We’re still in charge — Matemadanda

Victor Matemadanda

Victor Matemadanda

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The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) yesterday dismissed as circus the move by a faction of war veterans led by Manicaland Provincial Minister of State Cde Mandi Chimene that they had set an interim committee to run the affairs of the association. This was after the Mandi Chimene-led faction announced an interim executive after the ‘‘suspension’’ of the Cde Chris Mutsvangwa-led executive. At a Press conference yesterday, the association’s legal affairs secretary Cde Makambe Thomas Mashoko said Cde Chimene would lead the interim executive as acting chairperson.

According to Cde Mashoko, Cde Chimene would be deputised by Cde George Mlala while Cde Michael Mpofu would be the acting secretary-general until the next election. However, Cde Victor Matemadanda immediately dismissed the new appointments as a circus.

He said the Mutsvangwa-led executive was still in charge. “In our constitution, there are no provisions for a vote of no confidence,” he said.

“What they are doing is rubbish. They are not part of the executive because they were fired in their provinces. They want to form a splinter group. How can they replace us when they are not in the executive? Their purported vote of no confidence is null and void and just a circus because they are being paid to do that,” he said.

Added Cde Matemadanda: “Mandi Chimene has failed in her life. She cannot win an election. She gets her positions whether in the party or Government by co-option or conscription.

“Munhu anongokambira nyembe asi haana chaanoziva.” He said the Cde Mutsvangwa leadership was still in charge. “We are still in the leadership. You do not decide to be a leader — you are elected. Tikaunganidza vanhu apa Mandi akawana vanhu 100 ndinobvisa mbudzi yangu.”

The interim executive wants to replace chairman Cde Mutsvangwa, vice-chairman Cde Headman Moyo and secretary-general Cde Matemadanda — who were reportedly ousted last Friday following a vote of no confidence passed on them. They were kicked out together with Cde Mutsvangwa’s wife, Monica for alleged insubordination, mismanagement among other charges.

Cde Mlala said the task ahead of them was to ensure that the freedom fighters restore their lost pride and focus on uplifting the standard of war veterans. “What we are trying to do from now on is that we need to identify ourselves that we are war veterans,” said Cde Mlala.

“We are not leaders of the party but a military wing of the party. We are therefore expected to go back to our ethics, take orders from the party and work with the party.”

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  • Kingongo

    He’s right that this is a circus but I suspect he doesnt realise he’s also part of the circus.

  • Cde Rovengura-Lobengula

    Cde Matemadanda should stop behaving like a husband who declares a marriage is still intact when spouses are not sharing the same bedroom. Politics is an art of the possible and practical. The challenge is whether they can find each other and unite for the welfare of those they lead i.e., liberation war heroes. The politics of disunity and daily finger pointing is not what those who elected them expected , in exchange for their welfare. “Hatidye“ counter votes and statements! Sort the issues and deliver welfare for the members of ZNLWVA , ZEPEDRA, et al, via our new government Ministry! Kurwira zvigaro handi kudya kwedu!

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    Cde Matemadanda says war vets “..take orders from the party and work with the party”, forgetting that “the party” is now led by a certain professor with the express support of a certain woman

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    This man should by now know that there is no rule of law in ZANU PF. Forget about constitutions. The constitution of ZANU was never used on all those who were fired or suspended so why does he think the ZNLWVA constitution will be used now yet the players in ZANU & ZNLWVA are exactly the same? A Vote of no confidence in ZANU has know reverse – it is like a snipers bullet to the forehead – it takes a miracle to survive once hit.

    • Mart

      He is living in Dreamland. He is in deep slumber. Anoda kumutsva nembama.

    • Grace Jones

      i think you are being overzealous. War vets organization is not a zanupf project. they are not members of zanupf as an organisation but as individuals. Mugabe is not a member of war vets. he was just invited to be their patron. that does not make him a member. he should therefore not extend his paws there and try to influence decisions. this man is right. however this is zimbabwe. no rule of law.

  • Cde Rovengura-Lobengula

    Who is this Mzvinavhu?

  • clown show again

    the circus goes on and on, even with load shedding the clowns continue to perform!