Woman jailed 2 years for abusing ‘peeping’ niece

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
A 35-year-old woman who sliced her eight-year-old niece’s buttocks with a razor blade for snooping while she was having sex with her husband was recently sent to jail for a year-and-a-half.

Miriam Mungure pleaded not guilty to ill-treatment and neglect of the child but was convicted after a full trial.

Harare magistrate Mr Batanai Madzingira sentenced Mungure to two years in prison, but suspended six months on condition of good behaviour.

Prosecutor Mr Stylon Marufu proved that Mungure assaulted the eight-year-old girl with a piece of wire since 2010.

Mr Madzingira said Mungure’s form of disciplining was unacceptable and no parent would assault a child with a piece of wire.

In mitigation, Mungure maintained that she loved her niece dearly and even waited starting her own family while taking care of her.

Mr Madzingira insisted that he did not believe her. The court heard that the girl was in the habit of laughing in her sleep. The habit offended Mungure who thought the girl was being mischievous, peeping through the blankets to watch her having sex with her husband.

Mungure injured the minor’s buttocks as punishment. In her defence, Mungure said she assaulted the child in a motherly manner. She said the cuts on her buttocks were deep incisions (nyora) she made to apply herbs after the girl got sick.

The matter came to light after the girl was taken for medical examination after Mungure’s brother reported that she was ill-treating the child. The doctor discovered that the child had severe scars and fresh razor blade cuts on her buttocks and hands. After being quizzed, the girl said her aunt cut her as punishment for laughing in her sleep.

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  • G Tichatonga

    The sentence is too harsh……so tell me, is the niece now staying at the magistrate’s home? I do not condone what the offender did but community service as a children’s hospital of some such like place would have done the trick.

    • Fred Muchena

      if its you who had buttocks slashed with a razor were u going to be saying what you are saying right now???????????

      • mabwe

        All what he/she is saying that the sentence is too much considering that some people killed and maimed innocent civilians in 2008 but they never spent a minute in jail.

    • mabwe

      I second you on that

    • dusty

      do you cut people up with a razor too?

  • G Tichatonga

    The sentence is too harsh……so tell me, is the niece now staying at the magistrate’s home? I do not condone what the offender did but community service at a children’s hospital or such like place would have done the trick.

  • Justice

    I think justice was served,they are some people who are ruthless and brutal to minors, look at the age.. how can a person be so horrible to such a little child

  • Sly-View

    I think the sentence was more than fair. In Africa we have cases were children are bitten to a pulp, left crippled and in some cases dead all in the name of motherly or elderly discipline. If my memory serves me right a little boy’s hand was burnt by his father for stealing cooked chicken, another was bitten up by his father for farting while the family was eating fell on a rock and got a head injuries and later died the next day. This sentence should be a lesson to all.

    • Nelson


  • Ngwekazi

    Its not harsh. Unoti kana wanakirwa ocheka mwana magaro ne razor. Why? The sentence is good. We now await sentence for those CHEFS who were involved in corruption – kucheka magaro enyika Zimbabwe ne razor.

  • Reggie

    Im pretty sure this was just the tip of the iceberg of pain this poor child endured. Some people are just cruel, twisted people!! A defenceless child akomana !!??? Remember that Ugandan maid video????? Hutsinye chaiwho…heartbreaking

  • mpengo

    Well, if you’re speaking in his defence, then you are as shallow as he is.
    What reasoning makes you think this woman’s abuse should be less because of your political fixations?

    How dull can one be?