Zvimba endorses President Mugabe

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
The zanu-pf Zvimba District leadership has endorsed President Mugabe as party leader ahead of a Congress scheduled for December.
At a consultative meeting at Murombedzi Growth Point on Sunday, the district leadership unanimously agreed to retain President Mugabe.

Zanu-pf Mashonaland West deputy chair Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi, who is also legislator for Zvimba West, chaired the meeting.
Zvimba North legislator Cde Ignatius Chombo, Cde Francis Mukwangwariwa (Zvimba East), Cde Walter Chidhakwa (Zvimba South), Zvimba and the Chirawu chieftainships attended the meeting. Cde Chombo said President Mugabe was still the people’s favourite.

“The thunderous victory in last year’s harmonised elections was testimony that the people enjoyed President Mugabe’s leadership on a variety of issues.

“He deserves to rule the country for more years. Since he was elected President of Zimbabwe, we cannot have another person to lead zanu-pf. He must continue to head both the party and the Government,” he said.

Cde Christopher Shumba moved a motion to endorse President Mugabe’s leadership, and it was unanimously adopted, after which Cde Ziyambi was tasked to convey this decision to the provincial executive.

The district leadership also agreed to ensure fireguards were set up at all farming and residential premises to save human life and property.

“It also saves life considering that last year many people were killed in veld fires and animals were burnt,” Cde Chombo said.

It was agreed that the US$3,3 million from the Zimplats Community Share Ownership Trust should be used to build schools and clinics.

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  • ndlovu

    If Zanu pf still wants Mugabe other parties should not complian its Zanu’s choice and it has worked for them for 34 yrs.So please no one should decide for Zanu as no one should decide for Mdc.

    • SimukaiTimapedzeMaBhunu

      Well said Cde Ndlovu…

    • Kusvikazvanaka

      Long live 09 years …counting

    • Tawanda

      This shows within ZPF there are no presidential material individuals, we love our president i think its now time he passes on the button to someone more energetic and he can play an advisory role to the incubent.

      • Cde Nharo

        Ari ‘more energetic’ hatisati tamuwana. HE Cde President vachiri kutsvaga.

      • nhimbro

        MDC should keep their Chimatama and ZANU PF their Mudara and nothing else Pamberi na mudhara tinokudai gushungo ndimi munogona kutamba bhora resimbi uye muchigohwesa

        • Tawanda

          Its not about Morgiza its about people not wanting to change there mindset. Kana vasina an energetic candidate ini ndogona kungodzisimudza nyanga dzacho tikaitonga nyika iyi.

    • Nyongolo

      No one is complaining neither did they say which party they are from.Maybe they are disgruntled zanu pf members.I wonder, are these leaders deciding for the ordinary party members,because it seems they are imposing a candidate on the majority in the party.As far as i know this party,fear rules,vote buying exists and loyalty pays.

    • majetsha

      itai madiro neMdc yenyu kwete kungokopa muchakopa nezvinouraya.

    • jojo

      If the country was function well,nobody will complain ,its not.that decision not only affects Zanu pf but the whole country at large.everyone should have a say and not a bunch of crooks who are benefitting behind the president’s name.Chombo like many know they dont have any future without future hence the stupid request.

  • kuzi

    Herald, how old is this file picture ya Excellency? Just asking……

    • Jotham

      Why are you asking?. Or is it the issue of a sinister motive. Mimwe mibvunzo ndeya vanhu vanorwara.

      • zuma

        wat sinister motive. kumwe kupusa so ka. u r brainwashed jotham. y do u get offended as if avhunza age yaami vako.

        • Jotham

          You are an imbecile. If you challenged by somebody learn to face the person who offended you – how does my mother come into the picture. Vanhurume vazhinji munofarira kutuka vana mai kana wakurirwa pakutaura- zuma you are just shameless. If you insult me – i will insult you as well- I will not stoop so low as to target your mother, father etc. Urimbwende chaiyo.Gudo risina mwise

    • Cde Nharo

      Saka kuti wozodini? Siyana nazvo.

    • Baba Brenda

      wotonzwa vamwe vachiti hee regime change, hee ma sanction… wotoona vamwe vachitadza kungopindura zvabvunzwa… #smh

    • Tha Truth

      Gives an impression that he is still young, its all about appearance thats why they did not even mention his age.

  • mpengo

    Of course they do!

  • Longlive Mugabe

    While I agree that people still love this man, i personally feel he should now take a rest and have peace of mind with his family. On a humanitarian point of view. Long live our President and this can be helped if he take a rest from this world of politics.

  • Col Nyathi

    Bhora Mugedhe well done Zvimba. With a lot of millionaires coming from that part of the country you really have a reason to stick with Gushungo.And I know that quite a number of the children from that part of the country are in university in South Africa on government scholarship. And of course one son of the soil from there owns almost a town !!

    • john banda

      well said. Idiots like Chombo, Mliswa, Shamu and Chiyangwa from that province want protection at the expense of the whole nations.

  • Jongwe

    Eheka! Iparty yavo His Excellency! Zvakangofanana nemuchato uya unonzi mukadzi nemurume wake ” till death do us part”! Bhora mugedhe !!!

  • dhewa

    Uku kwaakurwara mupfungwa.

  • hovoroai

    Pamari yeZimplats trust apo pachaitwa huwhori. Huwhori wakasimba zvokuti tichatoshaya kuti zvinhu zvacho zvirikumbofambasei. Ha ha ha. Haaaaaaa Zimbabwe

  • Chamunorwa

    Why are district leaderships forced to deny the obvious and inevitable? Even a child knows that Mugabe is no longer a shadow of his 20 years younger self, when even then he should have considered an honourable retirement. Dragging the country further down through his inaction, constant absences and growing ill health is not doing the nation any favours.

  • Tatenda Baba

    Time has come for constructive leadership. The old man has done his part and a splendid job. We have more good than bad on his leadership rankings. We love you baba. But the nation has to move on while he operate as a seer, lets have new blood.

  • Chitova_Our children’s future

    This is a joke! As a ZANU PF youth who stands by the ideologies of the party, I am disappointed. He has played his part in the struggle and he will never be erased from the history books. don’t know what is taboo about discussing succession, after all any organisation needs to have succession planning. We need a younger and energetic leader to tackle the rampant looting, systematic corruption and lack of accountability. The old man now relies of “briefings” and is not able to actively address the nation. So we only wait to see the president when someone dies…Fellow comrades let us be progressive and build a sustainable future for tomorrow.

    I do not hate the president, I respect and admire him. He should enjoy his last years in peace with his family like a normal person….can the first lady be a good wife please.

    • Cde Nharo

      Iwe iwe uri ZanuPf youth yokupi iwe. Tevera gwara remusangano wanzwa. Zvibate.

      • julele

        i am 100percent zanu pf. but vanhu vakuba vachitora advantage yekuti baba vakura. so this needs to be adre//////. kids,what do want to be when u grow up. C.E.OOO WHY. i will get what i want.

        • mukwerekwere

          He has presided over corruption since 1980. Except for a couple of sacrificial lambs, has he ever really dealt with corruption? No, he has never because he is also complicit. We need a clean out of the hierarchy for Zimbabwe to move forward.

  • makwavarara

    zvimwe zvoda vadoko ava havacharugoni vakwegura

  • Tamuka

    Vamugabe kuzanu Tsvangson kuMDc nyika yofamba……

  • ivor payne

    Where in ZANU PFs constitution are the districts required to endorse the presidency?

  • Kewkwe326

    Endorse the President? Why? Is there a leadership contest? If the President enjoyed the support of the districts, they wouldn’t need publicly to endorse him and neither would he Herald carry it as a top story.

  • Bryn

    matanga zve…………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah imi vanhu