War vets speak on Mutsvangwa suspension

Cde Mutsvangwa

Cde Mutsvangwa

Innocent Ruwende Senior Reporter
War veterans are concerned and saddened with the suspension of Zanu-PF deputy secretary for war veterans who is also their chairman Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa, saying they will continue rallying behind him and their patron President Mugabe.

Addressing a Press conference also attended by Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) national members, the organisation’s information and publicity secretary Cde Douglas Mahiya said the organisation would continue supporting President Mugabe.

“We are not happy. We are so sad, our spirits are so dull because of the political developments that took place yesterday (Thursday). However, in spite of all the persecution, the travail, tribulations and destitution of war veterans, we take these challenges and remain fully behind our patron who is also the commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and First Secretary of Zanu-PF President Mugabe.

“We remain fully behind him. We take this opportunity as well to announce that the bond that is between us and our patron is as was before, undisturbed. It will remain as it is and our patron the icon of our revolution together with our late Vice President Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo,” he said.

He said the suspension of Cde Mutsvangwa allowed the war veterans to have more time with their chairman although it did not give war veterans any “ happiness.”

“It affected us somehow spiritually, like in an army when the commander is probably at a battle and gets shot. The soldiers’ spirits will be down. However, tinoti isusu unogona kukava datya asi unoribatsira kuyambuka rwizi. When people talk about war veterans, they see a certain animal whose mother is unknown.”

Cde Mahiya said the association shall do everything in its power to improve the socio-economic conditions of war veterans, calling them “the angels” of the Zimbabwean revo- lution.

Cde Mahiya said war veterans were also concerned that people were losing their money to land barons and that councils were driving out the city vendors who were trying to make a living.

The economic situation, Cde Mahiya said, was forcing female students into prostitution.

He also said war veterans did not belong to any political faction and said the organisation would open an office to deal with corruption, “starting by bringing to book those who are building 50 bedroomed houses”.

Zanu-PF suspended deputy secretary for war veterans Cde Mutsvangwa for three years for alleged gross misconduct and disloyalty, while his wife, Cde Monica Mutsvangwa, the women’s league spokesperson, suffered the same fate.

The two will not hold any positions in the party during their suspension, but will remain Zanu-PF National Assembly members for Norton and Senator for Manicaland, respectively.

Zanu-PF Women’s League secretary for Administration Cde Esphina Nhari was also suspended for three years while seven former provincial youth chairpersons were expelled.

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  • Grace Jones

    Mutsvangwa 1 Mugabe 0

    • Max Chiks

      how is it so?

  • Nyandoro Kunzwi

    The equivocating position by ZNLWVA needs debunking. If relations between their leader and their patron are strained, that needs ironing out. Either they are with their patron or Mutsvangwa or find a way of reconciling the two if possible. The war vets are a product of ZANU PF , given the fact that ZAPU and ZANU created ZIPRA and ZANLA. If the war vets are still ZANU PF members, then they need a modus vivendi and operandi with the ZANU PF First Sec. Homework exercise!

    • Chenge

      Havana homework apa. The naked truth is that the O vets are solidly behind Mutsvangwa and if the First Secretary kicks the dust leaving the issue dangling, hell would break loose. Those who escalated this situation would have to seek sanctuary elsewhere. What is happening in ZANU is like a fermenting volcano waiting to erupt.

      • bodo_kwete

        Where is Jabulani Sibanda? Why have they forgotten and forsaken him??

        • Grace Jones

          nobody forgot Jabulani . who told you he is their enemy. Lying low does not mean he is forgotten

    • Grace Jones

      now you are losing it war vets are not a product of zanupf. You want to forget ZIpra? Give credit where it is due. Zanupf ndeyaMugabe Zanla is not zanupf thats why Mugabe can chase them

  • Bro Themba

    War vets must be apolitical,they represent men and women who fought for our freedom. An Mdc supporting war vet is a war vet .

    • bodo_kwete

      Thats also true. I expected them to flock to ZLP, unfortunately Cde. Dzino is late!!

  • bodo_kwete

    The first casualty was Cde Jabu Sibanda. Why are you not talking about him? Why have you forgotten this commander still lying on the battle-field? Alone wthout any solidarity? Why are you so fogetful??????

  • bodo_kwete

    ???????? I don’t

  • bodo_kwete

    True. They should come out openly and defy him!!

  • bodo_kwete

    They are afraid of speaking out. The truth is that they no longer support the president but know that if they say so, more trouble is on its way. They are cowards.

  • Harare

    Why dont they just leave Mugabe alone and his zanu pf and start another zanu war vets

    • Grace Jones

      Mugabe does not own the party iye must be expelled

  • African Cristiano

    Anzwa butter Christopher lol

    • Grace Jones

      your misguide self and evil wishes do not mean it will happen. hapana butter because he is not surviing on Mugabe pittance of a salary.Muchamuguta Mutsvangwa mati madii . Handiti he is now free? Pamberi na Cde Chris Mutsvangwa. Pamberi nema war vets. Pasi ne G40 navese vanoisupporta

      • K Sekeramayi

        pamberi navo cde Mutsvangwa …he is a rare brd in ZANU i tell you

  • karombe

    iyi ndiyo chokwadi. pakaipa.

  • karombe

    iwe buda pachena. iti g40 10. kwete zanu pf

  • Blackwave

    Kkkkkk….the president is protected by the army and the secret service…War vets pose not a single threat to anyone…most of them are now in their sixties so i do not see how they can come against the current crop of young soldiers who make up the army. The false allegiance you are professing is because you know you cannot openly challenge the president. Doing so would spell doom for all of you…remember the force that descended upon you 2 or 3 weeks ago when your meeting was stopped…and that was not even the full force of mugabe’s power…so stop fooling yourselves and accept that you exist at his mercy…its not the other way round…

    • joe

      the army and secret service are led by war vets bro

  • Dr Love

    Paurosi ndati wodliroko here ne Modus vivendi yava Mutsvangwa.

  • Dr Love

    Awaiting moderation for what? Kana usingadi go to hell with your partisan paper.

    • theheraldonline

      Kwakanaka here kufumopopota nhai Dr Love? Mukatukwa murimi mungafara here?

  • Dr Love

    Pfutseke mhani