Zanu-PF gets green light to operate freely in UK


Mr Simmonds

Hebert Zharare Political Editor
THE British Government has given Zanu-PF UK branch the green light to operate freely in that country after years of acrimonious relations that saw many cadres being threatened with deportation and loss of jobs as London pursued the illegal regime change agenda here.Britain and its Western allies put Zanu-PF leaders on travel sanctions, in addition to imposing blanket economic sanctions on the entire country after the fallout over funding for the land reform programme.

Zanu-PF supporters resident in the UK could not freely express themselves fearing deportation. Zanu-PF UK branch said British Foreign and Commonwealth Officer, MP Mark Simmonds, announced in a statement yesterday that Zanu-PF members were now free to operate in the UK without hindrances.

Said Mr Simmonds: “There would be no bar on your activities here in the UK, provided you do not contravene UK law, as is the case for any political party.”

Reports from London say Zanu-PF was now being recognised just like any other local British party and may soon start enjoying other privileges.
Zanu-PF UK interim chairman Cde Nick Mangwana said they were happy that the British Government now recognised them like any other political party.

“A lot of cadres were persecuted in machinations led by their own regime change countrymen who continued to campaign for their deportation and expulsion from the country.

“Those in public service jobs nearly lost them and some lost them.  Those in academic research had grants and funding withdrawn. However, through continuous engagement by the current steering committee and its interim leadership and our assurance that our intention was to give the other side of the story and represent masses of Zimbabweans who clearly supported Zanu-PF but feared for their stay in the country, we have been allowed to operate freely.

“Assurances were initially given verbally but on insistences of written assurances the details of the leadership was sought and the steering committee obliged,” said Cde Mangwana.

The move is likely to see the revival of Zanu-PF UK which flourished during the era of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 80s.

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  • Nada a

    Which is it ? Is the glorious party so desperate that it needs Britush approval? Please do not make out like the British target ZPF only as long as you are illegal then you are targeted for deportation.

  • Keith

    people need to wake up why zanu in uk but we then comain when uk has its own organizations with their own agendas in Zimbabwe

    • Zimbabwe United

      The UK Conservative and Labour Parties operate in Zimbabwe as MDC-T.

  • ivor payne

    What blanket sanctions were those exactly Herbert? First I have heard of them. Why is Tomana’s case against the EU being brought (with tax payers money) in the name of individuals and not Zimbabwe then?

  • RK


  • Jerry Doghead

    This is rubbish did Nick got anything from the British government to confirm this? If ZANU PF is allowed to operate freely as you claim why is that it’s leadership are still under sanctions?

  • Harare

    Zanu PF is a good party and i mean PARTY PARTY. Firstly it gave ordinary people farms ,agricultural loans,indeginasation ,it gave people living in the UK, canada , usa permanent residence status , all you had to say was Zanu pf wants me dead, which we know is not true in 99% of the cases

  • David Brown

    Munoidiiko Britain yacho, handiti President venyu vakati Blair keep your Britain and I will keep my Zimbabwe saka muri kutsvakei muBritain macho

    • Dikondo5brigade

      Tirikuteera mari dzedu dzavakatora kare

  • tony

    i wonder if the labour party was to open a branch in harare! hohohodo! anyway, whats zanu doing in the capital of the imperialists? why arw they working for an imperialist govt? why are they seeking grants and funding from the enemies? wy not rather open a branch in Say China or Russia? Hypocrites

    • Zimbabwe United

      The UK Labour Party operates countrywide in Zimbabwe freely using the name Movement For Democratic Change-Tsvangirai.

  • Bvanyangu

    Look west policy … kikikiki

  • Jerry Doghead

    This is cheap publicity which this guy Nick is seeking. I think he is suffering from a disease called amnesia. Where he is now taking the enemies of his ancestors as his friends. I also think he submitted peoples details without their consent. Which might end up putting people in trouble. Did the person who wrote this article saw the letter from the British government giving ZANU PF green light to operate in the UK. If ZANU PF is a welcome political party in the UK why is it that if someone claims asylum in the UK saying that ZANU PF thugs will kill me if I am returned back to Zimbabwe the claimant will be granted asylum status. Nick you need to stop this cheap publicity you are seeking and who are your executive members anyway?

  • John Chituku

    One thing l learnt from Pres. Mugabe & our Nationalist Heroes, & also from personal experience is NEVER TRUST THE BRITISH !

  • Chokwadi

    So sanctions are lifted!