White farmer gets offer letter

Mr Samukange

Mr Samukange

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
The fifth largest dairy farmer in Zimbabwe, Mr Gerald Douglas Davison, has been allowed to continue operating on Xekene Farm in Seke in line with Government policy to boost fresh milk delivery and to increase the national herd. Sub-division A of Xekene Farm, measuring 170 hectares, had been compulsorily acquired by Government under the land reform programme and Mr Aaron Madziva was allocated the farm.
However, Government on July 31 this year issued another offer letter to Mr Davison, at the time he was facing eviction from the farm.

Armed with an offer letter, Mr Davison filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court, seeking to bar Mr Madziva and the sheriff from evicting him from the dairy farm.

Justice Chinembiri Bhunu deferred the case to an indefinite date to allow Government to clarify its position considering that Mr Madziva’s offer letter had not yet been cancelled.

Mr Madziva, the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement and the sheriff of Zimbabwe were cited as respondents in the urgent chamber application.

In the court application filed by Harare lawyer, Mr Jonathan Samukange, on behalf of Mr Davison, it was stated that the farmer was one of the best milk producers in the country and that he delivered thousands of litres of milk to Dairibord annually.

Mr Samukange argued that it was Government policy to spare competent dairy farmers from eviction under the land reform programme.
“It is clear that the Government has change of heart and has now realised that dairy farms should not have been acquired in the first place.

“It is for this reason that the Government has now come up with this new policy, which allows dairy farmers to remain on their farms and they are all being given offer letters,” read Mr Samukange’s affidavit.

Mr Samukange stated in the court papers that production of milk was a technical and complex area and that his client was better placed to run the project than the other land beneficiary Mr Madziva.

Mr Madziva is a former police officer.
“Production of milk is specialised farming and I am advised that the first respondent (Mr Madziva) is a former police officer who is not equipped with specialised knowledge and skill to run successful dairy farming.

“The applicant is the fifth largest dairy farmer in the country and delivers thousands of litres of milk to the Dairboard of Zimbabwe.
“Furthermore first respondent will not be able to run a specialised dairy without equipment and I personally doubt very much if he will be able to run even a dairy farm.

“While I believe in time he will be able to run one, but at the present moment he will not be able to do it instantaneously . . . ”
Early this year, High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi, ruled that beneficiaries of the land reform programme who are under-using their land should have their offer letters withdrawn to pave way for more deserving farmers.

Justice Mathonsi made the remarks while confirming the withdrawal of an offer letter from Mutare businessman Mr Fungai Chaeruka, and the subsequent reallocation of the same land to the former owner, Ms Heather Guild.

Mr Chaeruka lost the land after it came to the authorities’ attention that he was underusing 498 hectares of Lot 5, Mazonwe Farm in Mutare.
The court heard that Mr Chaeruka was practising horticulture on less than one hectare, leaving more than 497 hectares idle.

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  • Tarubva

    The whole land reform program stinks to hell! May the government name any one former white commercial farmer who was unproductive? The whole-scale appropriation of land was ill-advised, racist, barbaric and downright vindictive. The best way is to reengage those farmers, cut out a deal; compensation or support in some way, and make them produce for the country once again. The 1960s-70s anticolonial stance doesn’t resonate anymore to the realities of the 21st century anchored on the economy, job opportunities and middle class life styles. Unfortunately, the former guerrillas heading our government are outdated to understand the aspirations of the younger generations.

    • Swaggamorris

      You see, punk.Its not land reform that stinks per see,its the useless maggots we gave land to who stink.There is a big difference!

    • whichfool?


    • Jotham

      Your opinion is filled with dirt- a *** man’s child(***. Jackass

      • oolbw

        the likes to his post speak otherwise..lol

  • Jongwe

    Is it about white or black in my beloved country?? You have surely destroyed it you maggots! Green, yellow, white, black and pitch or soot black, you are a Zimbabwean, as long as you are a Zimbabwean.

  • s shumba

    Open yo eyes to reality JB. There is nothing special about THESE white pple – but plain hard working, practical and hand-on. Not the cell phone, bourgeois, no-clue-what-so-ever “black” farmer

    • Tafa

      Bring back all the whites on the wasted land…. I beg you Government. Then we can start talking of the ZImASSET, Not with these black gluttons…

  • s shumba

    What the heck are yu “trying” to say Matemai

  • gulaz

    @JB,nothing special about white people but since the subject here is not about speciality,but on productivity of land use.they are better equipped than you and me both financially and materially.

  • jojo wamoyo

    We have a lot of deserving people that never benefited from the so called land redistribution. If the list of the beneficiaries can be publicised, people we see why the whole exercise is not giving the intended results. The issue is not about black or white, it’s about what benefits the nation.

  • lloyd

    A police officer running a dairy farm ? I am ashamed to even think about the land reform programme there is an old Russian saying “dont blame the butcher if the bread is bad” So what is it in this case dont blame the officer is the milk is off?” No wonder i left Harare.Ndiri muzvarwa we muHarare ndakakura ndichitambira nzvimbo iyoyo yanga ine tumhuru twaiyevedza zvokwadi mungati vamuprisa vatungamire purazi riya ??Ok and during the time he is running this dairy farm who is attending to those murder,rape and political violence dockets?? Some things dont add up i really cant stand for this shame

    • Jack Bauer


  • lloyd

    Very nice angle mangwende i think its just to look at all sides of the fence as it where please give me an example of policeman who has eclipsed the production of a seasoned dairy farmer ?i would love to also marvel in my fellow black policeman who arealso great farmers

  • Listix

    OMG, you’re slow! Of course it was politically motivated, duh!

    Out of chaos, order.

    Forget the whole varungu are better myth. Tirikugadzirisa. Next we will be relieving incompetent farmers of their land.
    Balance, once achieved, is self-perpetuating. Remember this, the land is the same, it has neither expanded nor shrunk, since the land reform exercise was initiated meaning we will regain and surpass our former glory as producers.
    Remember this as well, your celebrated white farmers had the advantage of having a large pool of dirt cheap labor to do the actual physical work. So who is the farmer?

  • mabwe

    Confirm you got the answer J.B.

  • mabwe

    Thanks Tari for a good and well-thought answer. Ivhu ivhu riine murimi. Ask Tuku

  • raftguide

    No because there are NO colonies anymore anyway. Who would actually want us anyway with all our problems?

  • raftguide

    It is great that you are using your land and producing. This is what SHOULD be happening. However it is clear for us to see vast tracts of once fertile productive land in the hands of people who are not using it and causing unemployment to people who once worked on that land, both black and white.

  • Norman Hagamaga

    Its not fair to compare the work of 100 years by white imperialists settlers in Rhodesia to that of 34 years by poor Zimbabweans.

  • Agric graduate

    Just give land to qualified experienced blacks There’s a guy now sitting in BYO who was dairy manager of the year for two conservative years in the late 80/early 90s varungu vachiripo asi nhasi makudzosera minda kuvarungu,chirudzii ichochi,haaa munoshatirisa mhani imi,worse still mopa mujonhi,kuitawo here ikoko.Minda kuvatema vanogona kuishandisa before mafunga varungu.Varungu ivava muno nyatso vaziva mushe imi.Horaiti rambai muchidzosera minda iyoyo kuvarungu Mucha mufunga mugabe iyeye vana venyu vanyatso dzvanyirirwa economically ne Vanhu ivava.Iyaa ahi wee

    • lloyd

      well said agric i also take it the black farmer has his own specialised farm since he has won the dairy farmer award in Bulawayo there is vast swatches if ideal land from BYO as you call it to Harare why not use that than take the Harare Farm?And yes lets give the farms to qualified experienced blacks, “so guys hand up those who have more than 10 years of dairy farming and the skill and finace to run the farm ?” i think its that white man who will best fit the shoes dont you?