Xmas salary cheer for civil servants

Felex Share Senior Reporter—
Civil servants will — for the first time in three years — be able to enjoy the traditional Christmas cheer as the new Government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa will this year pay them in time before the holiday, a departure from the trend set by the previous administration.

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Most civil servants would have been paid by December 21. Previously, low revenue inflows saw most Government workers getting their December salaries after Christmas. Members of the Zimbabwe National Army, Air Force of Zimbabwe and the health sector will be paid tomorrow.

Those in the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) will be paid on December 19, while teachers and the rest of the civil service will be paid on December 21. Pensioners will also get their dues on December 21. Only grant-aided institutions will be paid on December 28. Apex Council chairperson Mrs Cecelia Alexander yesterday said they would enjoy a decent Christmas holiday following the move by Government to pay them on time.

“We are happy with the consideration taken by President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa’s administration because for the first time in many years we will enjoy the Christmas holidays because all of us are going to get paid before the festive season,” she said.

“This is also the first time in many months that everyone is getting paid within the month worked. This is a positive development we appreciate. We hope that as we go into next year, the trend is going to be maintained. We know the economic challenges being faced, but it shows Government has taken into consideration that we are important stakeholders who deserve the best.”

Mrs Alexander said Government should move in and control prices, as some retailers were arbitrarily hiking them. “We hope Government will step in to stabilise that,” Mrs Alexander said. “Some shops are still hiking their prices and the four-tier pricing system they are introducing reduces the value of money civil servants are getting.”

Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) chief executive Mr Sifiso Ndlovu weighed in: “That is refreshing news coming under the auspices of a new administration. We want to believe this is showing some seriousness in addressing what otherwise are problems which demoralise workers. We welcome that very much and hope it will translate into more meaningful engagement in collective bargaining where we will be articulating more of our grievances. That was one of the sticky grievances that we have always been rendered paupers as we go for Christmas.”

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary general Mr Raymond Majongwe said Government had listened to their plea. “It is a good move because this was going to be the fourth year getting our salaries after Christmas,” he said. “It means the new Government is sensitive to the plight of the workers, it is a thumps up for them.

“It gives us the opportunity as civil servants to make our families realise the festive mood and enjoy like everybody else. This is a good start for the Government and we are thankful that somebody listened, otherwise we could have been told we would get salaries after Christmas, which would not have made sense.” Government has also assured civil servants that they will get their 2017 annual bonuses beginning February next year. The 13th cheque will be staggered because of low revenue inflows.

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  • Madara

    more treasury bills

  • farai nyausopo

    You win my vote for this garwe

  • James Dada

    Very disturbing to see people celebrating normalcy. Inga zvakaoma sure.Looks like the country has been operating abnormally. Hope the situation normalizes pretty quick. God bless Zimbabwe!!!

  • lovejoy

    who was the previous administration?

  • Zvanyadza

    Principles of good governance and what should be the priorities? Wonder what Afreximbank thinks of $200 million out of their intended $1,5 billion loan, being wasted on Government non-productive recurrent expenditure for civil servant Christmas bonuses? Will parliamentarians uphold their role of assuring State accountability and limiting uncontrolled government expenditure considering the nation’s dire financial constraints, especially when they are at the same time beneficiaries of vehicles, car loans, and Constituency Development Funds?

  • Major

    Good for civil service but as for us in the parastals ma one.Our salaries are in arrears and no one even bothers.

  • Major

    Mr president make the parastatal bosses pay us also

  • Ray Mbada

    For those who are in the civil service, I think it’s a good move. But for the forum barking dogs, it’s nothing as usual until they are on the throne themselves.

  • Madyira

    Nhai zvako iwe

  • Chihombori

    where is the money coming from?thought we have deficits and missing targets in revenue collection.ndo chidofo ichocho,civil service bonus should be performance based .how long will we have politically sound economic policies..nonsense he should be voted out lest we suffer again .God forbid this ED

    • Humba Makombe

      kuti dzirimo here? foma rako bato uite ma policy ako.. nonsense.