Zim to issue IDs, passports in SA

Cde Mguni

Cde Mguni

Bulawayo Bureau

South Africa has given Zimbabwe the nod to deploy its officers to issue passports, birth certificates and national identity cards to locals residing in the neighbouring country. Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Cde Obedingwa Mguni said the documents would be issued from selected points in the neighbouring country as soon as South African authorities identify sites to conduct the exercise.He said his ministry would approach Botswana with the same request.

“We have approached the South African government seeking permission to issue passports, birth certificates and National IDs from their country and they have given us the go ahead.

“Our South African counterparts are now in the process of identifying places where we can conduct this exercise. When the locations have been submitted, we will immediately deploy our teams to the neighbouring country,” the deputy minister said.

Cde Mguni said the exercise sought to ensure that Zimbabweans in the Diaspora were in possession of all valuable documents.

He said a number of Zimbabweans were accessing neighbouring countries through illegal points while some neither had birth certificates nor National IDs.

Cde Mguni said his ministry was making efforts to reduce the time involved in processing passports.

He said passports were supposed to be processed and issued within a period of two weeks, but security checks involved were dragging the process.

“Passports should be issued within 14 days and ours are issued after two months. These are some of the anomalies that we want to address. We need to introduce quick coordinated security checks that will expedite the process.

“We recently acquired a highly efficient machine from Japan which processes passports but our pace does not complement the capacity of the machine because of these delays,” Cde Mguni said.

He said Plumtree, Victoria Falls, Beitbridge, Chipinge and Chiredzi Towns would be the first to introduce passport issuing services at district registry offices.

Cde Mguni said his Ministry had noted that these were the main entry points for people who were crossing into neighbouring countries illegally.

“My Ministry will be issuing out a tender very soon for companies that can provide us with the relevant machinery needed when capturing pictures among other equipment that will be used by the district offices.

“This machinery, however, has to be in line with United Nations standards. The details of the tender will be released as time goes on,” he said.

Cde Mguni said they were also making efforts to improve features of the Emergency Travel Document so that they’re once again recognised as legal travelling documents in neighbouring countries.

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  • Nathan

    The election rigging has started – Nikuv 2.0

    • mpengo

      Mean time MDC-T is pre-occupied by factional fighting. The voter’s roll will be forgotten until the elections…. and those dumb idiots will once again register an epic failure.

      • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

        Taura hako

        • Humphrey

          zanu yatotanga preperations for elections , taura hako, mdc vachitadza kubatana for one goal

    • Humphrey

      WAGONA IPAPO, ITS RIGGING TIME, why to offer this service now when we were already doing it through the embassies,, how will you pay these people, when you cant pay civil servants. tell me pleeeesssseeeee. aiiboo.

    • Ruzivo

      my thoughts exactly. In prep of 2018

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Kumusha vazere vanhu vasina mabirth and the rest of the documents, why not give them? I see they will not contribute to your bottomless treasury coffers! Be it as it as it may I would like to renew my passport, how can I accomplish that?

  • Sambiri

    Fix the economic mess your government created which displaced people to seek refugees in foreign lands.

  • Tinovaziva

    Great all the more reason not to go back to the cursed country of Zimbabwe.

  • Simon Berejena

    Go further and allow the same people to vote in the 2018 elections! I became a citizen of RSA simply because someone wanted me to have a “long birth certificate” when I wanted to renew my passport. He was prepared to “sort” this for R15000!! Hope this move helps some people although I still ask what is in it for ZANU-PF? They enjoy inflicting pain on us (go to Beitbridge if you want proof) so why sudden change of heart

  • Madagara Kasulumane

    register voters at the same time

  • brave

    Making money


    Votes being collected.

  • Hagani Chingwaru

    Zimbabwe is developing, Long Live Zimbabwe

  • Ruzivo

    could this be a move towards collecting diaspora taxes? Beware!

    • http://masimbamusodza.co.uk Masimba Musodza

      As the law stands, Zimbabweans are not taxed for income earned outside the country. I think it has to do with voter registration.