ZiFM refutes Moyo’s claims

JONATHAN MOYOHerald Reporter
ZiFM Stereo has refuted claims in the media that it pulled out an interview with Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo to discuss the recently launched scholarship programme.

In a statement last night, ZiFM Stereo said the interview with Prof Moyo was deferred due to a clash of schedules.

“That such a clash of schedules happened is regrettable and the station did apologise to the Hon Prof Moyo when it advised of the postponement 19 hours before the interview was to take place,” said ZiFM.

ZiFM was responding to media reports in which Prof Moyo was quoted savaging the commercial radio station for allegedly pulling out of an interview that it had granted him to discuss his ministry’s proposed Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) scholarship programme.

Minister Moyo was quoted in the media suggesting that political machinations were behind the station’s last-minute decision to decline to host him after it aired an interview with Presidential spokesman Mr George Charamba last week in which he slammed successionists challenging leaders appointed by President Mugabe at the zanu-pf Sixth National People’s Congress.

ZiFM said in radio and in media, it was not a crime to postpone a programme and it was not unusual to double book guests to a show — although it should be avoided.

“We are surprised that the postponement of a radio interview to discuss a non-political Government programme would attract such vitriol,” the radio station said.

“We believe in the freedom of the media and that this freedom includes freedom to postpone programmes and sometimes freedom not to publish. We believe in balance and fairness in all our current affairs programmes and this is why on Monday, February 8 2016 we agreed to grant Hon Prof Moyo the right of reply to an interview with Presidential spokesman and secretary for information Mr George Charamba.”

ZiFM also said while Mr Charamba did not mention any Cabinet Minister by name in the interview it carried — the station had granted Prof Moyo an interview on the basis that he felt he was the one being castigated by Mr Charamba in the interview.

All this, ZiFM pointed to its professional approach, the reason why its news and current affairs had been acclaimed nationally and on the continent with several awards.

“ZiFM Stereo does not and will not be a political player. It refuses to be dragged into the political mudslinging, wherever it is occurring.

“Our record speaks for itself. In the meantime, the station reserves its right to take legal action against those trying to undermine its integrity by publishing falsehoods.”

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  • jacktheswede

    Just invite him for the interview….Oh wait a minute, you might actually invite him to court!

  • ThaDoggPound

    Did the Monday February 8 interview take place at ZiFM?

  • floki vikings

    ha ha ha ha hanzi our record speaks for its self…..

  • Sober

    The obsession with the Herald towards the downfall of Prof Jonathan Moyo leaves a lot to be desired. The rate at which you are making negative headlines about proves that you are on a serious mission to destroy him. You need to be balanced in your reporting on these issues because you are reporting to people who know who Prof Jonathan Moyo is and what he stands for. It is an outright lie to say that the Prof is against ZANU-PF, he is against certain individuals in the party who want to own ZANU-PF and obviously Zimbabwe.
    If you are not very careful in your reporting you will alien many people who are serious followers of this beloved paper.
    Do you honestly believe that vaCharamba was representing President R.G. Mugabe when he vomited all those insults on obviously Prof Jonathan Moyo? What made the Herald side with vaCharamba?
    Do you honestly believe that the STEM programme is now wrong just because Prof is spearheading it? Your beef with Prof is blinding you to reality and you are taking the hatred to dangerous levels. If it is true that you are taking your directives from vaCharamba (something that is believable now) please help yourselves by looking at issues constructively.
    ZANU-PF needs the Prof and you all know that. He is a rare breed in coming up with thoughtful and productive programmes. His wisdom and knowledge is not even matched by vaCharamba and vaMutsvanga combined. Just think of his contribution on the ZANU-PF 2013 manifesto; the ZIMASSET document; the STEM programme, etc.

    Please Herald do us a favour by being balanced when brothers are involved in in-fights.

    • rukudzo

      If Prof did not consult Dokora, then varikuda Ku gowesa voga. Team yebhora haitambi so. Norman Mapeza anopasa bora kuna Peter Andluv, then Peter opa Benjie, Benjie o gowesa. When people talk they say ma Warriors a whiner. Humbimbindoga haugowese bhora. You end up having other kavira bhora mudondo. There are times I wish I could just have access to my leaders and just tell them one phrase….ngatibatanei.