ZNA shooting accident claims pupil’s life

S-60_57mm_anti-aircraft_towed_gun_Russia_Russia_army_defence_industry_military_technology_640Herald Reporter
A form Three pupil at Delamour High School in Darwendale, Mashonaland West province, died instantly while a Form One pupil was seriously injured following an accidental discharge of a firearm by soldiers conducting drills near Inkomo Barracks yesterday.

Zimbabwe National Army spokesperson Lieutenant- Colonel Alphios Makotore confirmed last night the incident that occurred yesterday morning.

“Parachute Regiment troops were on exercise at the rifle range when a live bullet round from an anti-aircraft gun flew over a catch and trajected for over seven kilometres, travelling towards the children where it hit them while they were at a school assembly this (yesterday) morning at 9am. The children are from Delamour High School here at Inkomo Garrison,” said Lt-Col Makotore.

He said the ZNA and Zimbabwe Republic Police special investigations team attended the scene and investigations were still underway.

The body of the deceased was taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital for post-mortem while the injured was admitted at the same hospital for treatment but described his condition as satisfactory.

The parents of both boys have since been notified and were assisting in investigations.

“The Commander of the Zimbabwe National Army, Lieutenant-General Philip Valerio Sibanda, and all members of the ZNA regret this unfortunate accident which has apparently happened on the last day of school. They also expressed their deepest condolence to the bereaved family and wished a speedy recovery to the injured pupil,” said Lt-Col Makotore.

“The ZNA is assisting all the affected families to ameliorate this unfortunate incident. More details will be made available as investigations continue. The ZNA command element visited the school and met the families this morning,” he said.

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  • Judas Iscariot

    Why do we have a shooting range within a striking distance of a school? They should conduct these drills very early in the mornings or late at night when people are inside buildings to minimize such accidents. This is very unfortunate,a life cut short. I am sure this student hoped to go to college,get a job and start a family. Sad. I hope gov’t is going to provide compensation and not the usual helping with funeral expenses nonsense.

    • Richard Justin Sauta

      There is no was of making a range within striking range of schools. At Cleveland range People get shot taking shortcuts from Mabvuku. It is just an unfortunate incident. The catch is supposed to catch the round but sometimes the trajectory is too much and the round goes over.

      • Matsimba

        So if this is not the first incident then stop forthwith all these drills until such time that ZNA has found suitable places for their drills, at least 100 km away from humans!!

  • Chiparamure

    This is sad, painful and difficult

  • @tura81

    ZNA and the government should compensate the victims and be held accountable . So sad

  • ZipChando

    Very painful.

  • munhu mutapa

    This tragic could have been avoided if the town planners had done their job properly when allocating land for the school building.

    • Matsimba

      Spot on. Thus why His Excellency, in his wisdom, queried emphatically the sprouting of neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity of the Harare International Airport. Yes people lost property, valuable for that matter, but what is more valuable – personal earthly possessions or life?

      • rukudzo

        Especially if Ndege crashes into those houses….Also think the approach to airport when planes are coming to land should have no houses….

  • Japana Hapana

    They have a track record of killing and inflicting pain on innocent people

  • Ziso

    This is really sad. ZNA should change the way they run such operations. Safety procedures must be improved. This should never happen again. My condolences to the family of the bereaved and I wish a speedy recovery to the injured pupil.

  • UZ Student

    so unprofessional. who conducts a drill with live ammunition, the guys commanding that drill should be held accountable and charged

    • Richard Justin Sauta

      The Ranges are run in red condition. It would be wonderful if people do a little research before they comment,Please understand ranges are run in red condition

      • Doppelganger

        zvichireva? Please simplify for us simpletons here

  • MweniTafara

    ZNA has international reputation, zvaita sei machinda?

  • soda

    stone age equipment

  • Telescope

    What is the lesson from this very sad event? Did anyone anticipate that this could happen and what risk mitigating factors were taken before the drill? Mozo tiudzawo kana mapedza investigation.

  • Museyamwa

    #####Very angry indeed, cutting short life of a kid and Zimbabwean future and you do not give a national apology, what is that? You just say you regret the incident as if its not fatal? Army spokesperson tiitire mushe kumbira ruregerero kwete kushandisa materms ekunzvenga nyaya!

  • General Chaporonga

    A sad and painful freak accident which cost an innocent kid’s life….I wish this had happened to “**”

  • theheraldonline

    True, mabika. Thanks very much, we have since corrected the mistake.

  • Pauline

    so sad in indeed. life cut short. Rest in peace. This incident has reminded me the Gimboki scenario in Mutare. The area is in close proximity to a rifle ranch and vanhu vakatomborambidzwa kugara ikoko but vakaita nharo claiming that they had been duped by housing cooperatives. Am not sure of the details but as i write kwatove kugarwa and the range is still operating. Its a ticking time bomb. What has gone wrong with our city fathers.

    • Matsimba

      We request government to normalize the chaos in urban planning across the nation. Is it proper for people to settle wherever they want without proper surveying? Local government should stop all illegal settlements before things get out of hand. Government should avail land for people to build decent structures away from shooting ranges, bomb storage facilities, dangerous chemical manufacturing facilities, flammable fuel storage facilities etc to safeguard lives.

  • Richard Justin Sauta

    What range procedures does Mt Sambiri know of ? Did you not read that the round went over the catch. In Zimbabwe any Idiot can and does comment on issues they know nothing of. How Idiotic

  • Richard Justin Sauta

    Taura zvako Chunga

    • lularz

      very sorry

  • elpal

    Not every death is from God. Ndosaka kune inonzi premature death. The devil can kill you before your time. Even the bible says the devil comes to kill, to steal and to destroy.

    That being said R.IP. to the deceased. Condolences to the bereaved family. Speedy recovery to the injured.

    To ZNA why the use of live ammunition for drills. Does this not pose a danger even to those involved in the drills?

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Madofowo zvawo ndiwo ongofundisa masoja kuita chidofo chakadai . Masoja omene akainda kwangosara anapunha vanongoswerea kusvuta mbanje vachitadzo kuita mirairo chaiyo inotendegwa pakufundisa

  • Musorobhangu(G40)

    Ko kutuka vamwe zvaita sei nhai gerrofrend..lets live in peace and harmony.

    • theheraldonline

      true, kutukana hakuna kunaka, especially kana tichida kuti hurukuro dzive dzakadzikama dzichibatsira tose.

  • X-zola The Devil lonely

    Its quiet sad to note that the innocent souls just died like that and may their soul rest in peace.

  • No and No

    Culpable homicide

  • Zvichapera

    Anti Air shooting the ground level!? This does not sound correct. Why do you practice with obsolete equipment? or Why are you practicing after all, when you are not defending a country but defending a Political Party – ZANU PF? God save Zimbabwe. This shows that we have an incompetent army, which is used to using tear gas. Time will tell.

  • Shoko

    This is not an unfortunate mistake. Its a stupid mistake full stop! Shooting range within a school, not checking if there is live rounds, facing a launcher towards the direction of the school.. Is there anyone working in health and safety in the barracks? You are sending condolences to family and speedy recovery to the injured, do you even know how traumatized the kids who watched their colleague die? Do you realize that there are psychological effects from a tragedy like this one on the kids and their teachers? Do you understand the feeling that the Headmaster could be going through for ‘failing’ to protect the kids in what is supposed to be one of the safest zones in the barracks? Every kid in the school, the parents and the teachers should receive counseling