World Supermodel responds to Malaika’s issue

Malaika Mushandu after being crowned Miss World Supermodel in Cape Town two weeks ago

Malaika Mushandu after being crowned Miss World Supermodel in Cape Town two weeks ago

Sophia Chese  : Arts Correspondent

World Supermodel has responded to the issue of Malaika Mushandu who recently walked away as the World Supermodel queen at a beauty pageant that took place in Cape Town, South Africa but did not get her prize. As part of her prizes, Malaika should have received a one year contract to the Trump Model Agency in New York.In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Christine Hsu, the director of operations, said the prize was awarded to the finalist who had the most amount of points.

“As advertised, there was one overall prize of a one year contract to the Trump Model Agency based in New York – and this was awarded to the finalist that had the most amount of points – that person was the Teen Delegate from Mongolia.

“We award a trophy to the Top Teen and Top Adult categories. However, we present the major prize to the overall points winner – this was Teen Mongolia, the winner takes all,” she said.

According to the World Supermodel organisers, Malaika came fourth overall on the list of five finalists.

First was Teen Mongolia, second Teen South Africa, third Teen Pacific and Miss Photogenic, and Malaika was in fourth position followed by a model from Papua New Gunea. Malaika and the Papua New Guinean were the only adults in the finalists.

Hsu highlighted that Malaika must be grateful for the title she got, saying she was not supposed to walk away with any title given the fact that she entered as a “wildcard”. They however promised to keep in touch with her in the future.

“On a more positive note, Malaika Mushandu now has the title of World Supermodel Zimbabwe and Best Evening Gown which is something both she and her dress designer should build on and something that Zimbabwe can be proud of.

“She entered as a wildcard entry, only a few wildcard entries are awarded. These go to entrants that want to enter the international competition but do not have a National Competition running in their country or region,” she said.

Meanwhile, Malaika said she is not convinced with the World Supermodel’s response saying they should release the judging sheets for her to believe what they were saying.

“To put my heart at ease may they release a scanned copy of the judging sheet filled in by the various judges. If what they are saying is true that should be easy for them to do. I am sceptical about what they are saying,” she said.

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