Zambia judiciary announces tight measures for attending opposition leader’s treason case

COURTLUSAKA. – The judiciary in Zambia on Thursday announced tight security measures on people who will attend the treason trial of the country’s leading opposition leader.

The treason trial of Hakainde Hichilema, who was arrested in April this year, will start on Monday, August 14.

Veronica Chisambisha, the Judiciary’s public relations officer said all persons who have access to the judiciary will be accredited due to limited space in the Supreme Court and in order to ensure security on the court premises.

She said in a statement that no political party attire will be allowed on the court premises and that cellphones, tablets, iPads, cameras and other similar devices will not be allowed inside the court room.

“This measure applies to journalists and legal counsels. Any breach of the said measure may result in accreditation being canceled and the person in breach being ejected from the court premises,” she said.

The judiciary has also banned supporters of all political parties near the court premises.

The opposition leader, who narrowly lost to incumbent President Edgar Lungu in last year’s disputed elections, is being accused of attempting to overthrow the government during a traditional ceremony in the western part of the county, according to the new charge.

He was initially arrested for failing to give way to Lungu’s motorcade on a road. – Xinhua 

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