Zim military on alert against Renamo

sekeramayi25apGeorge Maponga in CROOKS CORNER, Limpopo Valley
ZIMBABWE is on high alert and closely monitoring Mozambique where former rebel movement Renamo has resumed hostilities with the government, but has not deployed any troops to Mozambique, neither has the government there asked for help, Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi has said. The border was safe at present, but Zimbabwe was watching events closely.

Political tension has been escalating in Mozambique over the past few weeks after Renamo started attacking government positions in the central areas of the country, the same areas where they concentrated their banditry in the 1980s and early 1990s while backed by apartheid South Africa.

The banditry ended with an agreement between Renamo and the Frelimo government in 1992, when Renamo disarmed and became a recognised political party.
Now elements of Renamo are returning to the bush, although they have no external source of arms or backing.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of a tour of the Crooks Corner-Sango Border Post minefield near the Mozambican border on Thursday, Minister Sekeramayi emphasised that Zimbabwe did not want any escalation of hostilities in its eastern neighbour.
Minister Sekeramayi said Zimbabwe would be concerned if Mozambique was destabilised because of the threat posed to the railway and pipelines that link Harare and the port of Beira.

“We are closely monitoring the situation in Mozambique because we do not want the escalation of hostilities in that country between the government and Renamo.
“We continue to monitor the situation. We share the same border with Mozambique and we are closely monitoring the situation at our border.
“Our main concern is the security of our railway and pipe lines, so we do not want any instability in Mozambique,’’ he said.
He denied reports that Zimbabwe had deployed forces to help the Mozambican government stamp out the Renamo rebellion.

“There is not a single Zimbabwean soldier who has been deployed in Mozambique as we speak. In the event that we decide to deploy our troops there, we will inform the nation,’’ he said.

Minister Sekeramayi said the Mozambican government had not yet raised the issue with Sadc neither has it sought appropriate help.
Under Sadc protocols, every Sadc member has the right to assistance from the rest if they face a security threat they cannot handle on their own.

He said the fact that Mozambique had not yet informed Sadc about the threat to its security posed by the Renamo insurgents meant that Mozambique was able to contain the problem.

“Though Zimbabwe is closely monitoring the situation in Mozambique, the government in that country has so far not yet brought their problems to the Sadc forum so that we discuss appropriate action to take. Maybe, they will inform Sadc if hostilities continue to escalate,’’ said Minister Sekeramayi.

Zimbabwe and Mozambique have a long history of political and military co-operation dating back to the days of the war of liberation when Mozambique hosted Zanla camps.
After independence in 1980 Zimbabwe helped Mozambique to fight Renamo bandits who were being aided by the apartheid authorities in South Africa.
Eventually Renamo was forced to the negotiating table and that culminated in a peace deal that was signed in 1992.

On Monday the Mozambican military attacked and seized a military bush camp from Renamo in Maringue district, in the central province of Sofala after government soldiers had been ambushed by the former rebel movement’s militants in the region resulting in the death of 58 people.

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  • rukudzo

    I think for now Mozambican soldiers should use the opportunity to turn their soldiers into battle hardened soldiers. Turn them into that fighting force that defeated the Portuguese. We need that by yesterday.

  • Mitsidzo

    Renamo have no external source of arms or backing? Really?? How naive to think of such limitations when Africa is awash with illicit weapons from numerous sources provided by post cold-war nations and look-east friends. Friends who don’t concern themselves with internal ‘domestic’ political situations as long as they are paid for any supplies.
    The Zimbabwe military and high ranking officials are themselves responsible for financing Renamo by creating so many unofficial smuggling schemes allowing diamonds, gold, etc etc, through Mozambique and its Renamo controlled regional middle-men, using the justification of sanctions of course!
    National security can first be dealt with by cleaning up corruption within Zanu-PF and the Politburo, that created and benefited from these shady deals and unofficial financial sources that indirectly fuel the Renamo budget.

    • L Makombe

      You are offside and full of hatred for ZANU(PF) and this has affected your thinking.

    • Jotham

      Your comment comment is full of assumptions and contradictions. Be clear of what you are trying to give the Zimbabwean readership. Your comment has no facts. Renamo is connected to Zim. Diamonds how ?. Zanu(PF) corruption is connected to Renamo How?. Smuggling of Diamonds is connected to Renamo How?.
      During the 1980s the ZNA battled Renamo and restored sanity in that country and now you are alleging that Zanu(PF) is/has created Renamo’s current activities. ZNA is ready to battle Renamo again , from your allegations you are telling us that your beliefs are accurate. Njere shoma idambudzo kumwenewadzoi.
      You are stooping so low, kasi wakadzidza chikoro chapakati povusiku. Be reasonable . Your comment is a waste of time. Vana Bhasa vako(Europeans & USA) are the major sponsors of Renamo and any conflicts you might think on the African continent.


      Mittsidzo you do not seem to know when to air your various grievances against the ruling party. You are bringing in a lot of out-of topic issues at any opportunity. The confusion you have on certain political issues should remain to yourself not to confuse the general peace loving Zimbabweans.

    • Nicholas Utaunashe Makumana

      Don’t be horse blinked man, you should think outside the box. This is not the time to blame anyone but to think of our future as zimbabweans.Be patriotic to your country, government, leaders and even Africa as a hole, help to fight against terrorism.

    • rukudzo

      Mitsidzo, your first question was right, but the rest is rubbish. There is a billionaire who was known to be supporting Renamo after the fall of apartheid. That same person or his group could still be financing Renamo. Its a common secret amongst Mozambicans.

    • magfm

      what are you saying mitsidzo,since today is monday probably bhabhidho.drink more water to revive your senses.

    • Tracy

      Shame on u Mitsidzo, you seem to be hurtful and every opportunity u find you attack the ruling party with baseless accusations. Do u have anything to offer as an individual which can help to ease the tension between u and the ruling party? You are out Mitsidzo the looser

    • Tracy

      Mitsidzo wakafa focus kungobwadauka ukwane iwe

  • Elder

    Lets be alert Cdes about the threat in Moza but please Cde Minister can our security be on the lookout for possible terror attacks within Zim from these bandits,because of our support of the Mozambican govt they might pull a thing or two to try and divert our attention,from the mozambique issue and hit us,border controls have to be strict,gorongoza,nyamapanda,mkukumbura etc

  • YOWE78

    i hope this wont suck Zimbabwe into another conflict …but obviously Renamo is being backed by someone

    • dadu

      They’re eyeing the diamonds. Hokoyo


    While it is procedural for SADC to be approached for assistance, the whole region should also be monitoring the situation as was highlighted by our Minister. To all Zimbabweans, please do not try to put Zimbabwean politics into the Mozambican issue although Zimbabwe will only be involved when its interests are threatened as advised. Mozambique is our important long time neighbor and everything we be solved according that friendship background.

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    It is time for Zimbabwe to send a peace envoy to help stop the escalation before it require Zimbabwe to intervene militarily.

  • mama ucharihwa

    yako yekungokwana kwana nepausina kukokwa uchafira yangana

  • Mimi

    Mozambique has been Zimbabwe’s friend through and through. Whilst it could be naive of the powers that be to wait for Mozambique to ask for help and assistance, it is just a matter of time before Mozambique does. Of most African countries within the Southern region, Mozambique deserves Zimbabwe’s assistance. The country has helped Zimbabwe during its war against the Rhodies, it suffered unmeasured consequences because of helping the former Zimbabwe liberation fighters. Renamo needs to be stopped in its tracks and none other than the ZDF can do this. The decision might be unpopular but it is better than assisting countries like the DRC that never keep their promise and have not assisted Zimbabwe in anyway.

  • shaw Golazi

    Mozambicans have embraced tolerance and considerations for minority groups. Only yesterday you reported that the president of Mozambique is insisting that there is no conflict so I don’t see any point for Zimbabweans to waste time debating non-events. This government’s plate is full already. While Mozambican economy is booming, the opposite is true for Zimbabwe’s own. For starters, Mozambique has 6 neighbors so it defeats logic how only Zimbabwe is taking Renamo as an enemy!! Everyone else including the Mozambicans themselves are advocating for dialogue!!

  • karen

    These people will never be able to stop fighting without a cognitive transformation, this is biological and intellectual reconstruction of neural pathways in the brain through constructive work in the environment beneficial to mankind. Although a little talk may bring them to your side, the next person will then take them to their side.