Zanu-PF appoints Gumbo Masvingo interim chair

Minister Joram Gumbo

Minister Joram Gumbo

Takunda Maodza in Harare and George Maponga in Masvingo

Zanu-PF appointed Cde Jorum Gumbo yesterday as the interim chairperson for Masvingo, as three candidates have so far expressed their interest to contest for the provincial chairmanship in fresh elections that were ordered by the Politburo on Wednesday.Cde Gumbo is expected to lead the province’s restructuring exercise and the process of holding the elections for the full provincial committee. The Politburo dissolved the Masvingo provincial executive and called for fresh elections after a third of its members left their positions for various reasons.

There was confusion in the province when Cde Ezra Chadzamira was co-opted recently as the substantive chairman, taking over from Cde Amasa Nhenjana, who was acting.

Renowned philanthropist and Chivi Rural District Council chairman Councillor Killer Zivhu said he was ready to contest for the top provincial party position, as was Cde Chadzamira and Cde Nhenjana.

Dr Zivhu, who is the provincial secretary for Finance in the dissolved executive, said time was now ripe for him to lead the province and had an elaborate programme that will enable the party to develop Masvingo.

“I am more than prepared to lead Zanu-PF in Masvingo and to all ruling party youths, women and other members, this is the time to choose a leader who can deliver tangible results to the people of our great province,’’ he said.

“I am a development-oriented and neutral person who is best disposed to lead this province as Zanu-PF chairman and I welcome the decision by the Zanu-PF Politburo led by our great leader and First Secretary President Mugabe.”

Dr Zivhu, who is well known for his pro-development activities in the province, said he would be able to unite people in the party and push for developmental projects that will benefit the majority.

“With the completion of Tokwe-Mukosi Dam and the rehabilitation of the Harare-Beitbridge Road, all is set for the uplifiting of the province and we need a person with a clear developmental vision. It is time for Zanu-PF members to elect a person with a clear agenda for poverty alleviation and programmes that will uplift them and create a green belt in Masvingo using the dam and Command Agriculture.

“I am offering myself to serve the people of this province and ensure that there is a turn around in the economy of the province that will ultimately benefit Zanu-PF and enhance its support base.”

Dr Zivhu was instrumental in spearheading the Chivi Village Zim-Asset, among other developmental projects, which resulted in some tangible benefits in the upliftment of communities.

If replicated throughout the province, such a programme will result in change of fortunes, through the harnessing of all water bodies in the province, especially for irrigation purposes, he said.

Cde Chadzamira said he was excited by the decision to call for fresh elections in Masvingo.

“I want to thank our party President and First Secretary Cde Mugabe for making sure that the Politburo came up with a decision that called for fresh elections in Zanu-PF in Masvingo,” he said. “I personally think that it was a good decision which will further strengthen our party as we go for elections next year.

“I will always be available to lead Zanu-PF in Masvingo if people ask me to. I will contest the provincial chairmanship elections in Masvingo if that is the will of the people.’’

Cde Nhenjana expressed his readiness to contest.

“The decision by the Politburo was the best solution for Masvingo because leaders who have the mandate of the people on the ground will emerge after fresh elections are held. I have not committed any offence against the party so nothing will stop me from contesting the party chairmanship post,” he said.

Party leaders from the province who spoke to The Herald yesterday said fresh elections to choose new provincial executive office bearers would bring on board leaders with the full confidence of the people.

Zanu-PF Politburo member and Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister Senator Shuvai Mahofa said the move to hold fresh elections was a harbinger of good times for the ruling party in the province.

“We cannot continue to have a small executive of imposed people in our party and I think holding fresh elections will further strengthen our party as they will have the full confidence of the people,’’ said Cde Mahofa.

Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Cde Ignatius Chombo said no one would be barred from contesting the fresh elections in Masvingo.

Senior Zanu-PF Politburo member in Masvingo Cde Josaya Hungwe said the province wanted fresh elections to be held as soon as possible.

“Everyone will be free to participate in the elections and all the posts in the executive will be up for grabs,” he said. “Politburo member Cde Joram Gumbo will preside over the polls and we will have a preparatory meeting for the polls soon.

“We are quite heartened with the decision for fresh elections and President Mugabe was quite emphatic in the Politburo that leaders should come from the people instead of being appointed.’’

Zanu-PF national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere said Cde Gumbo was expected to descend on Masvingo on Sunday.

“We appointed (Cde) Gumbo as our interim leader leading to (provincial) elections,” he said. “Additional appointment would be made to help him. He will have other members of the party who will help him.”

Cde Kasukuwere said Cde Gumbo had worked for the party in Masvingo before, hence his appointment.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Indeed a neutral leader is wanted to unite the province . Issues dividing the Masvingo ZANU PF family can be resolved in the interest of our revolutionary party. Masvingo ,by history was the back bone of our ZANU , since 1963. It is a province that sustained our party and produced more leaders for the party and armed struggle, when other provinces were far from accepting ZANU then. Urgent unity in this province , which also houses the Great Zimbabwe, will augur well for our revolutionary party , ZANU PF and the country at large.

    • chief Wezhira

      Its true that a neutral leader is needed but you also need to advice mufana wechidiki uyu Kira. He seems to have bright future politically but if he needs to understand the pool he is diving into. Masvingo politics is bed of thorns. Now its not about provincial development but about positioning. If he lands the post he has to be careful where he gets his advice because it may ruin his political career. My advice for him is to wait and contest as MP in 2018. He has better chance of winning and also landing a ministerial post. Iri iganga ibve-ibve.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I meant a new neutral leader to be elected in Masvingo , not the interim leader Cde Gumbo. I have no leanings with any faction as a cell member in ZANU PF and I never held any position before. I pray for our party unity so that we can win elections in 2018. I still remember some years back when Harare province was torn over the issue of City Mayor to be elected, the late Cde “Kakakora“Solomon Tawengwa was suggested to lead and unite Harare province. Masvingo should be united for the good of our party not any faction. I must also declare that I don`t hail from that torn province nor Midlands. I have no political ambitions as a cell member in Goromonzi, Mash East. I abhor factional politics. Thank Heavens I am not politically active , but a open eyes spectator! I don`t derive my livelihood from politics either! But its my passion to see ZANU PF continue “tongi-ing dis kandry“, just to use Cde Chinos linguistics!

  • eliah

    This Jorum guy is the first Minister to mess our roads during his era , i hope he will not do the same to Masvingo province.