Zanu-PF Masvingo rejects tribalism

From George Maponga in Masvingo
THE Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial co-ordinating committee yesterday roundly condemned tribal sentiments by senior Zanu-PF officials saying such utterances had the potential to destablise the country if left unchecked.

The Masvingo leadership also reaffirmed its faith in the leadership of provincial chairman Cde Ezra Chadzamira, who was recently ousted by national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere along with Cdes Kizito Chivamba (Midlands) and Joel Biggie Matiza (Mashonaland East) for alleged insubordination and inciting insolence.

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Speaking during a tense provincial co-ordinating committee meeting at the Chiefs’ Hall called in the wake of the alleged suspension of Cde Chadzamira as Masvingo provincial chairman, senior Zanu-PF officials took umbrage with remarks by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko at a rally in Chiweshe last Friday where he scoffed at the likelihood of a Karanga presidency in the country, saying Zimbabwe was united under the able leadership of President Mugabe.

Zanu-PF deputy secretary for security in the Politburo Cde Lovemore Matuke said it was shocking that some senior national leaders wanted to divide people of Zimbabwe along tribal lines.


‘’Unlike some of you, I was at one time suspended from my position as chair of Zanu-PF in Masvingo for standing by the truth and I am prepared to be suspended again for standing for the truth because there are some people who want to act as if they own the President yet we are all fully behind him as our leader in Zanu-PF,’’ he said.

‘’It is disturbing that we have some of our leaders who are openly trying to stoke tribal tensions saying such and such a tribe will not do this or that. We feel such assertions are misguided because never has it happened in the history of our country that we have divided ourselves on tribal grounds. We are just one nation, one people who are united behind the able leadership of President Mugabe,’’ Cde Matuke added.

His sentiments were echoed by Zanu-PF deputy secretary for legal affairs in the Politburo Cde Paul Mangwana who said he was also prepared to be expelled from the party for standing by the truth.

Cde Mangwana said it was reckless for senior national leaders to parrot tribal politics in Zimbabwe almost 36 years after independence.

Turning to the alleged suspension of Cde Chadzamira, Cde Mangwana said the entire Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial co-ordinating committee was behind the chairman and accused members of the so-called G40 faction of trying to destabilise and eventually destroy Zanu-PF from within.

Cde Chadzamira came out with guns blazing on Monday declaring his suspension as null and void and maintaining that he was still the Zanu-PF chairman for Masvingo province.

He said that his suspension was unconstitutional adding that it was a nullity because the entire Masvingo provincial executive was solidly behind him and the leadership of President Mugabe.

Cde Mangwana weighed in saying Cde Chadzamira’s suspension was ultra-vires the Zanu-PF constitution.

‘’From a legal point of view, Cde Chadzamira’s suspension is a nullity, Cde Chadzamira cannot be suspended by one. As the ruling party in Masvingo, we want to clearly state that his suspension is a nullity and we are fully behind him,’’ he said.

He added that the purported suspension of Cde Chadzamira by Cde Kasukuwere was aimed at disrupting preparations for the forthcoming 21st February Movement celebrations to be held at the Great Zimbabwe Hotel on February 27.

‘’I am prepared to be expelled from Zanu-PF for stating the truth. Cde Chadzamira’s alleged suspension is unconstitutional and was done by people with a sinister hidden agenda to destroy Zanu-PF. From a legal standpoint, his (Cde Chadzamira) suspension is a nullity and is being pushed by people with an agenda to destroy our party,’’ he added.

Cde Matuke also reiterated that Cde Chadzamira’s suspension was inspired by the desire to disrupt preparations for Masvingo to host President Mugabe’s birthday.

‘’There is a hidden agenda behind all these suspensions especially coming at a time when Masvingo was preparing for the mother of all birthday celebrations for our President,’’ he said.

War veterans Masvingo provincial vice chairman Cde Ignatious Murindi said freedom fighters in Masvingo were fully behind President Mugabe and Cde Chadzamira warning that there were some elements bent on destabilising Zanu-PF from within.

There was an electric atmosphere at the meeting as all the provincial executive members belted liberation war songs led by Cde Chadzamira.

Cde Kasukuwere refused to respond to Cde Chadzamira’s assertions. The Zanu-PF national commissar did not announce Cde Chadzamira’s replacement after the suspension.

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  • Taki

    what has got into ZIMPAPERS?

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Handeyi vezhira Dzimba Dzamabgwe dzirikwenyu

  • haiwawo

    Tribalism as always been a reality and it is because we have pretended it’s not a reality and downplayed its impact that we have failed to address it.

    • bodo_kwete

      it depends on the nature of the tribalism you are talking about. Once you start hating someone or disadvantaging people on tribal grounds then we have a problem.

      • Kufandada

        Aiwa,VP Mphoko simply said there is no vacancy and people should not harbour Presidential ambition on basis that it is the turn of Va Karanga.

  • Kufandada

    Cde Mangwana does not understand the law.Party discipline rests with the President,and the PC has delegated authority by virtue of his role as the Supervisor of political activity in all provinces,with power to suspend and dissolve provincial executives and elect new ones.Masvingo has just put themselves on Notice.

    • bodo_kwete

      Did you read the reasons given by Kasukuwere? Where is the disciplinary department? Are you saying Mugabe and Kasukuwere can fire people as they wish? No! ***!!

      • Kufandada

        Yes Mugabe and Kasukuwere can fire anyone for indiscipline and disloyalty as displayed by Masvingo.Who moved a motion to expel Rugare Gumbo and what happened? The suspension happens first,moved by PC and then it goes to Disciplinary Committee

    • gutu chitovah

      you seem not to understand the law worse than you allege mangwana is. at least he has the zim constituion on his side as evidence that he can understand law. There is what we call procedure and this procedure is enshrined in the SIGNED Party constitution. this is what Kasukuwere actually breached. he has his mandate clearly defined and he participates in the NDC the disciplinary committee. Only provincies which seconded someone for chairmanship can recall that same person. Not this emotional announcement by Kasukuwere. Ishungu chete dzechidhambakura kuda kuwisa bhazi!!!!!!

    • cdegaba

      ini handisi we Zanu dai matipa constitution yacho tazviverengera tega

  • Tarwiraushe

    I thought the purpose of the politiburo meeting was to unite the party, and end factionalism? instead it seems the party is more divided,than ever before? Kasukuwere misfired this time,Masvingo province is ready to take him head on. As for Mphoko,how is he being accused of promoting tribalism,when he was preaching the same message,that we should all look at ourselves as Zimbabweans and not Ndebele,Zezuru,Kalanga or any of the tribes,i didn’t mention by name. He said There’re people saying the next president should be Kalanga,since Mugabe is Zezuru. I have heard Lacoste people making those assertions myself, and Mphoko is right to denounce them. For those Kalangas including myself who never said that, why’re we pissed off. Mphoko is not referring to us.

  • g.d

    Stop waffling there is nothing ‘legal’ in Zanu PF. Were all these other suspension and expulsions constitutional?. Yu were in the forefront of being sellouts in the gamatoks saga becoz yu wanted zvigaro so that yu steal. Yu fired vana Basikiti becoz they were following Mai Mujuru whats wrong now when they do the same to yu for yo support of Ngwena? Go peacefully like vana Mavhaire instead of a lot of noise. There was nothing wrong about what Mpoko said. He simply said the presidency is not reserved for any tribe in this country. Zezuru, Karanga, Kalanga, Ndau, Vhendas can lead us.

    • Kufandada

      Yes yes yes

  • sambiri

    Zanu has become a cat fight battleground yet the country is on flames

  • Cde Chirikuwutsi

    Cde VP Mphoko never declared that a Karanga should never be President in ZANU PF and in this country. He only denounced ,if there are, those who are going around saying the next President will be Karanga, before due course and elections. I don`t see why Comrades in Masvingo are getting angry as if their current position is that our next ZANU PF leader should necessarily be Karanga. The next leader can be anyone regardless of ethnic origin. If the party chooses a Karanga or Kalanga or Ndau, or Korekore, or Xhosa or Nampia, or Tavara, or any other democratically, that will be the correct decision.This is how Cde VP Mphoko`s message should be read. Now which is which dear comrades. Our ZANU PF constitution has provisions on how to fill the top position , why should we quarrel,more so before the First Sec position is declared vacant! What is the source of this casus belli, prematurely? On the suspension of Provincial leaders, again we have a constitution that is clear also . We had precedents similar to the current issues, when leaders were also suspended , and disputes were finally settled. Again , I believe these can also be settled peacefully,in the interest of our revolutionary party.

    • Mwalimu

      This is exactly what Mphoko said and you have interpreted it correctly.

    • maita

      When is it due nhaiwe Chirikuwitsi?

      • Cde Chirikuwutsi

        Are you implying that you want to choose or replace the President now ? Buda pachena sa driver we tractor . Saka ichokwadi here kuti……? You know when we choose another leader. Its constitutionally clear .

    • Mukotami

      The context in which Mphoko spoke is detailed in the speech by Dr **, she did not mention the word karanga, but she spoke of a tribe yevatengesi, who sold out Nehanda, who have been known to be sellouts since time immemorial and who will never occupy the high seat, she then said it was up to the listeners to guess which tribe is that, but its the same tribe from which one who aspires to unseat Mugabe is, Mphoko specifically said Karangas must forget presidency as there is no law which says the next president should be Karanga. Now Cde you understand why the people are upset!?

      • Cde Chirikuwutsi

        Who is this who sold out Mbuya Nehanda as a matter of interest ? Did Mbuya Nehanda curse his clan or ethnic group? ? Will that influence how people vote for a leader in the modern days? Those in the know tell us that the then Chief Chinamhora sold out? Was he Karanga or its just linking his clan with its origin in Masvingo area called Chishawasha. The law cannot be influenced spirit mediums. But I am not a fundi in matters spiritual.The law is clear. It does not specify who should be next President.The next one will be subject to elections. If there are Karangas who say the next President will or should be Karanga then MPHOKO was right. But that is different than to say no KARANGA will be President in this country . Semantics aside. We will elect the next President in due course from any ethnic group in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately , I may have missed parts of the alleged speeches . But I know and will wait until that time comes to elect a new leader. Any premature hot airs are not my cup of political tea.

    • Mqophiso W Sibanda

      Irony is that the G40 bases their allegations on hearsay, but they take everything they receive through rumors as gospel truth yet they deny allegations leveled against them through the same means of rum ours. Destructive Grace mentioned it on many occasions that some say she leads G40 but that is all lies, J Moyo indicated in one of his twits that the G40 is there, he said “that age group”, but Esphina Nhari was sacked for saying down with G40. If one is to analyse it fairly then there was at least need for all slogans denigrating G40 and Lacoste to be said openly by all.
      The other disturbing issue is that of unprocedural suspensions and expulsions being done against those perceived to be team Lacoste. Even handed approaches should be taken and people like Sarah Mahoka should be expelled for her threats to the VP in front of the president and latter feign being pursued herself. That is a circus for some to just speak falsely as if they are immune to prosecution and manipulate their threats to appear as if they are victims.
      If the president is not interested in the VP he should just appoint another one without having to send his careless wife to attack others. The root cause of all these noises rests on the succession issue which is not illegal to debate in the first place. Again there is no evidence that all presidential aspirants wanted to stage a coup on the president. There is no evidence to support the view that team Lacoste mentioned that they want cde Munangagwa to take over by force but there is evidence that they support him to take over in the event the president gives a chance for that. Denigrating and insulting is the face of politics of grace but it does not work for any organization because there are fair means of removing VPs without having embarked on smear campaigns because the president can peacefully do that effectively.
      As for Mpoko my home boy i have run out of words to describe him because he falls far short of fitting in the suit of J Nkomo and the vibrant and open Msika. He is being used as a tool in the games of the destructive elements because he lacks morals and principles. The same view goes to Obert Mpofu who thinks Matebeleland is incapable to lead the party. That is very tribal in nature and reduces the impact of ZANU-PF as a national party for all.
      My conclusion is fair if we take into consideration that Munangagwa was with Mugabe during the trying times when Sarah Hooker was nowhere, when Grace was not on the front, when Kasukuwere was incapable, when Zhuwawo was not an actor yet these have stolen the heart of the president by crook for the aim of dislodging his winning team.
      A ZANU-PF without war veterans is structurally deficient and can not command the favors it enjoys due to its history when it is fighting against its real members, G40 is deficient in history, policies, direction, unity, values hence wherever they go some fall because they are a failing coalition.


        Well spoken thanks for your views!

        Ngiyabonga imbono yakho mfowethu!

        Tatenda nemashoko akanaka aya!

      • Tengenenge

        Thank you. Problem those who should read you good advice never read.

      • karombe


      • Cde Moto

        Ndokunonzi kunyora zveuku, manyora mukoma

    • Tengenenge

      That rally was beamed live, please .Dont pretend you dont know there was some loud background music “maZezuru Unconquerable” at the rally.

    • bodo_kwete

      Musade kurova imbwa makaviga mupinyi! One loud-mouthed beneficiary of a $50 gratuity openlyattacks a Karanga VP whose chances of taking over from Mugabe are high. Moyo denigrates Ngwena by photoshoping images with him achikwira garwe and people are choriogrphed to sing unkonkarebhuru in Korekore areas? A full co-VP weighs in with this anti-Karanga sentiment. And you still want to tell us that he was misunderstood? **!

      • Kufamazuva

        This reminds of that story of shuro who got mvuu and is elephant to have a tug of war. I am not sure how it ended but if we allow Jonathan to split the inter-related Shona clans, then, for once I will say he is indeed a genius. This madness has to stop. Can’t people see which group will benefit the most from the chaos that follows. Some idiots are being used like Pasteur Bizimungu of Rwanda.

  • Benjamin Burombo

    Bhasikiti a aaa was farely expelled he was also trying to line his pocket and ignore what Mujuru and his cronies was doing to totally purge us the Karanga people.

  • Kuta Kinte

    Now there is again and also a tribal trajectory which is being thrown into the party works. And again the whole party is falling into the same divisive trap or net with eyes wide open like tiri matemba. We are all black Africans of Zimbabwe who were intellectually blessed in Africa to live in harmony with other Africans from other countries and yet we are starting to fail to live the same amongst ourselves. I hate any actions which threaten the existence of our revolutionary party. Some of our comrades died painfully and yet we seem to betray them by foolishly failing to find each other by concentrating on divergence in place of convergence.

    • emmerson matongo

      mondibhanira kureva zvokwadi here.Wihout isu makaranga amuri kushungurudza hamuhwini. MHOSVA YATAPARA HATISATI TAIWONA

      • theheraldonline

        Mabhanwa naniko nhai va emmerson matongo? Inga muri pano wani? Ko kuvungudza kwabvepi?

        • emmerson matongo

          Ndatenda hangu heraldonline ndanga ndogwadziwazve ndokuvungudza zvino mandihwazve.

          • theheraldonline

            Aiwa, dare rino nderenyu, bwereketai, muzeye nyaya dzemunyika menyu nokuti upenyu ndohwenyu. Madoswera sei?

    • cudyayvushy

      lets not think about the succsesor coz the president is still alive,,,, lets plays our ountry
      and stop corruption in this

  • bodo_kwete

    Thats what Tyson is waiting for. Its the only battle he can win.

  • Benjamin Burombo

    NGWEKAZI you abuse our beloved Lord in your political bickering please stop it . Do not try to justfy the unjustifiable , the song mazezuru unconguerable means what , even the opposition have aired their concerns in those tribal sentiments, For history s sake the karanga people have been marginalised and segregated on tribal lines ,All political insititutions before independence were formed by and with the karanga people and their fellow manicas so don’t insult them.Do you want Zimbabwe to be like Rwanda is there peace in Rwanda .

  • Scooter Tembo

    Ko paidzingwa vana Ray Kawokonde kaviri kaviri despite the fact that the people of his region were behind him maiti kudini…including the herald seemed to be on the side of those who were making a fool out of Kawokonde. It was ugly. Nhasi ndezvenyuwo, for you celebrated and endorsed ugly things. The same system should apply to you also. DO UNTO OTHERS said the WORD.

  • Kufandada

    Mairasa papi disrespecting the First Family?PC will dissolve the entire Masvingo executive motanga yenyu party ye Shumba zvakanaka.