ZEC sets $274m budget for 2018 polls

Justice Rita Makarau

Justice Rita Makarau

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter—
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) needs $274 million to successfully conduct the 2018 harmonised elections.ZEC chairperson Justice Rita Makarau revealed this yesterday in a document she presented to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Gender and Community Development.

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The electoral body appeared before the committee to brief it on their preparedness to hold next year’s elections, legal issues to ensure political parties adhere to constitutional provisions on gender equality and measures to protect women and children against political violence.

“The responsibility of the funding for the whole electoral process lies with the Government of Zimbabwe. A consolidated budget requirement has since been submitted to Treasury for funding in the sum of $274 million.

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“ZEC is confident that Treasury will avail the funding as it has funded all the past by-elections and the acquisition of the BVR kits.

“This is the funding that will enable ZEC to procure all election material necessary and to pay all allowances necessary to ensure not only a successful vote registration exercise but a free and fair election in 2018,” ZEC said in the statement. Turning to gender equality, Justice Makarau said they had no authority to meddle in political parties’ internal affairs.

“As an elections management body, we have no legal mandate to delve into the internal affairs of political parties and tell them how to structure themselves. We cannot compel parties to filled women candidates. We cannot dictate who their candidates will be,” she said.

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Justice Makarau however, said as ZEC they were working with various development partners to encourage women participation in politics. The ZEC chairperson said they would embark of a countrywide voter education campaign ahead of registration that should be done before the end of the year.

She also said draft voter registration regulations were now with the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and would be gazetted in the coming two weeks.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    As a British citizen,you can vote in your England and leave us voting in our Zimbabwe. We are not concerned about how you vote in your little England. Zimbabwe will never be a Blair land again. When you voted for BREXIT, we never judged your elections as rigged.

    • Tom

      Did you pay your judges? Thats probably why

    • zimbotry

      Blair is long gone for your information. Let’s focus on TODAY Prof. Dinosaur. You and your ideas of institutionalised bribery and corruotion are heading for extinction

  • Cecil Roars

    $274m dollars, by any scale, is a lot of money. It is even a staggering figure here where the national budget is about $3B. So we are talking about 10% of the national budget being allocated to the election. I am concerned. I am concerned not because that mere elections should gobble that amount of money, but because they are not elections at all. The reason for my concern is that elections in this country are so meaningless, unless everyone agrees that they are needed to legitimatize the continued stay in the office of president of the republic of Zimbabwe by a ZANU PF leader. I have never seen an election that is free and fair here as adjudged independently. Only the main player goes to the supreme court to get a declaratory order that they were free and fair. I am not blaming ZANU PF alone here but even those that take off their gloves to get into the ring with ZANU PF – it is time that they stop pretending. If we spend 10% of hard earned cash, we should do so for the good. I for one say NO, a big NO to this expenditure. My suggestion is that let him rule forever. Use the money to build another Tokwe-Mukosi or fund education or health.

  • Chief Economic Adviser

    You sound not an economist! Are you morgan tsvangirai? KKKKKKKKiiiiii.

  • Tapfuma

    A breakdown to justify $274 million harmonised 2018 election costs would be interesting. Recently the UK held a nationwide Brexit referendum followed by its 2017 general election, both cost the UK taxpayer approximately £142m each (roughly $185 million) for its population of 66 million. Proportionally the number of UK voters for its older population is higher than in Zimbabwe, whereas Zimbabwe has a young population with nearly half under 18 and ineligible to vote.
    If we were to compared proportional costs with the UK and assumed Zimbabwe could apply the same UK cost effective voting methods, it shouldn’t cost ZEC much more than 1/5th of the UK $185m or merely $37 million. The question arises who will pocket the excess $237 million in ZEC’s proposes 274m budget?

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      We are a politically developing country. Our voting system remains needing improvement and continued debate until we attain or reach acceptable modern standards . Your cost benefit analysis call ,in neither here nor there in trying to compare with UK system. Its not comparable at this stage of our development. The UK system was not perfected in 37 years , but in centuries. Read their social and political history before, Churchill, Margie Thatcher and Blair periods. Some of us had the opportunity to stay , study and see UK like you may have done also, but understand why we are different. If you dig into their law system history, they used to have trial by ordeal also before improving their justice system. Please don`t expect us to jump start our institutions. A study of sociology will disabuse you from your mental attack ,in respect of our social and political development after years of colonial political rape and our slow but sure movement towards recovery like other nations in our continent of Africa.

  • mandevu

    you have already decided on the result so why not save the millions and put it into other social services

  • mandevu

    how are the crops going

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Being a fool for saying facts? My foot! I know you hate our party. But do you think the majority of Zimbabweans who support our party since 1980 in elections are fools? Thanks for your political joke.