Women splash $13m on fake hair

bvudziPeter Matambanadzo Senior Reporter
Zimbabwean women blew $13 million on fake hair and hair care products between January last year and July this year, figures released by the Zimbabwe Statistics Agency on Thursday show.The products include hair extensions such as braids, complete synthetic wigs, hair pieces, human and animal hair.

Other articles imported are hair lacquers or hair sprays, shampoos and preparations for permanent waving or straightening as well as synthetic fibre eyebrows and eyelashes.

According to Zimstats, the hair extensions and hair maintenance products were imported from 27 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and America.

Zimstats said between January and December 2013, Zimbabwe imported the hair and hair products for over $8,5 million and that at least $4,4 million has already been spent on the same products in the first quarter of this year.

The bulk of the hair extensions and hair care products were imported from South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and China.

Zimstats indicated that at least half of the imported hair extensions and products were imported from South Africa for around  $5,5 million, while $1,1 million worth of products came from Kenya, China ($300 000), Tanzania ($440 000) and Mozambique ($413 000).

Zimbabwe also imported artificial hair and hair care products from several other countries including the United Kingdom, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Egypt, Botswana, Mauritius, Nigeria, and Zambia.

The African hair care industry has become a multi-billion dollar business that has drawn global giants such as L’Oreal and Unilever to the continent.

Market research by Euromonitor International recently revealed that last year women in Nigeria, South Africa and Cameroon alone spent a whopping $1,1 billion on their hair.

This also includes purchases of shampoos, relaxers and hair lotions.

The study stated that despite limited financial resources, African women were spending a combined $7 billion on wigs, hair extensions and relaxers every year.

The bulk of the hair sold in Africa comes from Asia and is made up of cheap synthetic fibres, while natural hair is offered at higher prices.

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  • Sekuru Rujeko

    Embarrassing. We are so ashamed of our own natural appearance/our own race, that we spent 13 million dollars to fake ourselves into those who oppress us (in a pariah state with a destroyed economy where we are starving). We are still in a psychological slave state, where we are dominated by white supremacy inside our minds. Even in Africa, where our homeland/our soul is. Unless we can rid ourselves of this shame, and self hatred, would we ever hope to be successful, and reclaim our glory. Mbuya Nehand vakataura kuti,”Tora Gidi Uzvitonge”.

    • Gombiro

      Hauna nyaya iwe !!!

    • Chiguri Mabarwe

      Ayiwa its not self hatred or shame. Ndiyo fashion chete, regai munhu afare achiita vudzi rake zvinoyitwa nemamwe marudzi. Ko varungu varikuyitwa maoperation kuti malips avo akure i low self esteem here? Kwete asi kushongedzeka. Ko vasikana vechirungu vorukwa vudzi richiyitwa mabraids i low self esteem here? Kwete yangove fashion. Ko varume vechirungu vodya mapiritsi kana kuitwa operation kuti mudhara akure ilow self esteem here? Kwete munhu anoda hombe zvokuda kugutsa mudzimai wake.

      Imi varume vatema ndimi munotadzira madzimai kunyanya mhiri kwemakungwa muchiti ndakawoma muchiroora varungu. Kazhinji mubhoyi anoroora uyo ashaya murume wechirungu isiri tsvarakadenga. Zvino kana vatema voita competition imi moti ilow self esteem. Varungu on average 95% havadi munhu mutema. Saka ndiwo mafambiro arikuita hupenyu. Men have to understand madzimayi and deal with it.

  • Syborg

    In developed countries, you can be arrested for racial abuse if you ask a black woman whether her hair is natural or artificial-
    . This stems from common racial observation that black women dont appreciate their natural short kinky sunburnt African hair (mhotsi) in preference of artificial flairy long hair (muswe webhiza) found naturally in most european women.
    The same goes to those who spend more on lightening creams (ambi etc).
    It sad the legacy of slavery and colonialism left our African woman with this corrupted self esteem mental battle but might need years of mental emancipation.

    • Chiguri Mabarwe

      Too late for all that nonsense learn to deal and live with it.

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    Leave the women alone and JUST FIX THE BLOODY ECONOMY!!

    Countries like Nigeria spend just above a Billion dollars on women confectioneries alone!! imi moto bata musoro neka US$13M basi!!


    • Chiguri Mabarwe

      Zwarebwa. Vane zhewe vahwa.

  • Tapera

    Sekuru Rujeko tibvirwe apa. If one can afford it then ngaite zvaanoda nemari yake. Kana murume mumba achitosvika pakubvunza kuti hamusikuda kuenda kusalon here for a new look means kuti ndizvozvaarikuda. Munosiwa mudzimba umo makasunga madhuku! Tererai henyu sekuru Rujeko muone

  • Chimsoro

    Girls with fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes and fake purses wonder why they can’t find a real man.

    • Chiguri Mabarwe

      Because there are no more real men. If they were they would understand enhancements but know that the real thing that matters love is still there. Not to forget chisipite chine mvura yakatonhorera inorova mwoyo.

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    Sekuru is real unless makadya mapiritsi mave nedanda mofamba muchikamhina.

  • Ndere

    Thats why my wfe has Natural hair and she looks good in it , easy to mantain and does not smell bad, Weave smells bad and it is just a turn off on me mmmm feel like vomiting now

  • Ndere

    U will be blinded

  • Ndere

    Natural is the way , lack women dont realise how original and good they look when their have is original .

    • Happyness Chipote

      are u crazy, whats natural about this fake look. hair products and god knows how many foundations of make up……………………………

  • shbkyn45

    Can we see why the black man keep running to the white woman, because the black woman pushes him in the direction of someone else. Why settle for a fake if he can get the real ? Black women have been brain washed. Trust me sisters, you do not look better as a fake. Be true to yourself, living under white supremacy so long has done this to you. We are laughed at all over the world, you are an embarrassment to the black race, black women all over the world doing the same thing.

    • haiwawo

      White women wear weaves too to make their hair look longer and thicker. White women go under tanning beds too to have that brown skin. White women use relaxers and blow dryers to take out the curls in their hair. And white women use dyes too to project a certain image especially that of youth. Trust you though to display this level of ignorance.

      In a market projected to reach 265 BILLION by 2017 ungachema-chema nekapaltry $13 million and make it all about black women’s self-hate? Who do you think is paying for the rest of the of the billions? Vakadzi vemuZimbabwe vanozvishandira or their partners pay for the products so what business it it of yours to dictate how they should look?

      As for this being the reason why black men run to marry white, what a laugh. If SOME black men run to white women it is because they seek validation that they have made it by marrying white. It is about their own low self-esteem, not what the black woman puts on her head or face.

  • TB

    We should also not forget that white and coloured women also use these hair products. Curly hair is straightened using relaxers such as dark and lovely. red hair is tinted to blonde or black using dye.They also add hair extensions or pieces on their hair and wear wigs here and there hence this is a women thing not a black thing.

  • haiwawo

    Ngazvitange naPresident saka if the whole idea is to fight what is perceived to be artifice. Ko, mumwe zvaakati “the white locks of age [are] … the thatch of an intellectual tenement in good repair” sei vedu vakuru vachingoti shishita kupenda musoro with the dye as if there is nothing admirable about the greay/white hair? So while go on a crusade about other people’s choices, check out who is most likely to be fuelling this given that they are the same people you exhort to ban products which people should access as it is their freedom of choice.

  • Truth seeker

    In reality it doesn’t. Your faces are what looks beautiful, not the fake hair. In my opinion, fake hair makes black women look very cheap, and worthless.