UPDATED: Zanu-PF warns Chombo, Chipanga

Former zanu-pf secretary for Administration Ignatius Chombo (in red jersey), the revolutionary party’s erstwhile Youth Affairs secretary Kudzanai Chipanga (left) and former Youth League commissar Innocent Hamandishe (right) donning zanu-pf regalia which they were banned from wearing

Former zanu-pf secretary for Administration Ignatius Chombo (in red jersey), the revolutionary party’s erstwhile Youth Affairs secretary Kudzanai Chipanga (left) and former Youth League commissar Innocent Hamandishe (right) donning zanu-pf regalia which they were banned from wearing

Joyce Mukucha Herald Reporter
ZANU-PF on Wednesday warned expelled G40 cabal members against abusing the revolutionary party’s regalia, saying doing so was a criminal offence. The remarks were directed at Ignatius Chombo, Kudzanai Chipanga, Innocent Hamandishe and an unidentified man whose pictures wearing Zanu-PF regalia with initials of President Emmerson Mnangagwa went viral on social media.

In a statement, Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Khaya Moyo said: “It has come to the attention of the party, Zanu-PF, that images of a clique of expelled Zanu-PF members of the G40 cabal namely; Ignatius Chombo, Kudzai Chipanga, Innocent Hamandishe and another person wearing regalia emblazoned with features depicting the President and First Secretary of the party, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, are widely circulating on a number of social media platforms.

“The party wishes to make it clear that these expelled members have no entitlement to representing it and neither do they have the right to represent the President and First Secretary in any form,’’ Cde Khaya Moyo said.

 Chombo Chipanga

He said their actions constituted serious criminal conduct.

“These truant individuals are obviously bent on soiling the good name of the party and that of its President and First Secretary,” Cde Khaya Moyo said, adding that appropriate action will be taken against the culprits.

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  • Chihelele

    So trivial and unnecessary bitterness. They have freedom to wear whatever they want. What appropriate action can you make comrade flip floppy

    • mpengo

      Not if the ZANUPF “logo” is a registered trademark of the party. They would reserve all rights to determine by whom, where and when it is used.

      Freedoms have limits and conditions too.

    • Tsotso

      What if ED means Erectile Dysfunction or Extra Delighted in their dictionaries?? Mr Khaya please

      • Mukoma

        Kkkkk iyi yakapenga

    • Masaisai

      True. What law are they violating? Isn’t that the same behaviour the president spoke against that people must not meet retribution to those that are perceived to have been supporting the G40 cabal? Are we saying Tsvangirayi would be committing a criminal offence if he donned a similar cap? I fully concur, this is absolutely trivial.

  • Zim1

    Yhoo, then life under the new government will be tough. ED is not a copyright, not a brand and there cannot be anything illegal about everything written in this story. While Chombo et al are bootlicking their way out of prison, SK Moyo is offside with his criminal prosecution threats. Wearing a cap prescribed ED is not representation of anyone, or anything.

  • eliah

    Throw them back in detention , i was not aware that even Chombo has the brains of a toddler by agreeing to this kind of a joke.

  • Onward Machaka

    purified rubbish

  • Joy

    G40 cabal perpetuating boot licking as they were taught by former first lady.

  • Zvakwana

    iye chombo Doctorate yake is it not fake coz the man is one hell of a bootlicker ,he seems like munhu asiri normal to a certain extend.Kuna Grace ndizvo ndizvo and now he wants to do the same to ED.

  • Pasipamire

    Command bootlicking. Even sycophancy now has gatekeepers; access only lol

  • Daniel5

    Ari kutonhorwa Chombo!!!!!!!! Chipanga tinokupa juzi repurple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except for bootlicking what else can they do? Vari kuonaka nzara ichirova pamberi apo. Magetsi aenda – makanduru ava kubatidzwa apa! chakachaya!!!!!!!!

  • Sandura1

    These are known Zanu PF malcontents hence their public behaviour is monitored. Their stupidity will give them more trouble.

  • stardust

    in the heat of the rush for development i doubt this is something to be concerned about otherwise i would have thought these political prostitutes are doing what they love best, bootlicking

  • Chamunorwa

    These gentlemen are simply trying to placate the ferocious beast that is cornering them. One feels sorry for them really.

  • Team Lacoste

    The Constitution of Zimbabwe is the foundation which underpins the values and aspirations upon which the Zimbabwean society should behave. In its Chapter 4 it sets out rights which every Zimbabwean citizen is entitled to. Such rights include freedom of expression which every citizen regardless of political affiliation is entitled to subject of course to the limitations of law. Surely, we should not be lecturing ZANU PF on this particular subject. A part full of holders of law degrees : from Chinamasa, to Dinha, Mangwana, Chasi and the resident himself should appreciate this. Why stoop low as to accuse these guys of wearing a mere cap. just because it has an inscription of ED’s initials and the nationals flag colours? There is no indication that these chaps have purported to represent the political party? Why major in minor issues!. There are so many real challenges affecting the country: why not focus on retiring the old chaps like Mudede and allow for new blood to be employed, why not implement an “operation mari wakaiwanepi” on those politicians who are literally owing whole towns and cities, why not focus on how to end the cash crisis, why not major on aligning the legislation to the constitution and repealing the undemocratic pieces of legislation, why not focus on grading the rural roads and attending to water shortages in towns – these Chombo/Chipanga cladding in mere caps shouldn’t make any headlines, these are stories!! Zimbabwe is a country of people with better mindsets!

  • Ndumiso Sithole



    I dont see a case in putting on regalia.

  • Madara

    ugly bunch of old chaps. look at that bloke on the right in the last pic

  • Takamudonhedza Zvejende

    Coming from someone who read a statement that “ED failed probity” . This SK Moyo should have just died when he got bed ridden.

  • G Tichatonga

    Criminal? Kkkkkkkkk ah yessss. Someone is smoking strong stuff now. Okay try and distribute party regalia around election time to non-members and we will ask this same question again. So the initials ED are trademarks of ZANU PF? Ah so it is better to wear the face of H.E RGM.

  • Tarubva Chibva

    Chipangano is still alive and appropriate/inappropriate action will be taken.