Zimpapers pays tribute to Star FM boss Taderera

Star FM general manager Admire Taderera

Admire Taderera

Farai Kuvirimirwa Herald Reporter
Zimpapers last week held a farewell party for outgoing Star FM general manager Admire Taderera and disc jockey Innocent Tshuma, to honour them for their contribution towards the growth of the radio station.
The duo left on early retirement after joining the radio station at its inception in 2012.
In his remarks, Zimpapers acting chief executive officer and group chief operations officer Pikirayi Deketeke thanked Mr Taderera for brilliant ideas which were vital in the development of the radio station.

“As an experienced broadcaster, he played a huge role in the training of junior staff members,” he said. “Star FM was the first commercial radio station in Zimbabwe and people in Binga can now listen to the station, which is attributed to his brilliant ideas.

“Many had opted for CDs over the past years, but they are now listening to radio. He is a pioneer and the first leader of a commercial radio station in Zimbabwe and his DNA runs in the station.”

Deketeke hailed Tshuma saying he was among the DJs who were associated with the Star FM brand in all parts of the country.
In his farewell speech, Mr Taderera hailed staff members at the radio station, saying they had trust and confidence in his capabilities.

“Broadcasting is for people with a quest for growth,” he said. “I appreciate all staff members who made Star FM what it is today. I was given an opportunity to have my time at the station which is a big brand in Zimbabwe.

“If you are a team player, wait for the ball and learn to pass it to other players. Teamwork is a vital cog in the development of any institution.”
Tshuma thanked Zimpapers and said he will always have fond memories of his stint at Star FM.

He thanked Taderera and other DJs including Tapiwa “Daywalker” Musoni and Leander Kandiero whose command and support he said was vital in shaping his broadcasting skills.

Taderera and Tshuma’s exit from Zimpapers followed that of Chief Executive Officer Mr Justin Mutasa and Group Financial Director Mr Adolf Majome.
Mr Mutasa took early retirement, while Mr Majome did not extend his contract at its expiry.

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  • Jongwe

    Ndatopotsa ndafenda ndichifunga kuti akafaka ini, long live Admirie! Pamberi nebasa varume!

    • Ndini uya uya

      Hana yarovawo mufunge! Ndavhura page iyi ndakaibata mumawoko…Admire isimbi yebasa mhani iyi!!!

  • moses bvira

    How old is the trio to go on early retirement, otherwise i enjoyed the programes these trio broadcasted. Well done. wish you well.

  • Momo

    taura hako jongwe,the headline is quite misleading.


    It would be nice for Taderera to continue with the “Simbi yamudhara “slot , may be on part time basis.

  • papa fang

    poor headline. quite misleading

    • Kusvikazvanaka

      Thought Admire kicked the bucket….what is happening with these journalists of today?

  • Profit Shingi, Man of Gold.

    Headline very misleading, thought he was no more. Will mis simbi yamudhara. Star FM has lost a significant following at home and in the diaspora. I hope another station will give him a slot coz simbi yamdhara iSIMBI.

  • sandra

    used to look forward to simbi yamudhara, so sad. but am glad they are not dead, headline yenyu yakadhakwa.

    • johnzo

      you can say that again Sandra, I actually exclaimed WHAT!!!! thinking Admire is nomore, Only to read that he has “retired” majournalist enyu aya

  • thomas

    something is terrebly wrong with our politics…… this is not early retirement. in radio people go a long way and do not retire. taurai chokwadi apa. no one will listen to radio now. ndikati nzvee-e-e-e kwaAmato wandiona.

  • thomas

    very right and you wonder WWHHYY??

  • Tarubva

    “If you are a team player, wait for the ball and learn to pass it to other players.” I respect you Admire for just those words. Probably those who have been monotonously in our midst from 1980 up to now may somehow remotely heed the advice! It is only just my very faint hope.