Warrant of arrest for President’s neighbour

court hammer editFungai Lupande Court Reporter
President Mugabe’s neighbour, Michael Pazarangu (55), accused of setting his dogs to hunt buck at the President’s private residence in Borrowdale yesterday changed his plea of not guilty to guilty.
But he was issued with a warrant of arrest after he failed to turn up for his sentence when he disappeared after the court took a break.
Pazarangu is appearing before Harare magistrate Ms Vongai Muchuchuti for letting his unmuzzled ferocious dogs roam freely as defined in Section 46 (2)(r) of the Third Schedule of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9.23.

In mitigation, the married father of three told the court that the offence was not serious although it had a great element of negligence.
“The incident which occurred a year ago should have been dealt with in terms of the city-by laws,” said Pazarangu. “This matter has attracted a lot of publicity and has negatively affected me and my family.

“I have US$50 in person and I humbly submit that a fine of US$20 will meet the justice of the case.”
In aggravation, prosecutor Mr Desire Chidanire said Pazarangu was privileged to live next door to the President’s neighbour, hence he should be a good neighbour.
His sentence was postponed to 2.15pm, but Pazarangu did not show up, prompting Ms Muchuchuti to issue a warrant of arrest.

The court heard that during the night of May 22, 2013 Sergeant Mike Dheremete started his night guard duty around 7pm at the President’s private residence along Borrowdale Brooke Road in Borrowdale.

He carried out his routine perimeter checks and concluded that everything was in order. The following day at around 5am, Sgt Dheremete heard monkeys chattering and went to check on what was happening.

The court heard that he followed the monkeys up to a small gate and discovered a dead buck lying on the ground.
Sgt Dheremete informed his superiors before handing over duty to Sgt Mhere.

The same day, Sgt Mhere saw Pazarangu’s two dogs drooling, ready to feed on the carcass of the dead buck.
After being startled, the dogs ran away into Pazarangu’s yard through an opening in the fence separating the two properties.

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  • Ndareva

    Pazarangu ‘the privileged neighbor’ just buy Gushungo mhene yavo zvipere or compensate him for it!!! Imbwa moendesa kumusha! It doesn’t pay to be clever in this country trust me!

    • mafi

      Love thy neighbour,the bible said.Vavakidzani ngavatauriarane ava.Why not send a warrant of arrest to Gideon Gono.Iyo fence yepamba papresident inogoita buri sei saka Gushungo is not protected at all.Anorara magadhi aya pastate house fence ngaigadziriswe purizi.

    • s shumba

      So lets all be dumb …… like you

    • Hacha Ndizvo

      Or donate the thieving dogs to Bona for her new home.

    • Sorojena

      I didn,t know the city ordinance allow residents to keep mhene at their residence,Pazarangu murivadhara,mukati imbwa hadzingafi nenhomba mhene dziri panext door,kikiki

  • mugopower


  • aaron

    pane nyaya here apa. issue of a buck because a national issue. why don’t you write about zinara and zrp which are throwing spikes at every 5 km ex Norton to Harare. how is the buck going to solve this country’s economic woes. let us be more serious

    • Jotham

      Be relevant – unita sokunge wakadzidza murima. You wish to tell the newspaper what to write and what not to right – tibvire. Economic issues are covered elsewhere. Go to your relevant section and make your contributions kwete kutinyangadza.

  • Zim1

    I do not know the circumstances of the case but I think Gushungwe should have settled the issue in private with his neigbor.Neibors should leave in peace and harmony with each other and should learn to settle their issues. They should also protect each other because they are each other’s first line of defence.It is good to live with each other in peace.Gushungwe is a peace maker and has intiated peace for countries in africa ( SA,DRC,MOZ,ANGOLA etc)and also for political parties as was in the case with original ZAPU.I do not know what is happening now.I hope he will reconsider and make peace with the neibor who has injured him.

  • tapera

    hey does gushungo know you have drown his neighbour to court over mhenhe.i think gushungo needs these kind of experiences that he also enjoys to be that community member of our african zimbabwean society and family, our sociable society can resolve this without court and press.gushungo this is your social responsibility.the police,court and press want to introduce the anti-social american and western sentments in our community using your name and office. this is foreign not african at all. i think there is somebody trying to buy gushungo here by sending him an empty gift box

  • punungwe

    Nobody saw Pazarangus dogs actually killing the buck it seems. If that is the case then he should get benefit of the doubt. Otherwise forensic analysis (DNA tests on the dead buck and the dogs and a post-mortem to determine the cause of the bucks death) is needed to put the case beyond reasonable doubt.

    Pazarangu’s plea of guilty is not proper because he also did not witness his dogs killing the buck.

    If the dogs escaped Pazarangu’s property through a hole in the boundary fence, let it be noted that the responsibility to maintain a common boundary fence lies with both parties. If they had escaped through a fence onto public land (for example a road) then it would have been Pazarangu’s sole responsibility.

  • mabwe

    Ndashaya neremuromo

  • Runyararo Manyika

    yaaahhh h h hh!!!!!

  • mwanawevhu

    Even your own neighbors you persecute, why are we so divided as a country for the benefit of one individual !

  • Dhunanga

    I would want to believe there is something big maybe beyond the buck and dog issue.Proper Zimbabwean neighbors console each other and move on with life. Given the men Gushungo himself I don’t think he is interested in all this but someone who has been carrying out his duties has not found the expected behavior from the offender (Pazarangu). It is the respect for authority that is lacking here where some neighbors want to be bosses to their neighbor’s employee. What the employees do in return is they will cross the neighbor-relationship lines and fix you. So you can swallow this Pazarangu, tomorrow you will be able to define the word neighbor.

  • DK

    There is no case here. However if Pazarangu shows arrogance then he should surely face the wrath of the law. We all have neighbours but rarely take cases to courts. I for one is always talking to my neighbours whose chickens always pick on my vegetables. Their dogs also are in the habit of messing up my lawn. I have advise these people and in most cases they also try to rein in their animals but surely i can never have them arrested for i need them more in times of need. If I were to die, obviously these people would be the fist to come to my funeral. Unless Pazarangu wants to be arrogant then yes, he must face justice because his neighbour is not an ordinary neighbour but a head of state and president of a republic. He must treat his neighbour with the respect he deserves.

  • Sipho

    “prosecutor Mr Desire Chidanire said Pazarangu was privileged to live next door to the President’s neighbour” Chirungu vakomana. Do we still have proof readers in these garbage newspapers?

    • Jotham

      If you are an English teacher go to school and stop being an idiot. English grammar and spellings have spoiled your brains. Hatisi MuHingirandi. Why do you bother commenting on this platform. Unoda kushamisira sembwa inemiswe miviri. Asi hazviichinje kuti imbwa imbwa chete.

      • Chegorerino

        let people say what they feel like. The fact that the herald has posted it shows it is relevant. Iwe ndiwe une dambudziko, always bordering on insulting others. This has always been a constructive platform in so many ways. Chero newe urikutodzidzawo something, hopefully respecting others views.


    I am not aware of the issue,i only found to know about it through the paper as you know am tied up with national schedules,but i promise you nothing will happen to my neighbor and i mean nothing rather we shall sit down and talk over the issue with my neighbor.

    • Jotham

      What are you implying ?.

  • Mr Nice

    @Dhanangu, your guess is as good as mine here. There is a bigger issue here than these papers are telling us. Seriously nyaya haisi yemhembwe , chanhimba kana mhene dzavari kutaura idzi.

  • Zim1

    Prosecutor is wrong it not that guy who lives next door to Gushungwe it is Gushungwe who lives next to this guy becz this guy was there first.

  • Zim1

    The next thing we are going to hear is that this guy has been forced to move out of his house due to national security.

  • Zim1

    Ko Gushungwe why cant he fence his property?

  • Mukotami

    The President is being portrayed here as a bullish neighbour. Why should it be a priviledge to be his neighbour if he is not neighbourly? If he was not president this man wouldn’t have been arrested and this case could have been solved in a neighbourly manner.

  • Harare

    The president is not guarded at all these dogs came into the yard chased a buck around then killed it without the (sleeping) guards knowledge, only in the morning did they see a dead buck and dogs about to feast,Question to pazarangu how do you know it was your dogs that killed the buck