‘War vets to fill strategic party positions’

Cde Chinamasa

Cde Chinamasa

Nyore Madzianike Manicaland Bureau
POWER struggles that dogged Zanu-PF over the years and led to the birth of factions within the party were a result of the absence of a patriotic political commissar, a senior party official has said.

Zanu-PF Secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Patrick Chinamasa said as a revolutionary party they had resolved to put in place a war liberation fighter to take the position of political commissar.

Speaking at the Manicaland extraordinary provincial central committee (PCC) meeting held in Mutare on Sunday, Cde Chinamasa said the resolution would be ratified at the December Extraordinary Congress.

“We sat as the Central Committee and resolved that as we go forward we should respect the war veterans,” he said. “We agreed that they should be in strategic positions of the party and Government, as long as they have requisite qualifications.

“When the G40 cabal came in, they shoved the war veterans away. As we discussed further, we realised that part of the problems we were facing were there because we didn’t have a political commissar. The one who was there had ambitions to be the president of the country — something he would achieve by dividing the people in the party.

“I am sure that when we will be selecting a political commissar, we should pick someone who is a war veteran.”

Cde Chinamasa said the Central Committee resolved to reinstate the district coordinating committees, which were dismissed in 2014.

“These were destroyed by Didymus Mutasa (the then secretary for Administration),” he said. “I don’t know why he decided to disband them during that time.”

Cde Chinamasa said the reinstated district coordinating committees would participate at the forthcoming Congress.

“We agreed that one member of the district coordinating committee (DCC) is allowed to attend the Congress,” he said. “We said that those who had once attended the Congress should allow those who have never attended to attend. They should give each other a chance.”

Manicaland provincial chairperson Cde Mike Madiro warned party members not to rush to select the DCC members, saying they needed to follow due processes.

“Don’t rush to select the DCC,” he said. “The party will come and implement the due processes to select those DCCs. We need to follow a process that leaves Manicaland united. We need to be responsible when selecting the DCCs.”

Cde Madiro said as the provincial chairman, he was looking forward to stabilising the party.

He asked the women’s wing and youths to start selecting their executive leaders and forward them to him.

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  • Concerned

    How about the rest of the population who are competent but didnt go to war?

    • Hombarume

      The answer is sadly simple. We have no place in government.
      Anyway, these guys are unemployable in the private sector. Lets do our part in the private sector.

  • Ray Mbada

    At one point I mentioned this and asked through the same press that we need to understand this position of political Commissar. I asked if this tiresome-tyson is the real man who fits into the shoes of the late Cde Mayor Urimbo? I asked what exactly this boy would be teaching the likes of you and myself as far as the foundation, the structure, the movement and the future of this party is concerned? I asked….I asked and I knew what I meant but you guys seem to have been part of the scam. It’s not a new party where we need great thinkers but it’s how it was formed, what went on during the struggle and what the intention was, is and will always be.

  • Mungandidii

    Kwanzi na Chinamasa I don’t know why Mutasa disbanded the DCC, how shameful for a senior party member to say that, why didn’t you question that decision. Besides, Mutasa akaenda kare and you persisted and embraced that decision after he was long gone.

  • Mungandidii

    Rimwe gandanga rakauraya nyika and you still think they are the alpha and omega of the best we have. Nyangwe isu tava ma war veterans wani, Mugabe takabvisa wani

  • Gumbo Gumbo

    dont wory hako, vakaenda kuhondo vese vakutopera ava, tipe 10 years chete uone, Ichasara yaayedu nyika iyi. Vese hapasisina ari less than 60 yrs old. That attitude of saying only us can do it led to the downfall of Mugabe, ZANU is next… handei tione, pamberi nema War Vet, urayayi mega chinhu ichi

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      War veterans do not end. The US for example has some of the youngest war veterans. ZIm has warveterans still serving in the army who participated in various operations to ensure national security. In the late 80 Zim carried out operations in the North-Eastern and South Eastern borders fighting off the Alfonse Dhlakama-led Mozambican rebels. thos who participated in that operation are war veterans . . .But all the same, let us look atnational development holistically. Anyone one way or the other has the capacity to contribute to national development, but it is important to respect those who participate in national operations than to castigate them as was the case with Grace Mugabe and team.

      • Timba

        anyone born after independence is not qualified. That is what Gumbo Gumbo is putting across.

    • Sandura1

      you are spot on.

  • Gumbo Gumbo

    Let them do their thing, they are not learning anything fro what just happened. This same attitude is what gave birth to the g40 faction, this if you are not a war vet attitude is the one that created G40. Now if you look at the cuop commanders they are all old, in 10 yrs they will be out of power and the incoming G40 commanders will coup the war vets out of power….

  • bitchsbrew

    Vakubhowa manje ma war vet aya. Zvayatova mhosva kuti they went to war. Nxa.

  • successor

    If thats the case ,then dont be surprised if the youths do their own thing and surely the vets are a no match to them

  • Josh

    Herald like Zanu PF will not change their policy. Look at the line up of herald and look at the line up of Zanu PF nothing has changed still the same old people with the same old attitude, the story line will never change until they are all removed from their positions. What we need is a new dispensation and a renewal of the old.

  • jay cee

    what do you mean by rank and file. competence is sufficient
    qualification surely.

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      Good afternoon people. If I get Chinamasa right, e is not locking non-war veterans out. However, you find that we still have war veterans well in their 50s . . .and that age group surely is young enough to be involved in the development of the country. It would be good for such people to be under-studied by middle age managers who should take over these strategic positions in their 40s, for example. What i do no agree with is the idea to purge people on the basis that they were involved in the libertation struggle as was the case with G40. Then we become afraid…very very afraid and “we step in” to control the situation. But otherwise i do not see anything wrong with a qualified and reasonable war vet getting a leadership or managerial position.

  • Josh

    Munangagwa” chitima che Zanu PF chiri kufamba vachida vasingadi, tichitonganga, tichingotonga, ivo vachingo kuma, isu tichingotonga” It shows you the nature of these guys, its the turn of the Locaste kabal to loot

  • tee cee

    even zbc has revert back to its old days startiing yestdy it was zanu pf news through out

  • gamatoxweevils

    Vakangoshanduka kubva pakuva vanhu veG40 ikozvino vava veLacoste uye vese nevemapepa akazvimiririra vava veNgwena Enterprises.Mauto ari kutonga kwese vanhu vachipururudza asi bako richayeukwa tanya’ta!

  • Jack-ass

    Congradulations Patrick Chinamasa!!. You are back again at your favourite hunting ground. Make the most of the twilight sun.Good luck