Woman gives birth to ‘frog’

Freedom Mupanedemo in Gokwe
In an incident that has baffled Gokwe villagers, a 36-year-old woman gave birth to a frog-like creature after she suddenly got into labour while at home. The expectant mother, who was eight months pregnant, passed out soon after giving birth to the “frog” and was taken to Gokwe District Hospital by her husband, where the creature later died. Nomore (39) and Precious Nyathi (36) kept the dead creature in their bedroom for some days before villagers tipped the local traditional leadership, which then ordered the “frog”, which had shrank in size, to be burnt before a stunned crowd.

The incident, which is now the talk of Gokwe, occurred last Thursday at Sidojiwe Village under Chief Njelele. An official at Gokwe District Hospital, who confirmed the incident, said Mrs Nyathi, who was registered at the hospital as an expectant mother, was supposed to deliver by the end of this month.

“She was our patient who would come for routine reviews together with other pregnant women. “We were shocked when she visited the hospital in the company of her husband and some neighbours saying she had delivered a frog,” said the official.

The official — who cannot be named for professional reasons — said they only gave Mrs Nyathi some pain killers before they discharged her. “She only had some blood stains which suggested that she could have been in labour but everything on her was normal,” said the official.

Meanwhile, The Herald visited Chief Njelele’s homestead yesterday, where the distraught couple brought the “frog” before a shocked crowd that had gathered to witness the bizarre incident.

In an interview, Mr Nyathi said they have been holding on to their “child” because they were still confused and did not know what to do with it. “We were all confused following this hellish experience and until today, I don’t have peace of mind.

“We were expecting a child and this is what the heavens gave us. “I had to keep it in my home waiting for some advice from the village elders as well as our local chief,” said the sobbing Mr Nyathi.

He said on the fateful day, he was away when he received a phone call from a neighbour that his wife had suddenly gone into labour, but had given birth to “some strange thing”. “I rushed home and was shocked to see a frog with the elderly women I found gathered at my homestead saying it was the one that my wife had just delivered.

“She was still writhing in pain and we had to take her to the hospital in a scotch cart. At the hospital, they confirmed that she went into labour but they were equally shocked,” said Mr Nyathi.

Mrs Nyathi said she was still in a state of shock and the experience will haunt her for life.

“It’s a hellish experience which will haunt me all my life. I don’t know how our traditional leader will help us on this one because the hospital authorities could not give us any explanation to this,” said Mrs Nyathi, who has two children outside the marriage.

Chief Njelele said although there were a number of weird things that have occurred in Gokwe, the “frog” was a first.

“It’s stranger than fiction! I had to call hospital authorities and they indeed confirmed that she was one of their pregnant patients who regularly visited the hospital for reviews but they could not explain what happened to her pregnancy,” he said

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  • eliah

    Saw it on zbctv last night. The story is a total blue lie as a dried frog was presented as evidence , and the narration by the woman had gaping holes.

  • Chloe Obrian

    cant we have pictures to substantiate your story. This is rather strange to believe especially coming from a herald reporter.

    • Rawboy

      Are you serious? These are same Herald reporters that covered the diesel from rocks episode lol!

      • mabwe


    • mabwe

      You can say that again. Herald has become an English version of Kwayedza

  • zimbotry

    If we need medical stories can we please know where our President is?

  • simba

    Mr reporter, the first paragraph tells us Mrs Nyati passed out soon after giving birth yet later in the story and still in that same first paragraph she is still alive.

    • theheraldonline

      Hi simba,
      That is correct. to pass out is not to die. To pass out means losing consciousness due to a sudden trauma, for example.

      • Rawboy

        And you believe the nonsense that she actually gave birth to a datya to the extent of wasting bandwdith publishing the drivel? *

        • Kuta Kinte

          To you Rawboy, the Herald simply tells it like it is and its up to you to make your own analysis. The idea that the local people were very surprised and everyone wanted to see for themselves, it becomes news from one corner of the country to the other. The bandwidth was allocated with this in mind. So please enjoy your bandwidth space from our wonderful Herald.

    • gerro

      Oh passed.out ku fenda bhururu…Passed away kufa

  • lot chitakasha

    To borrow from a script in the paper..this is the story of scattered wisdom..!

  • Biologist

    I personally believe that scientifically its very possible for a human ovum to get fertilised by spermatozoa from other species, although the resultant zygote may not be what we expect. It is for the same reason that we have heard of stories where animals who would have fallen victim to bestial men, like dogs or goats, end up having weird creatures on birth. The chances of this happening are greatly small due to the low probability of the two ever meeting, but in a village setting like Gokwe the woman could have gotten the ‘frog sperms’ from swimming, washing or even crossing a local river. Moreso, even if the woman doesnt get the ‘sperms’ t fertilise her egg, perhaps she could have received an already-fertilised frog egg in the river, and this would attach to her endometrium (vaginal wall) to become the ‘fetus’ that grew inside her till she gave birth (which may explain why the ‘fetus’ didn’t have any human traits since the woman’s genes would not have contributed to in the first place). So biologically, nothing mysterious or magical about this, only that research is still lacking in this area.

    • Emru Kunanti

      You are a biologist from the Republic of Bananaland hanti ka

  • Zuze

    This story is as sad as how city of Harare is treating it’s employees…one has to be on their death bed to get an advance of their salary which they have worked for months ago (8 months) …once you have applied for this advance to foot this medical emergency they will calculate the shortfall against the amount of which their useless Hamas is not honoring yet deducting from salaries every month … They then issue that advance on the back pay and if it’s 2/3/4 months that then means you don’t get paid for the following 2/3/4 months yet you are “begging” for money you have worked for .going to work in no bus fare and hunger stomach ,getting evicted from home no rental no school fees…. Pls pls pls investigate how dr Chingome is running affaires …..

    • Kuta Kinte

      Zuze anenge anenyaya yake yaari kushaiwira platform.I thought you were going to join fellow Zimbabweans in commenting about this mystery. However, fellow Zimbabweans are there to assist in this case which really needs attention.

      • gerro

        Zuze imboko

  • Morgiza Mudamabhebhi

    so it means **

  • Kuta Kinte

    A fool is one who shits on where he depends upon. The so-called Nikolai feeds on the Herald daily and he cannot miss a day but he blames the paper and its owners. That is the danger when one has been brainwashed by his handlers. He cannot think for himself such that if he was told that the Herald is bad, to him Vavilov, he sees everything bad. If the same news appear in his Private press word for word, comma for comma, he sees everything good about the same news. Vakomana musataridze hudofo hwakadaro. I am disappointed by people who dwell on attacking the paper each time one is awake and never comments on the issue under discussion, sezvinoita vanavevamwe.

    • Nikolai Vavilov

      kunta Kinte une hasha wena ughmnnn. kana uchida kuti ndisavone chakaipa pane nhau dzinotaugwa ndiwe wakutoda kundiitisa hudofo zve. anyway better be disappointed by our failed gvt and do something. better be disappointed by the targeted sanctions, corruption, police brutality, violent demonstrations, unemployment, poor service delivery and so forth vakuru. wakafananawo ne ZANU gvt iwe unodisappointika na Sten zvoradzwa anoti address corruption uchi pleaswa na Jonono or naKasukuwere kana vachiita corruption.

      • gerro

        Off topic

  • Hurungudo

    A cyst not a frog you dummy!!

  • Krombopulos Mik

    Vanhu ava vakarasa mwana ava

  • gerro

    Makes sense

  • gerro

    Pidigu dhii..nekuseka