Zodwa is finally here!

Zodwa waBantu

Zodwa waBantu

Arts Correspondent
After a false start, empty promises and a letter from one Anne Nhira to bar her from coming to Zimbabwe, South African “Queen of Nakedness” Zodwa waBantu is expected to perform at an adult entertainment venue Private Lounge tonight.

“It’s now or never. Finally Zodwa will be performing at our leisure spot. We sent someone to South Africa to collect her,” said Biggie Chinoperekwei, the organiser of the show.

Organisers of the show say the dancer-cum-socialite, famed for her refusal to wear panties has promised to bring a double portion of her usual entertainment dosage for the tour.

“Since her scheduled September tour of Harare was cancelled, she has been communicating and indicating her willingness to have a new date with her fans in the capital. Since we announced that she will be coming this time around, the excitement has been all over.”

Zodwa also confirmed on social media that she will be in the capital today.

“Looking forward to a great show in Harare,” she said.

Zodwa Wabantu whose real name is Zodwa Rebecca Libram is a South African socialite and dancer. She used to work for a debt collection company but later resigned to indulge in the entertainment industry.

Zodwa became popular for her dance moves at Durban’s Eyadini Lounge and has since climbed the entertainment ladder. She and her friends used to visit the Rock Club in Soweto and she became famous for her dance moves. Speaking to South African media, Zodwa defended her decision not to wear a pant saying she wanted to proudly own the fact that she doesn’t wear any underwear and to flaunt her cellulite with pride.

“The inspiration behind it is that I wanted to be sexy and bold. I wanted to show I don’t really wear a pant. In the photos my cellulite is clearly visible, I wanted to show women we do not have to hide what we are,” Zodwa explained.


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  • Coupanashe

    Tired of this nonsense

  • TruthHurts!

    Ndochii ichocho nhai mukoma Biggie? Next time…iyaaah!

  • Mungo

    kupa mbiri munhu nekusti hapfeki bhurugwa,ndanyara chaizvo, zimbas we are better than this

  • Mungo

    ndanyara chaizvo,kupa munhu mbiri nekuti hapfeki bhurugwa,zimbas we are better than this

  • Rasodi

    Serious decolonization needed indeed… Will we ever get there, I don’t think so….

  • im so sad

    apparently she didnt arrive, she was paid but did not pitch up. Maybe she was paid in bond notes & she realized the Bond Notes were actually useless and worthless in South Africa?

  • Hombarume

    i am ashamed i clicked this article.
    So i just rushed to write this comment without reading the content.

  • tawana

    is Zodwa unique from other women?Has she got the stuff made of Gold or Diamond?I do not know but the taste of the pudding is in the eating.But one thing for sure she shakes what her mama gave her, kkkkkkk.

  • Sandura1

    Zodwa should be allowed to showcase to those who love her. The world is a global village.! Come on.