not new in the field because have been doing advertorials for companies such as Econet and television commercials locally and in South Africa. I can say I have been a commercial model since                    2010.
On local pageants, I think people should appreciate and recognise the sector because it creates employment. A lot of women and men are sustaining livelihoods from it. It is only that people associate modelling with immorality. The new breed of pageants are different. You can’t advertise without models so we are important in the country.

TZ: So what drove you to take part in the Miss Global Zimbabwe and what is the pageant all about?
The pageant is a bit different from others because it is more about empowering young women. All finalists were tasked to present developmental projects, something that opens up the mind and to think outside the box. I believe those who didn’t make it are leaders in their own way in communities. I entered the pageant because I wanted to prove to myself that I am ready. It is now my time to shine. My dream is to meet President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He is a man of integrity and I like his ideologies.

TZ: What has changed now that you are the “queen?”
I am still the Nyasha people used to know. My friends remain the same though more will come along the way. Nothing has changed just because I’m now a public figure. I have two personalities, when I have to attend corporate functions I will be the queen. I have to portray myself well for the nation. If you see me in the streets I am just a normal and casual girl.

TZ: Tell us about the title and where you keep your crown?
I have a job to do from the night I became queen. I am continuing with my rehabilitation project that I started working on when I joined Miss Global. It is centred on maintaining old people’s homes in different communities. And where I keep my crown? OMG (laughs) . . . Because I am now a public figure, it’s true people want to know all. My crown is kept in the middle of my dresser at home in Marimba. I move around with my sash in my bag because you never know where I end up during the day.

TZ: Nice chatting to you Nyasha. Any last words for your “subjects”?
: Same to you Tafadzwa. I hope we work together soon and develop our nation. It may be in Government or in our individual capacities, Rome was not built in a day. To young girls chase your dream and put God first. The sky is the limit.

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