We’ll defend President with our lives: Youths

Cde Chipanga

Cde Chipanga

Herald Reporter—
The Zanu-PF Youth League says it will stand by President Mugabe in the face of any threat to his position as the constitutionally elected leader of Zimbabwe. Secretary for Youth League Affairs Cde Kudzanai Chipanga told journalists at a press conference in Harare yesterday that young people would not allow anyone to interfere with President Mugabe’s leadership.“As the youth, we are in our millions and at present, the majority in the country,” he said.

“It is our country and future at stake and we will not let any individual military man interfere with the leader of the party and legitimately voted President of this country, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe. All those in security sector fatigues who wish to engage in politics are free to throw their hats in the ring and not hide behind the barrel of a gun. We the youths of Zimbabwe constitute the majority of the population in our millions and it is our future which is at stake. Freedom is a non-negotiable birthright bestowed upon us by the revolution.

“It is a tree that was watered by the blood of thousands of liberation war heroes and common people most of whom lie in mass graves. This liberation and fundamental rights which came at such steep price cannot be the personal property of one rogue element in the security sector with power to give it and take it at will. No single person has the power to impose his minions to leadership positions. This is an assault on our freedom as we now have a new Constitution which places solders in barracks and civilian authority in power. We, therefore, call upon all the youth of Zimbabwe regardless of their political affiliation, race, gender or creed to stand up and be counted when the time comes.”

Cde Chipanga said the youths were prepared to die defending President Mugabe. Said Cde Chipanga: “We are, therefore, taking a stand against those who are bent on sowing division among our people and also those taking advantage of the privilege of their appointment by our President to extort guarantees and immunity for fugitives, boarder (sic) jumpers from the same appointing authority.

“These people should be warned that we the youth are watching in our millions and those who wish to ride on the back of the tiger will end up inside. As a revolutionary party, Zanu-PF is evolving and placing itself at the forefront of the constitutional dispensation we fought the oppressor for and obtained.”

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  • Bert

    The g40 team desperately trying to act as if they have support.. To the editor, you would be wise to stop writing these lies, with immediate effect

  • Arnold Hanyana

    kanofoya kamwana aka, kabatei

  • Bambo

    Munedzungu comrade! This is not Salvation Army you talking mind your actions

  • Dr. WaMambo

    Why don’t you go and stand up like a man and address us on TV like what other real man are doing. Please sit down. Kusvika riinhi?

    (Moderator I am not surprised that you keep deleting my posts. About time you smell the winds of change).

  • SlackJawedYokel

    I’m scared of these heartless evil military men. They are the ones who have been subverting the will of the people for all these years. But either way we are screwed!

  • Mambinga

    I think you are forgetting one thing- the army has always been siding with whoever they want to lead- like 2008 it was Mugabe. Now it’s not Mugabe zva shaaa?

    • Chamunorwa

      Personally, I think that the army should stay in the barracks. That should be the case even if the opposition wins.

      • Donovan Dube

        Lol… get used to it… the army is better than lady gaga running the country by default! Where the hell is she anyway

  • MC Victor

    Zimbabwe needs a new start without Mugabe and Grace.

  • Cecil Roars

    I do agree that our liberties are at stake but which liberties in the current dispensation were you enjoying? If you were enjoying liberties then you are part of G40. The war of liberation had much less people scattered all the world than they are today under your current liberties. as we celebrate while in diaspora today tiri kungoti dai matipawo number dza va Chiwenga timbova kandira ye coke.
    No-one wants to see a country go through a military intervention like has happened now. But this is the last option. Elections in 2000 produced nothing, elections in 2008 produced chaos and so are any subsequent elections. Mind you the ruling party is ZANU PF and they direct what is happening in any election and yet they are failing to uphold their own constitution. They remove leadership through coup like processes. I pray for this army not to lose focus and force any new administration to allow for credible vote. There is no hurry to have the vote because the machinery in place, in the form of ZEC is dubious. So a lot of work must be done before the plebiscite.

    • Chamunorwa

      At least we didn’t have gun totting thugs taking over the airwaves. Mugabe was already a goner. Grace is unelectable.