Ximex Mall cordoned off

Crime Reporter
POLICE have launched an operation targeting mobile phone dealers at Ximex Mall in Harare’s central business district and other locations in the city where stolen goods are disposed of. The operation, code-named Restore Order, began on Monday with scores of police officers having been deployed to conduct the operation.

Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda said criminals had invaded the mall that has been vacated to give way for a major refurbishment.

“We suspect that most of the cellphones and laptops being stolen are disposed at Ximex Mall and other places in the city. We have since launched the operation targeting these illegal dealers who are receiving stolen property,” he said.

Other targeted places include Gulf Shopping Complex, areas along Cameroon Street, Albercon Avenue and others near Magaba flyover in Mbare.

Ximex Mall had been closed but scores of people have been milling outside the premises late into the night conducting illegal deals, presumably.

However, the swoop would see the illegal traders having to account for their wares.

“There is a close link between the criminals and these illegal dealers as they buy most of the stolen goods,” he said.

The illegal dealers also block the free movement of people, an offence in itself.

Insp Chibanda said the operation would continue until there was sanity in and around the city.

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  • Popiro

    a nation of thieves

  • Guest



    It is about time the police swooped on Ximex Mall. For far too long the authorities have turned a blind eye to the activities that have been happening in that area! Well done ZRP! Hope this is a permanent move

  • kwana

    nhai tsunami are you that dumb or are you making an effort to be that dumb?
    why do u think there is an illegal market for phones in the first place?
    why do you think these so called illegal dealers are there in the first place?
    surely with the current levels of unemployment there is no need to congratulate zrp, kufushira sora uku , those guys need to eat and feed families

  • Gwandove

    sending a thief to catch a thief…hahahahahahah!

  • African F

    Good one Gwandove