Zesa warns of more load shedding


The Hydro Cahorra Bassa

Innocent Ruwende Senior Reporter
ZESA Holdings has warned Zimbabweans to brace for increased load shedding outside the published schedule as the Hydro Cabora Bassa (HCB) is undertaking maintenance on its plant.In a statement yesterday, Zesa said during this period, a total of about 250MW will be lost to the national grid as imports decrease from 300MW to around 50MW

“The Hydro Cahorra Bassa (HCB) is undertaking maintenance on its plant from the 31st of August 2013 to the 9th of September 2013.
“Customers are also advised that the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) will also be undertaking statutory maintenance this summer from the 9th of September 2013, and this will lead to a decline in local generation output,” read the statement.

The authority said efforts were being made to alleviate the situation by way of imports where available.
“Customers will be updated of developments as the maintenance progresses, and in the meantime, are urged to use the available electricity very sparingly to minimise the effects and extent of load shedding.”

Last year Zesa Holdings paid US$10 million debt to Hydro Cabora Bassa and the Mozambican company agreed to ensure uninterrupted power supply if Zimbabwe reduced its debt to below US$40 million.

Zimbabwe requires about 2 200 megawatts daily, but generates only 1 300MW.

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  • Rose

    Zvatotanga so, sabotage being done to the ruling party by the ruling party run company. Che gore rino hameno chokwadi.

  • mafirakureva

    ko Nikuv yakapihwa us$10million pachena wani.akomana togara murima here?

  • pickaname

    same story, different day, different year – oh my gosh – when will ZESA eventually be run by competent people? Somebody told me that the top guys at ZESA should not be trusted to wash a car properly without proper adult supervision.

  • Mimi

    We saw this coming. The result of government and the powers that be in appointing sellout Chief Executives to ZESA and the like. This is the more reason why Gushungo should know that only progressive individuals i.e. the late Hero Karakadzai (aka Hip Level) have the best interests to carry Zimbabwe forward. We are tired of having mapuruvheya being elevated to head Parastatals. There are so many former liberation fighters without jobs who could be given these administration jobs. Zvatotangaso and worse is to come now that the elections are over.

  • Jose Muchine

    ‘statutory maintenance’?? How is it statutory? Its just lack of money to buy electricity, manyepo manyanya weduwee…


    We need a long term strategy for the power utility. All industrial, social, domestic or agricultural activities are made possible in the presence of this energy. It is now up to those responsible to put more resources to the generation and availability of this energy if we are to develop significantly. I am not very comfortable with the practice of perpetually importing this energy. It is very expensive to do that. Let us put more effort in capacitating the Kariba, Hwange and even Munyati power stations. From this energy, all activities and plans are very possible.

  • ZESAtheClownShow

    the ZESA circus continues, what a bunch of un-funny clowns

  • ruaBuffoon

    ZESA, what can i say? the most USELESS bunch on BUFFOONS that have done absolutely nothing with US$ over the past 5 years – nothing to show at all. just talk and more talk and nothing else. how long will consumers tolerate the GROSS incompetence of ZESA management?? how much longer can we keep accepting empty promises from them. next year this , next month that – prepaid meters for everybody, energy saver bulbs for everybody !!!???? where , where? — stop the lies and trying to buy time, all the time – ZESA, you stink !!!