Zim to resume EU beef exports

Dr Joseph Made

Dr Joseph Made

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe will soon resume beef exports to the lucrative European Union market, with negotiations to that effect already underway, a Cabinet Minister has said.
Speaking at a Press conference yesterday, Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister Dr Joseph Made said Cabinet would, in the coming few days, discuss a national strategy on livestock production in preparation for the exports.
Zimbabwe last sold its beef to Europe in 2001 before the exports were suspended because of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

“As we are talking, there are inquiries from Europe relating to the fact that we must focus on the livestock sector and the potential to re-enter the European market in terms of beef exports,” said Dr Made.

“We are in agreement with the European Union that we must re-establish the green, the red and the white zone as it relates to foot and mouth and re-establishment of the foot and mouth fence across the country.

“It is not a secret as ruled by the World Trade Organisation that all beef entering the European market must be labelled GMO-free or GMO-fed beef.
“So, we are mindful of the fact that there is a niche market that relates to our own beef and we would want to participate in that sector because we are GMO-free in terms of our stock-feeds and this we have indicated in the sense that we have remained firm in terms of the content as it relates to GMO material.

“I also want to clarify that this is a Cabinet position as it relates to GMO that we will not allow the introduction of GMO materials.”
Dr Made said the livestock sector had great potential to contribute to economic growth.

“In the coming seven days or so I will be announcing a national strategy relating to the livestock sector, this is assuming that Cabinet will be considering this matter in the coming days,” he said.

“We must focus on the livestock sector in its totality because Zimbabwe holds great potential in the sector.”
Dr Made said that the livestock sector could create downstream industries that use by-products from livestock such as hides.

He said delivery of maize to the Grain Marketing Board had increased by up to four times more than what was delivered in the same period last year.
Farmers have delivered 5 400 metric tonnes of maize to the GMB so far, compared to the 1 600 metric tonnes that had been delivered during the same period last year.

Zimbabwe needs 500 000 metric tonnes for the strategic grain reserves.
He said Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa had been tasked to mobilise resources to ensure timely payment of farmers for grain delivered.

In the past, Government delayed payment to farmers, negatively affecting their operations.

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  • Detective

    ko ma sanctions akabviswa here amunogaro chema now

    • Black Rancher

      Comrade Detective you know as i do that the issue of sanctions is a tactic for the fellows to loot. For your own information the EU was and is always ready to trade with Zim. Infact there are the biggest donor (through agencies) to ailing health and other social services.
      And now that our national head was decimated this is just another wishful message to raise hopes with Zimbabweans. Our veterinary services have long collapsed .For access to benefit we need a good 5- year plan

    • Truth

      Nyama haina sanctions..madhunu anoda nyama.

    • Tendekayi Machivenyika

      The Europeans announced a gradual removal of sanctions since after the constitutional referendum. However, this story is from Minister Made, not a joint announcement with the EU. This means we have to wait and see if it will fall through.

  • Emperor Chin

    “As we are talking, there are inquiries from Europe relating to the fact that we must focus on the livestock sector and the potential to re-enter the European market in terms of beef exports,” said Dr Made. So where are the Sanctions if Europe is making inquiries?

    • Progressive Zimbabwean

      And by the way, When are we starting to export. A lot needs to be done before we can even think of exporting. Our facilities are not ready and we need to invest before we can start talking of exporting to Europe. In 2020 perhaps.

      • Tendekayi Machivenyika

        The problem wish such announcements is that they are premature. Although they are meant to raise morale and so forth, most of them are just wishes and blueprints which may be well meant but not really concrete. We have heard such stories about Europe or America, and the following day the Ambassador concerned would come out and deny such arrangements. Why dont they call a press conference during the signing ceremonies? I am sure THEN everybody would ululate. This is a very encouraging story but if it doesnt get favour with the Europeans it would be very depressing.

      • tafamutekwe

        Your 2020 projection makes a lot of sense bearing in mind the serious depletion of the national heard compounded by the politically chaotic and arbitrary acquisition of once viable commercial cattle ranches and agricultural farmlands.

    • joemuda

      If there were no sanctions they wouldn’t be making inquiries we would have been exporting for the past 10 yrs. We would be talking about how much we earned from beef exports to EU in the first quarter of the year, the previous year and year after.

      • Kachanzi

        We stopped exporting because of foot and mouth not sanctions,wake up.

    • Mapingure

      Thanks Emperor Chin for asking such a pertinent question. WHERE ARE THE SANCTIONS?

  • madhunduru vepagatsi


    • Truth

      When are we going to believe in ourselves…shame on you.

  • Kunta

    there is far too much work still to be done like re-introducing quarantine zones like they have in Botswana saka chimbomirai zvekuda kutinyepera. Until you start a livestock control programme momisa zvemombe dziri kuitwa transport pakati pousiku dzisina mapepa, then we can start talking

  • mabamba and chombo

    koisu zvairikusatikwanira nyama yacho?

  • 100% zimbeef

    Total BS

  • Dzakabvuraudzwa

    As if beef to Europe is a favour to Zim,
    Actually EU needs us for beef than we need them for the beef money.

    • joo

      rofl what a muppet, you my friend are drinking the Kool-Aid, enjoy its sweet taste

    • John Chimindo

      Where have they been getting their beef for the last 10 years then?

    • leemoyo

      Stop lying Dzaka, check the production capacities of these countries and you will realise who needs who.

    • Gambukambu

      Yet they have not stopped eating beef with us ceasing to supply them. But yet our economy reflects the absence of their money ‘sanctions’.

  • dereki

    this is just a story to make zimbos smile wen they goto bed on an empty tummy

  • me

    tinofanira kutanga taita mombe dzacho dziwande
    mumatanga mareruka umu,csc yakagara pasi

  • joo

    I thought we had sanctions that stopped us doing business with the EU, when were sanctions removed or did they never exist in the first place?

    • joemuda

      If there were no sanctions we wouldn’t be talking about EU making inquiries instead we would be talking about how much we have earned from the exports.

      • leemoyo

        We dont export mombe dzevhu joemuda. They have to inquire becoz there is no cattle to export.

      • succuba

        There were NEVER any sanctions against Zimbabwe, only companies (originally 42 I think) that resided in Zimbabwe and were headed with known human rights abusers. Farms were never on the original sanctions list.

        Beef exports were stopped because of Foot & Mouth. stop making yourself look foolish here Joemuda.

  • Fat Mo’s Barnyard Boys

    Now we want to feed our “gay racist” enemies as Jukwa would say?

  • Hundunya

    Last year we delivered our own maize to the grain marketing board and we suffered delyed payment and we were robbed of the presidential inputs which means no money no inputs. I thought the Government was going to prioritise the ones who entrusted their harvest with them, but alas in Bikita it was another case. The politicians came and gave the fertiliser to the Location inhabitants and the korokozas, at the cost of real farmers, we had to use savings from other sources to fund last years farming because the money for the previous season delivery came mid season, way after the inputs should have been bought. My question to the government is why it should keep on using politicians to distribute these inputs. Is it not like the GMB provides results of yester year deliveries and first provide for those, then all the other people latter. It pains for someone to receive fertiliser for free without a hectare he is farming and and sell it at a more profit to te actual maize producers. Do something please on this issue of inputs. My family had a bumper harvest last season but its still in stock at home with nowhere to take it because the government is and has been letting us down on this issue for long. One president of America who died in the fight for frarmers once said “People run away from farming because the farmer buys everything at retail price, and sells everything at wholesale price, providing transport for inputs from the market and tarnsport to the market” on the loosing end always, coupled with my above complaints, Zimbabwe will never be the bread basket of Africa again if issues of this nature are not adressed. More incentives to the real farmer not to the retailer of farming products and non farmers. Lets move away from the urban economy and mix it with Rural economy for the development of Peripheries. Thumbs up to the beef deal, but first feed the hand that produces then latter export, lets not grow the economies GDP at the expense of standard livelihoods ofthe citizen child. We dont want to export original meat while we import GMOs for our own people. What measures has the Minister in question done to curb the quantaries that bedeveld CSC.

  • Mr.Sunningdale(Kong Town)

    Made……please stop talking BS as if you are still in that helicopter.Look at the CSC abbatoirs first.They are dilapidated and looted to the ground,the national herd has been significantly reduced.Why do you rush to the press before you have done all the groundwork? Nxaa

  • leemoyo

    This Dr is an unreliable source-thats all. check his record

  • Janet Bere

    NdiMade uyu ka uyu!!! Everyone knows we do not have the capacity. The guy talks as if we are ready to export mangwana chaiwo. I am so glad given the amount of responses on this article that it is clear Zimbabweans understand what kind of recycled leaders we have. I used to hope kuti pane anonzwa kumusoro ikoko and do something but it appears vose vadyiwa nemuchenje. Shame.

  • moyo

    We can export our beef to anywhere in the world, even to China.Why only singing about Europe? I was home (Wedza) last weekend Cde Minister; cattle are not dipping,have lots of ticks and some are dying of lump skin disease.Can we please as a nation protect the cattle we already have?

  • Stanford

    mombe dzacho dziri kupi nhai mad Made?