Zim a treasure trove: First Lady• ‘Westerners hid exploration maps’ • ‘God now revealing hidden wealth’

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Western mining experts hid exploration maps on Zimbabwe’s mineral resource base during the colonial era, but the country is slowly discovering its worth in terms of underground wealth, First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe has said.

It is believed that the whites undertook massive exploration works in Zimbabwe before independence, but never made public their findings. The move was deliberate to ensure that after independence, the new State would not know its value in terms of minerals. Addressing investors of African origin based in the United Kingdom at her Mazowe Children’s Home on Tuesday, Dr Mugabe said Zimbabwe was endowed with vast resources and God was already revealing some of the hidden wealth.

“You can actually mention any of the minerals Zimbabwe has that mineral. Even some people believe that we have oil somewhere. Yes some people know. Our erstwhile colonisers had maps and they hid some of the information from us but we are getting to know bit by bit. God is revealing that this is yours use it,” she said.

In furtherance of the quest to establish the country’s worth in terms of mineral value, Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa in his 2015 National Budget presentation said Government had proposed to set aside $3 million towards exploration activities. Minister Chinamasa said Government had already acknowledged the need to set up of an exploration firm because the country was not fully knowledgeable about the extent of the value of its mineral resource base.

He said this inevitably resulted in poorly negotiated contracts, potentially prejudicing the benefits accruing to the State and its citizens. As such the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development resolved to set up the Minerals Exploration Promotion Corporation to solely deal with exploration activities.

Apart from the vast mineral resources, Dr Mugabe said after independence President Mugabe resolved that political freedom was not enough without economic control. Dr Mugabe said the President pioneered empowerment programmes for the nation. As part of the empowerment drive, President Mugabe championed programmes such as the Land Reform Programme and indigenisation that had empowered the previously marginalised black majority.

“We of course went to war, fought the struggle, won it but our President went further to say that yes we fought for independence but independence alone is not enough. When we went out to the struggle we slept in the bush, we were being bitten by mosquitoes and lots of lives were lost. They were not lost just to say we are free, freedom alone is not enough unless we have economic freedom.”

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  • Cde Hondo

    Who ever writes speeches for the Dr is trying hard to embarass her. A speech for addressing investors and one for party supporters down in my rural Uzumba must be completely different.

  • Khoisan

    If only Westerners bothered to extensively explore Rhodesia’s mineral wealth at that time, that only confirms the insignificant historically fairly recent immigrant Bantu population which had barely startled to occupy the region now known as Zimbabwe, wasn’t capable of fully exploiting Rhodesia’s natural resources.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Some stuff must be left unsaid. Why embarrass yourself and remove any doubt about your mental limitations? No wonder they just hijack doctorates because, eish. Seriously?

  • kutototo

    Soo many minerals asi chabuda hapana.

  • Hombarume

    Dr Mugabe next president Zim.
    Dr Zuma next president RSA.
    The difference is the other one still believes Oil comes from a rock. And the maps are provided by a n’anga from Chinhoyi.
    At least RSA they do research and prove what they have.

  • mpengo

    It’s not really mythical. There is a huge amount of exploration that happened, pre- and post-independence…that did reveal substantial indications of various minerals in the country. Some info was hidden, other is documented. Other areas were marked difficult to extract from or needed deeper exploration to seek feasibility.

    No comment on oil. We know what happened there.

    I don’t know if God really revealed this…no comment there either

    As for the wealth, well, let’s celebrate for the First Family, for they are truly going to benefit from all that was hidden.

  • yowe

    What exactly is this woman angling for?? She is in the newspaper everyday as if she is an elected government official..God forbid if she ends up being the head of state..oh yes she already is YOWE!!!!

  • succuba



    Why do you continually call someone with fake qualifications a DOCTOR?

    Please explain here for clarity…. eagerly awaiting your response.

  • Pamire

    We have diamonds and gold but what’s the use if this can’t be used to fix roads and buy us medicines. At least Smith haf nice roads and medicines . Comparing this government to Smith’s ; the major difference is that one can even roast maize cobs in First Street now .

  • musayigwa

    You pay for exploration data

  • zimbotry

    Does anyone care what this Lady thinks? She has shown little credibility and spends taxpayers money as if it came from her own savings. While small fish are harassed over small amounts of USD, she spends up large on diamond rings and her children buy fancy cars. It is her and those like her treating our country like their personal bank, that is bringing our country down

  • succuba

    Mr. Thornton, a DPhil (which is known internationally as a PhD) in Education is a full-time programme which takes 3-4 years and which is intended to provide graduates with a wide range of research skills as well as in-depth knowledge, understanding and expertise in heir chosen field of research.

    Of course to even get to a Doctoral study one needs to have been in higher education gaining a masters degree.

    Do you honestly think Grace Mugabe completed this and also wrote a thesis inside three months?

    I thought you were more intelligent than that.

  • kdzn

    #### is the dumbest person in Zimbabwe.Lets say her assertion is true-how on earth will the whites give you exploration maps(they worked for them),jst like that on a silver plate.Iwe wopiwha kuti umoore huchi hako.Russel atenge mamwe marolls royce.No work ,no food Gire.###.zvinotoshandirawa mai nhiya woye!-investing in our quantity surveyors and mining engineer’s. The money’s you are abusing in Singapore,SA,UK and New York are enough to empower our jobless quantity surveyors,mining engineer’s and IT specialist.Only then can we have our own exploration maps.For now ,shut up and focus on externalisng our little reserves#####tichazvigadzirisa hedu.God will not forsake us forever!

  • marujata

    We need food on the table now rather than these theorises of the well fed and well driven

  • Idiot

    Yes hidden wealth in Sandton, Dubai and Singapore

  • nelson moyo

    The first lady Comrade Amai Doctor Grace Mugabe is on a par with Michelle Obama I believe. After our dear leader goes onto a higher place Grace might also take up a top job as an international model. She not only has the good looks and shape for it but the brains too – a PhD from hard study no doubt.

  • sarah Mahoka

    If indeed zw does have oil then we are thankful to the pink devils for hiding it . We would now have trillions not billions missing. Let a different president handle it.This greedy woman knows no bounds

  • mandevu

    so why has it not happened already ivhuku?

  • Dopori

    Oil …and pure diesel from rocks.