Zanu-PF pays tribute to Mugabe

CDE KHAYA MOYO . . . “ZANU-PF will not succumb to any threats, least of all those driving from conduct that is inconsistent with the tenets of democracy and constitutionalism”

CDE KHAYA MOYO . . . “ZANU-PF will not succumb to any threats, least of all those driving from conduct that is inconsistent with the tenets of democracy and constitutionalism”

Felex Share and Farirai Machivenyika—
Zanu-PF yesterday welcomed the resignation of President Mugabe saying he had overstayed in his position as leader of the country. Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo said the former Zanu-PF President and First Secretary deserved a rest. He, however, said Zimbabweans should acknowledge his immense contribution to the development of the country before and after independence.

“The resignation of President Mugabe from office today (yesterday) is a very welcome development,” Cde Khaya Moyo said.

“The writing was on the wall as evidenced by events of the last few days starting with the intervention by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) and culminating in the impeachment process by Parliament which was to conclude latest tomorrow (today).” He decried President Mugabe’s decision to wine and dine with criminals.

“He had indeed overstayed the hospitality of the people of Zimbabwe. Worse still, he surrounded himself with people of criminal conduct, primitive and disrespectful attributes,” Cde Khaya Moyo said. We must, however, acknowledge that he did so much for the liberation of Zimbabwe and indeed as Prime Minister and President post-independence. He deserves to rest and I believe every Zimbabwean agrees with this position.”

He added: “Our focus should now be to solidify unity, promote peace and proceed with the development agenda for the economic emancipation of our people. The future is indeed in the people’s hands and their aspirations must be met at all times. We wish him well.”

Zanu-PF Chief Whip Cde Lovemore Matuke said President Mugabe had saved his reputation by resigning. “I think the people were determined to remove the President from the Office of the President and now that he has tendered his resignation, he has also saved his face,” said Cde Matuke.

“He is a man who did a lot for the country and needed to rest and also be an advisor to the party. He is an important character for the party. We are excited that the President has made a voluntary decision to retire and we hope that the nation will move forward,” said Cde Matuke.

“We got people in the structures. In the Central Committee we appointed (Cde) Emmerson Mnangagwa to be President and I think he will be endorsed as the President of the country and will pick up from where President Mugabe left off. We have a strong feeling that he will improve the country. Very soon we are going to meet as Zanu-PF at party level to discuss the future and the Attorney-General will intervene and take his post as the AG to ensure that business of the day as Government continues.”

Other reports indicated Cde Mnangagwa was set to assume power in the next 48 hours.

Former Zanu-PF Women’s League political commissar Cde Mabel Chinomona said: “This is unbelievable. As women we had been embarrassed (by Grace Mugabe) and the Women’s League which was a darling of many had become a death trap. We lost a lot of cadres in the top 10 because of her. The Women’s League is now beginning to function and we expect the incoming President to look after women. People would go and kneel before Grace and we were disappointed but now kwakutongakwaro gamba.”

Zimbabwe Chiefs Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira said the decision by the President to resign was commendable. “What he has done is commendable and was the honourable thing to do,” he said.

“It is unfortunate that he had to leave this way given his illustrious history but he was failing to rein in his wife who had taken a habit of humiliating grown-up men in public. That is unacceptable in our culture. We hope that the next President is going to restore that dignity to the country and its leadership that had been lost because of the President Mugabe’s wife.”

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda said it was time for the country to unite and move forward. “What we now need is for all of us to unite and rebuild our country now that he has decided to resign. We hope that what has happened is a lesson to future leaders that you do not take people for granted because your power resides in them,” he said.

Zimbabwe Liberation War Collaborators vice chairperson Cde Josephine Gandiya said: “We are happy and commend the ZDF for liberating us. We are now in a new era and we hope for the best. Grace is the one who authored President Mugabe’s end and to us she is the Delilah of Zimbabwe. We now expect the country to move forward.”

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  • Zvanyadza

    Yes indeed, rest in peace former President, as soon as possible!

    • Olutomi Brown

      Did he die? It should be enjoy the rest of your life not rest in peace, point of correction.

  • Steve Reid

    Robert Mugabe will always be respected and loved by many across the world. Thank you baba.

    • nzingha shabaka

      Steve Reid I am US. Yes you are correct. Imagine if all other Africans leaders in the world were like President Mugabe, African people would be a force to be recognized.

      Praise to President Mugabe, for all the good he did.

  • zimbotry

    If he does that truthfully he will end up in jail. His Balance sheet includes destroying our economy, health and education systems and allowing corruption to run unchecked

    • Olutomi Brown

      Isn’t that the story of African leaders? Why he had to be blamed for what others did?

  • SlackJawedYokel

    He left a broken, divided country! He failed. To remind SK Moyo, you were also part of that circle. Gentlemen, you failed. Our next move is to completely vote you out

    • musayigwa

      He should have quit right after Lancaster house. His was guerrilla warfare which demands an iron fist, hard-hardheaded approach seasoned with cruelty.

      Reconciling a racially diverse population and steering a modern capitalist economy forward was always going to be way beyond his generation’s ideology.

  • ordinary_boy

    Will you also remember all the people who were killed during his rule of the country?

  • VanaVedu

    “Immense contribution to the development of the country” ??? Are you serious, Mr. Moyo? According to UN Human Development Report 2016 Zimbabwe ranks as “Low developed Country” on Number 154 far behind Angola, Tanzania, Nigeria slightly ahead of the lowest developed countries worldwide like Mauritania (157), Lesoto (160), Uganda (163), Sudan (165), Congo (176), Chad (186), Niger (187) and tail-light Central African Republic (188).

  • Komma Komma

    Yeah, world map of failed states!! You are damn right. You can go on and enjoy the greatest failure of all time in the 21st century.

  • Komma Komma

    Not a people driven revolution meaning whoever controlled the means of ouster also controls what happens next. Most people who are sad to see the tyrant go are suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome ie they were extremely grateful to be held hostage for 37 years. Now they are not sure what they will do with their newly found freedom. What a waste!

  • Gozho

    This photo still still shows a man so frightened as he was that Blue Monday when the general threatened to take action. I am sure Simon Khaya Moyo is still unsure about what the army will do next after he ready that defensive statement suggesting that the actions were treasonous. Please ask him for new photo where he is relaxed. I am sure they have no issue at all with Simon.

  • A. Bhuruguru

    ZANU PF now says Mugabe deserved to rest yet you had endorsed him for next year’s presidential election. None of you ZANU PF people had the cajones to tell Mugabe to rest. It is this deplorable culture of ZANU PF members that caused Mugabe to go in a not very dignified way. You could have spared the man all this if you had selected one among yourselves for previous election.What is it that you expected a 93 year old man to do for the country that he couldn’t do all these years that he has been in power. COULD it be that you kept him in power because you wanted to enjoy usurping the National funds because Mugabe was weak on corrupt member of his party. Hopefully ED is gonna be tough on corrupt people and bootlickers.

  • Costa Kasinauyo

    Respect to my comrade, but l have questions on the lavish property we have been seeing on social media( if its true ) and the 13 farms .

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    SK himself was singing the praises of Mugabe last week. Wasn’t he threatening treason charges on ED? Now he’s talking about Mugabe being old and overstaying. Chinamasa, Chinotimba, vese zvavo. These people blocked meaningful progress and change when we were clamouring for it. No, they shouldn’t get off easy. Don’t make a mockery of our revolution. Just fade into the darkness and call it quits so we can start on a clean slate. Please.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Yeah, especially ana Tendayi Mugabe, Felex Share, etc. Ndimika manga muri pa forefront of defending Mugabe and his wife. Nhasi zvadii?

  • Nyongolo

    you must be hallucinating,Surely all you see is white against black or black against white.To you if a black man is ruling he can never oppress another black man,such is a sad observation.In reality only a few well connected black guys got land from this ruining party.When you say majority I hope you are limiting it to majority in zanu not in Zimbabwe.

  • Sammwa

    Mugabe was so good at brainwashing and you are 100% proof of it… what a shame.. you should follow your president to his grave.

  • Sammwa

    Brainwashed Goblin, follow your leader…

  • Commentator

    Great Smith did that for his people even under sanctions from Britain as well. What did Mugabe do for his people or as we saw millions being pulled from G40 that he also was a champion of a minority.

  • Jason Ordonez

    haha he is going to be advisor now. Is he going to advise the prez on something and the prez will do the complete opposite to improve Zimbabwe!

  • Olutomi Brown

    Let them, that’s their problem because there is always 2 sides to a coin.

  • captainkangaroo

    Everything this Chigure had was stolen. Samora throw him in jail because he was a conman and manipulator, Ian Smith throw in jail for the same reasons the Generals arrested him for the same crap. A closer look at this kleptocrat and you will definitely see all he has was stolen: Zanu leadership, a wife from his subordinate or Jr officer , Gushungo diaries, farms, elections, retirement money from banks…..etc. A real thief!

  • captainkangaroo

    Yes! Mr Gushungo you deserve to rest, inside a coffin where you can never bother anyone again. As for your wife, as soon as you close your eyes we want all our money back. I am prepared to dedicate the rest of my life finding and recouping all our stolen money.

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    Think of Zvobgo and his Ngomahuru imageries.

  • dr krieg

    Dude, salute him for what? Our healthcare is none existent, education system is a mess.. quite frankly nonsense, we became North Korea 2.0.. reclusive.. all in the name of “whites wanna colonise us” this is the 21st century.. it’s a new world one u will never have an idea of unless you leave that reclusive mutapa state

  • dr krieg

    What map?

  • reggie

    I agree with you on so many levels mate…!!!

  • nzingha shabaka

    Sammwa I disagree, if what you said is true, how come the Africans still own and control their country?

    South African should be next. Many Africans hold office but control nothing, especially the resources.