War Veterans meeting hangs in balance

Cde Matemadanda

Cde Matemadanda

Freeman Razemba Senior Reporter
The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA)’s crunch indaba set for Harare tomorrow, hangs in the balance following police revelations that no clearance was issued for the former fighters to convene the meeting by late last night.

According to police, the war veterans were supposed to meet some “certain” requirements they were given by the regulatory authority who is the Officer Commanding Harare Central District, Chief Superintendent Newbert Saunyama.

In an interview yesterday, chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed that several conditions set were yet to be fulfilled.

“With regard to the war veterans meeting slated for Thursday, the ZRP has not yet cleared the war veterans. They recently approached the police and gave notice and said the venue was Zanu-PF Headquarters, and they were given some requirements by the regulatory authority that they should meet.

“However, today (yesterday) they came back starting afresh, saying that the venue was now City Sports Centre, changing their story,” she said.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba declined to disclose some of the requirements the war veterans leaders had failed to fulfil.

“The meeting can only be held when the conditions have been met,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba said.

The war veterans were set to convene their crunch meeting in Harare tomorrow and Defence Minister and Zanu-PF secretary for War Veterans Cde Sydney Sekeramayi had said that the gathering should be held under the spirit of unity and discipline.

The initial meeting, which was slated for February 18, was called off after it emerged the freedom fighters had not notified the relevant authorities, while police had not cleared it.

Police had to use tear smoke and water cannons to disperse the war veterans who had gathered at the City Sports Centre in Harare and their leader Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa later received a tongue-lashing from ZNLWVA Patron, President Mugabe for being irresponsible.

Addressing journalists in Harare on Monday, ZNLWVA secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda said they had cleared with the police for the indaba set for the Harare City Sports Centre.

Cde Matemadanda said all was in place for the indaba.

“Police were notified and we have their permission in writing,” he said. “The meeting that failed to take place on the 18th of February is now going to be held on the 3rd of March at the Harare City Sports Centre because indications are that a lot of people are coming.

We want to thank the security Ministers, all of them, for seeing no danger in us holding this meeting.

We know comrades are going to come and on this note want to call all of them, those that were invited to come in their numbers for this very special meeting.”

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Cde Matemadanda said they had fulfilled the conditions of providing the venue details and that it was not double booked for their Thursday meeting.

“It’s only that I am driving from Kwekwe to Harare and I do not know what to say.

“Under the law, members have just to notify the police if the venue is closed, its open space that need police clearance,” he said.

Cde Matemadanda said they never said the meeting would be held at the party headquarters, but City Sports Centre, adding that he did not know of any conditions set by police which they failed to fulfil.

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  • tafamutekwe

    It sure makes more economic sense instead of incessant gatherings pleading for much more assistance for one thing or another; 35 years later!

  • emmerson matongo

    Why is the police take vetarans as fools , the commissioner commanding Harare has taken instructions from somewhere not to say conditions are not met.

    • bodo_kwete

      They should confont their patron, centre of all powers in Zimbabwe head-on. They should show us their worth.

  • Takasendekera

    the problem here is that War Vets are used to having their way ,acting with impunity but tables have turned and the medicine tastes bitter in their mouths but going forward the law is the law it should be upheld without fear or favour because favouring will come back to haunt you ,how will you react when the ones you favour starts acting irresponsibly

  • DarkChild

    They know they have no legitimacy as liberation fighters, so outside ZANU they can’t survive.


    Which minority are talking about? Don’t fool yourself that the group that you support is the majority group!!!

    • bodo_kwete

      A small clique of people we call g40 is a very tiny minority which fought hard to have the presdent as a single centre of power which they could manipulate. Anyone in Harare with eyes knows this. g40 buses old deperate women from all over zimbabwe to make noise at rallies because they just don’t hav the people’s support.

  • Tororo

    Hapana zvamunomboita imi maWar vets!!! Hapana!! Comrade RGM is very clever. You were demobilized and rehabilitated to become docile and now you are a bunch of unarmed former freedom fighters with NO any difference with ANY OTHER unarmed civilian. You used to be treated with kid gloves, now “shiri dzabvuta rekeni” very soon you will all be on the run for dear life!!!

    • lampda theta

      Running to mujuru of course.

    • bodo_kwete

      usadherere. Kana kuti wotoda zvako kukuchidzira?

  • Dzikamai

    Who owns zanupf? can you provide us with names. May be the war vets are the real zanupf and everyone else opposed to them should instead get out out of the war vets” party and form their own party. Zanupf yakavambwa ikavakwa nema revolutionarist, meaning war vets. Vana fika zuro avo, ndivo vanofanigwa kubva pandima yakatangwa nevamwe ivo vasati vazvagwa.

  • Charli

    You lier! which one country can you state to support your false suppositions.

  • impedence

    Which part of Zimbabwe are you staying where there are rains?

    • Mart

      Where are you? It’s raining heavily right now and it has been for the past 3 days. Marondera, Kadoma, Wedza it’s all raining cats and dogs.

      • theheraldonline

        It was heavy rains in Marondera, Seke and Chihota since yesterday up to this morning.

    • N. Sithole

      It’s been raining heavily in many parts of the country. Are you in the diaspora?

  • Mqophiso W Sibanda

    Only if you make a mistake of sacrificing any of your leaders would you have lost the whole plot. Now fire is being pilled on Mutsvangwa yet he represents your collective interests because they, G40, wants to minimize the numbers they want to expel. After Mutsvangwa they will arm-twist your wing and force it to be pliant to their dirty selfish interests. Never allow to be divided and ruled because that is the only tactic G40 has against you because they want to legitimize their expulsions and destructiveness by taking sides with the a section of the war vets wing and from there dehumanize some awake and truth telling members for their political endgames.

  • bodo_kwete

    iro idama. otherwise chirikudambuka manje manje.