Zim dancehall raps homosexuality

SOUL JAH LOVEEntertainment Reporter
Zimbabwean reggae/dancehall artistes are taking a cue from Jamaican artistes who for long have condemned homosexuality within the genre. Artistes like Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks and Elephant Man to mention a few, have openly condemned homosexuality through their hard hitting songs.
Buju’s chart topping hit “Boom Bye Bye” is seen by those who are pro-gay as a scathing attack on the minority group calling them “Batty bwoy” while Elephant Man’s “Log On” uses such words as “Chichi man” to describe gays.

And now Zimbabwean dancehall artistes have taken that root to condemn the act and that is hardly surprisingly considering that homosexuality in Zimbabwe is considered culturally a taboo.

So when Zim Dancehall artistes performed at the Harare Gardens where Guspy Warrior launched his sixth studio album, a good number slammed the act and those doing it.
Dhadza D who is popularly known as King of Fire revved up the audiences with his energetic songs but in the process denounced gays.

“Raise your hands up if you’re not gay,” he said to wild applause from the crowd before he introduced his upcoming single called “Menduru”.

Talented chanter Soul Jah Love who announced his engagement plans to girlfriend Bounty Lisa also roundly condemned gays urging the ghetto youths to shun the                           practice. Another fiery singer Jiggaz also took the opportunity to denounce homosexuality.

Judging from the comments made by a number  Zim dancehall artistes, it was clear homosexuality has no place in the genre as it is considered a foreign culture.

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  • Murozvi

    Oh finish, manje ma concert eku hingirandi achaita mahwani.. To each his own I suppose, but expect to be given “sanctions”. The same happened to the Jamaican artists

  • taremba

    Lots of kinky things go on the so-called straight relationships. Consenting adults more important than this fake morality.

  • Murambiwa Mandishora

    Its now common that gay-bashers are the worst gays themselves..they camouflage it by attacking the openly gay..not that I support it but hypocrisy is a serious sin as well. Let the one who has not sinned throw the 1st stone. Be warned Zimbabweans.