Widow loses hubby’s pension to lover

Lovemore Meya Court Correspondent
A Chitungwiza Central Hospital nurse lost over $14 000, which included a lump sum payment of her late husband’s pension and $2 000 compensation for damages made to her car, to her ex-boyfriend after she entrusted him with her CBZ Bank card, the court has heard.

Martha Chitongo (29) of Zengeza 4 in Chitungwiza was not the only victim of her ex-boyfriend, Allen Bhaswi, who also duped another girlfriend, Joice Muchemwa (31) of $6 000.

Charlotte Chanakira (23), who also knew Bhaswi, lost $2 800 to him after he promised to import a car for her. The trio lost a combined $23 445 to Bhaswi. Bhaswi denied five counts of fraud before Chitungwiza resident magistrate Mr Francis Mapfumo last Friday.

He was remanded in custody to today for trial continuation.

In his defence, through his two lawyers Messrs Tendai Masawi and Tuwe Batanai of Masawi and Partners Legal Practitioners, Bhaswi said he never misrepresented to anyone.

“Chitongo gave me access to both her vehicle, authority to use her bank card, freely and voluntarily,” said Bhaswi. “I was also in love with Muchemwa from May 2017 to date. She never gave me $6 000 to buy a stand. Chanakira gave me $2 800 as deposit to buy her a Toyota Runx on her behalf and I repaid $1 400.”

Prosecuting, Mr Tatenda Mukatera alleged that in May 2016, Bhaswi asked for $700 from Chitongo to use in his business. It is alleged that Chitongo gave him her CBZ Bank card to withdraw the money since her account had $840.

Instead, Bhaswi withdraw all the money without her consent. Bhaswi allegedly later went to Chitongo’s workplace informing her that her vehicle licence was about to expire.

He offered help to renew the licence and insurance, leading to Chitongo surrendering the car and its registration book.

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  • lot chitakasha

    Love inotenderedza musoro…people cannot think straight when they think they are in love! Anga akutodya pension yablaz neboyfriend…I have little sympathy for her.

  • Shuwa

    You are right, madzimai are their own enemies, poto inowapengesa time time, they fail to think. That’s being grossly irresponsible. That is why yakabiwa she deserves it haana matyira.

  • eliah

    not different from some dirty videos which have been leaked on social media as these things are common when an affair is in its climax, so nothing new here.

  • Chamangwiza WeHarare

    Women are abused by prophets, doctors, mechanics etc and they tend to trust people who are not family. Love is really blind. I mean literally.

  • Ray Mbada

    Husband dies and before the pension is even processed munhu avekuta tanangirwa kare nxaaa this is pathetic! It shows they have been in love before the husband even fell sick and with the trick played by this Bhaswi it’s most #### the husband together.

  • Fambai Mese Mujairane

    Puts to reflection why the deceased’s will must be the only authority to distribute wealth than the Court which said the surviving spouse is the will!Then again, no pity for this widow,easy come easy go,she made a money decision in the bedroom, drunk with love,blinded by passion!I bet hama dzemurume dzirikupenga izvezvi, but with these courts of ours, there is no justice there, but to say give everything to the woman!

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    Ndimwika munorwira akadzi kusvika munhu abaiwa nebanga, wanikwe tasa kufa! kufira munhu anoswera avekuto tenderedzana nana Bhaswe (what kind of a name is that!) iwe wave six feet under the ground! ndo-saka isu ana wasu tainge tisingarwire akadzi, kungonzwa ati “imwi mutape sisi wamuri kufamba nawo awo musikana wangu” taibve takumbire ruregerero chop chop! kana mutape wasina kutambire ruregerero, kwaindove kurova tsoka se tsoka……kurumba zviye zvekusiye bhasikoro kwako!