Zanu-PF to flex mobilisation muscle in Mat South

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Felex Share Senior Reporter—
Zanu-pf continues flexing its mobilisation muscle, with President Mugabe tomorrow visiting Matabeleland South Province for his sixth meeting with the youths.


The rally is slated for Pelandaba Stadium in Gwanda. The youths in Gwanda will today hold a clean-up campaign in the morning followed by a procession and carnival in the afternoon ahead of the rally.

President Mugabe has addressed highly-subscribed Youth Interface Rallies in Mashonaland East, Manicaland, Masvingo, Matabeleland North and Mashonaland West provinces.

Matabeleland South is targeting to mobilise 35 000 party supporters. The meetings are being organised by the zanu-pf Youth League led by Cde Kudzanayi Chipanga.

Cde Chipanga yesterday said all was in place for the event. “Preparations have been done and we had an assessment meeting yesterday (Wednesday) with the provincial preparatory committee,” he said.

“The meeting was well-attended by the party leadership in the province and both wings of the party were represented. They had some minor logistical challenges of which from the headquarters level, the party assisted them with tents, 10 000 T-shirts have been sourced and 10 000 litres have been availed to the province.

“We expect nothing short of another highly-subscribed rally as we continue showing the opposition parties that zanu-pf is here to stay.”

On the mobilisation of party supporters, Cde Chipanga said: “We expect the province to do its part. The provincial leadership knows its districts and what is expected of them.”

Matabeleland South has seven administrative districts, while Zanu-PF has 168 party districts nationwide. Cde Chipanga said party members should maintain discipline as exhibited in the past rallies.

“These interface rallies are meant for the President whom we are affording the opportunity to meet his children together with the First Lady (Amai Grace Mugabe),” he said.

“We are not assembling these youths for anyone else except the President. Senior leaders of the party are invited to the rally but they will not play significant roles because these are youths-led programmes. We also want to thank the party leadership for assisting our youths as far as resource mobilisation is concerned.”

Zanu-PF Matabeleland South youth chairperson, Cde Dingumuzi Phuti, said the province was ready to roar. “Logistically, we are through,” he said.

“The only problem was accommodation since Gwanda is a small town but we have resolved to have some delegates sleeping in Bulawayo. We have lined up a number of activities for tomorrow (today) to show the people that President is on his way. We are going to have a procession, carnival and clean-up campaign. This is a historic event and we have put our best.”

Cde Phuti reiterated that no one would be forced to attend the rally. Zanu-PF controls Matabeleland South province having won all the 13 seats in the 2013 harmonised elections.

Some of the seats reclaimed in 2013 had been in the hands of MDC since 2000. Zanu-PF is using the interface rallies to urge its members to register for harmonised elections slated for next year.

The engagements are expected to run until October when he would have visited all the 10 provinces.

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  • Mugabeism

    President Robert Mugabe, campaigning with President-in-Waiting Dr Grace Mugabe, will be resoundingly reelected in 2018. Dr Mugabe will assume the Presidency whenever God decides to call his favoured son to be with him in Heaven.

    As the Youths we speak with one voice and say we pledge to defend the President, his family and his legacy – Mugabeism – with our lives!

  • Taneta

    How about the president visiting gukurahundi graves whilst he is there. To see the fruits of his rule.

  • zimbotry

    More people bused in against there will?

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Stop continuing your lies. ZANU PF is popular ! Don`t compare it with your MDC Aliiance US.

      • zimbotry

        What are you talking about? I made NO comparisons to anything. And what does US have to do with anything. They are not interested in Zimbabwe. What do we have that they would want? You are believing your own propaganda

  • john mlazi

    visiting his children? assembling youths?manhanga here? if they want to they will go..flexing mobilisation muscle(just say they are being forced)nothing new there!

  • mandevu

    not too sure why you are bothering with this charade – you have already decided on the results of the election

  • mandevu

    what a pathetic response. No understanding, no empathy, typical Zanu PF arrogance. Your time is coming. We have not forgotten what you did

  • mandevu

    you are just another Zanu PF stooge rolling out the same old responses. I am so pleased that you and your compatriots have been able to forget the atrocities that took place. The majority have not – you need to make a choice vanhu

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    ED and Lacoste, stay away from this rally if you still want to keep some modicum of respectability. You will be dressed down if you show up.