War veterans breathe fire •rally behind Mutsvangwa •accuse G40 of fronting regime change

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association national chair and War Veterans Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa flanked by secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda and Cde Douglas Mahiya secretary for Information and Publicity at a meeting in Harare yesterday

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association national chair and War Veterans Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa flanked by secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda and Cde Douglas Mahiya secretary for Information and Publicity at a meeting in Harare yesterday

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Reporter—
THE Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) yesterday rallied behind its national chairman Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa and dismissed the vote of no-confidence passed against him and three others last week as null and void, accusing the protagonists of being agents of regime change.An emergency meeting was held under a tense atmosphere at a city hotel yesterday and was attended by provincial chairpersons and national executive members from all the country’s 10 provinces.


They all pledged solidarity with Cde Mutsvangwa, his wife Monica, vice chairman Cde Headman Moyo and secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda, who were purportedly ousted last Friday by some war veterans headed by Cde Mandy Chimene.

The solidarity messages were punctuated with the slogan “Pasi neG40”, with some members responding with “Pamberi neOperation Shumba”.

Listen to the audio clip below:

After the solidarity messages in support of Cde Mutsvangwa, Cde Matemadanda was in a no-nonsense mood as he spelt out the agenda of the meeting which sought to adopt a special resolution to convene an emergency general meeting of freedom fighters to look into recent developments in the association, the party and the nation.

At the centre of recent developments, Cde Matemadanda said, was the recent abusive language and the vilification of the war veterans at a rally in Rushinga in October last year addressed by the First Lady and the emergence ‘within Zanu-PF of counter-revolutionary clique G40 (Generation 40)’.

“Recent developments notably, harassment, suspensions and expulsions of revolutionary elements within Zanu-PF in defiance of the party’s constitution and procedures, by or at the instance of G40. Dissipation of resources,” said Cde Matemadanda.

He said there was brutal and inhuman treatment of citizens by local authorities at the behest of Minister of Local Government Saviour Kasukuwere through the destruction of homes and livelihoods.

“Houses are being destroyed and women with babies just coming out of hospitals are being left homeless. It is like Zimbabwe has become a war zone like what is happening in the Middle East. This is wishing for the instability of the Middle East to be experienced in Zimbabwe,” he charged.

“We are seeing bulldozers of America destroying and killing our companions in that country. This is what is happening here.” Cde Matemadanda also talked about paying lip service to the plight of the people.

“Some people are dying of hunger yet there are people who are bragging and showing off their riches. Rich people who live in luxury after acquiring homes for free while the ordinary people suffer. War veterans did not suffer for those in positions of authority. No! We suffered for the ordinary people who were being abused by the white man. We are saying no to that.”

On corruption, Cde Matemadanda said the scourge was alarming in the country and corrupt people were well known in the country. He said instead of stemming corruption, the corrupt people were being awarded.

“We are saying it is time to tell the truth. No one gave us authority to pursue the liberation struggle. The liberation struggle is now being rubbished. We are not going to ask for permission to fight corruption. To fight nyaya yekudzvinyirirwa kwe povo,’’ he charged.

Cde Matemadanda also said recently the country witnessed the violation of the constitution and rule of law when police arrested Prosecutor-General Mr Johannes Tomana in connection with the bombing of Gushungo Dairy. He said Mr Tomana was tried and sentenced to one-year in prison while he was out of the country on state business.

“Where else have you seen a Prosecutor General being tried and sentenced while in the west or north Africa? He was sentenced to a year in prison. Imagine this is a man you entrusted as the custodian of your laws. He is arrested, tried and sentenced while he is far way from his country. You shove him in an open truck. You are humiliating your own constitution. You want us to be persuaded by somebody to see that this is nonsense.”

Cde Matemadanda said people should not interfere with the security sector. He warned those pushing for the security sector reform agenda of the Western governments through vilification of the defence forces. In other countries, he said, if you burn an army uniform you risk being charged with treason.

“A soldier is a symbol of the State. But now the military has been made child’s play at rallies. Soldiers take allegiance oaths and even if you scold him, he cannot answer back. We are soldiers because once a soldier, always a soldier,” he said.

“But we know the conditions under which they live sacrificing their lives. Even the young ones who went to war to protect Zimbabwe’s interests in Mozambique, Somalia, more recently DRC, everywhere. They died, but they have not been respected by the people they protected. Vanhu varikuenjoya maresources avarikuchengeta vanhu ivavo. Musoja anotaurwa parally. Musoja anotongwa ne Defence Forces Act.”

This, said Cde Matemadanda, showed that the centre is being disturbed.

“It is one centre that should be holding, but vanhu varikuenda vachinotanhaura masimba ecentre vachigovana,” he said adding. “The powers of the State are not given to two or three people. It is one and that one is President Mugabe”.

Cde Matemadanda said they know where all these machinations are leading to. He said the West and all those with regime change agenda knew there would be a reaction to this. He said the freedom fighters fought the Smith-regime and would not be intimidated.

Cde Matemadanda asked what crime the freedom fighters committed for them to be insulted.

“Chii chatakanyanya kutadza? Kunzi urimuwar vet watova benzi pavanhu. Chambonyanya kushata chii? Tidanei mutiudze. Kana takapusa tikasunungura nyika chigarikayi makanyarara. Munotitukirei? Zvamurikudya zvakanaka takamboti tipeiwo? Idyayika ndimi muneluck. Idyai mugute isu tife nenzara. Matekenya tisu, nhasi nhamo tisu. Ndoomugove wedu iwowo.”

Turning on tribalism, Cde Matemadanda said there is no place for ethnicity slur in Zimbabwe. He said some people were seeking to divide and confuse the nation through promotion of tribalism at a rally in Chiweshe last week. He said as war veterans they were shocked by the song “MaZezuru unconquerable” and berating the Karangas. “Murikuti tidii? Murikuti chii maTusti nemaHutu muno muZimbabwe?”asked Cde Matemadanda.

He said in Zimbabwe people are one, fought the war as one and would remain one people. This country, he added was not for the Zezuru, Kalanga, Venda, Tonga or Ndebele but Zimbabweans. “Munoda kuti zvisvike pakadii? Zvirikuda maporofita here kuti muone kuti nyika uirikuendakupi?

Cd Matemadanda said the G40 machinations have created a real crisis which called for urgent resolutions.

“This is a deliberate G40 scheme backed by certain western powers, to emasculate the association and the party and thus precipitate a national crisis through paralysis and capture of State and Zanu-PF power by G40,” said Cde Matemadanda.

“The gravity of the situation and importance of the matter to freedom fighters and the general citizenry requires that the matter be given serious attention through debate and resolution by the general congress of members.”

Speaking at the same occasion, Cde Mutsvangwa said he would take the special resolution adopted by the national executive to President Mugabe, who is the patron of the association for his consideration and map the way forward.

He assured the freedom fighters that President Mugabe has an ear for the war veterans because he was part of them. He said the war veterans had nothing to fear. “You are the angels of revolution. You are President Mugabe’s angels, and angels for the departed heroes of the struggle,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

“Masoja edu haasi ekutamba nawo, tinozviziva,” Cde Mutsvangwa said banging the table. He said Zimbabweans would be happy and in peace to hear that freedom fighters met and discussed the events occurring in the country.

“You are here in civilian clothes and your colleagues in uniform- you know them. They too, will be happy and will sleep tight today because of this meeting,” said Cde Mutsvangwa adding, “You have calmed the situation.”

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  • ben

    Thank you war vet Matemadanda. We would have listened to you if you defended the same povo from 1996 ti;; now. But it was you who killed everyone who saw ZANU PF and you war vets as corrupt elements. You brutally murdered innocent people whose crimes according to you was to ask ZANU PF to respect rule of law and protect the weak and poor. We don’t sympathize with you and don’t lecture us about the constitution that you flagrantly rejected with all your power and might.You either are stupid, silly or suffer from the disease called amneasia if you only remember the plight of rabid Johaness Tomana and selectively forget Attorney General Gula Ndebele. Was he or better still is he a war vet? Where is he you deceptive war vet? Let us know what crime Ndebele committed and which crimes Tomana has not. Please spare us you are a bunch of greedy lawless misfits who let the system destroy the country, ruined the lives of the same people you now want to be on your side. Fight the system alone the four of you who want to perpetuate the untenable state of affairs.

    • aboobakah

      u are 100% right. the tables have turned against them and now want to turn black into white. no we’ve memories, we still remember their violence towards elections, we still remember how hunzvi crippled this economy as govt medical officer and declaring people who were in the service 95% disabled and claiming a lot compensation from the govt and now they want to teach us about corruption which they pioneered. we have eyes tom see, we have ears to hear. the gmb maize saga by war vet kangai, the willowgate motor scandal by war vet nyagumbo etc. please fight your own battles do not include the masses.

    • jacktheswede

      well said sir

  • mpengo

    So, you’re suddenly concerned about the plight of people because of what happened to Mutsvangwa?

    Spare us and live your lives the way you’ve always lived them, leave us to our suffering.

  • EM

    lets get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Runde River

    Ma1 chaiwo. Avavanenge vakarongeka kudarika vandakaona vachi announcer vote of no confidence mazuva maviri apfuura. We need a semblance of sanity in what we do.

  • haiwawo

    They are no better because they too have agreed for a long time to be used against the defenseless public whose only crime was to point out the errors of the representatives in government.

    When they were part of that circle, and would benefit from the status quo everything was all right. But, they now cry woe is us now because their leadership is now experiencing what they perceive as a raw deal that the rest of the populace has been experiencing for a long time; some more than others. When people were being harassed, when there was this open subversion of the laws, when there was the accumulation of wealth in a few hands while the rest suffered, when people gather to celebrate mediocrity time and time again, where have been their voices? The only reason they are talking now, this faction of the war veterans because we know there is a wing which they sidelined but which has been saying the very things they are saying now, is because this leadership now fees threatened with being sidelined from the gravy train they have been on too.

    While they will be commended for the sacrifices, they are not the only ones who made those sacrifices – where were the food, clothing, medication and intelligence coming from if not from the people, the povho, some of who also paid the highest price for rendering that support; the majority of who have not benefited materially and have to scrape for a living? By not fighting for the people and instead conniving to oppress the people’s will repeatedly, as long as those in power served the narrow interests of the group, they compromised themselves and lost the respect.

  • Judas Iscariot

    These’re the same cdes who passed a vote of no confidence,on Jabulani Sibanda, and his executive,for failing to attend amai Gire’s rallies. Mutsvangwa lost to Webster Shamu, and used the vote of no confidence, to force cde Shamu out of gov’t.Where were these cdes,when the likes of Mujuru,Gumbo,Mutasa just to mention a few, were being humiliated in public by the same G40? Are they saying they’re more important,than their fellow cdes,who were booted out in similar fashion? These are the same cdes who were terrorizing the electorate since 2000,now they’re claiming to be fighting for us, so they can gain our sympathy. Your chaotic land seizures are the reason, why your colleagues are starving,and living in poverty.You have no one but yourselves to blame cdes. You have the land,and failed to realize,you need more than just vast tracts of land, to be successful farmers.White farmers had irrigation schemes,they didn’t wait for gov’t for farming imputs.G40 has the upper hand and going to devour you one at a time. All of a sudden it’s dawning on you, that we have rampant cases of corruption in this country.

    • gutu chitovah

      the Mujurus, Gumbos, Mutasas just to mention a few, were not muted by anybody. they neede to grow balls and do the same. pass counter vote of no confidences and show that its not so easy. i think they are wnd were weak because they had more skeletons in their cabinets than this group. They are all war vets, they had the levers of power, they could have just done the same. Ngatipei ava sando dzavo. varume chaivo varwi ndo dzinohi mvumba dzomene. VanaGumbo they seem to have lacked the backing of military (they failed to see what is critical where and when then these picked lessons. So they are exploiting their strategy. I am enjoying it. ndopanoti soja rehondo, haringosundwi nyore.

      • muchaka

        u are lost my freind.. the next politburo will silence these lunatics ..Its just because the public media is covering them once charamba is sent home you wont hear anything about these Locusts . Gumbo Jabu and Mutasa have never been silent but the herald ignored them only , wait until the editor is chased.

        • gutu chitovah

          Muchaka read between lines. MASAMBA ASIYANA. Masamba achinja. as usual time is the best history teller. lets wait and see.

      • chakutareal

        When Jabulani wanted to march to the statehouse for the same cause who blocked him? Wasn’t that it Mutsvangwa and Mutemadanda? Save your breath gutu chitova dont talk of balls today. The loose canon has been fired there is no retreat.

        • gutu chitovah

          How could a mere mutsvangwa block a decorated soldier and leader of the war veterans when he was a mere member? That tells you Mutsvangwa ndiye aneyese. he is now at the right position and as you can see only chimene can stop him at least in the media. he is unconquerable. We shall see who fired who when the time comes. all we can do for now kuita kunge pfunye, kwaenda mhepo ndokotoendawo twona kwazvondowira tsvimbo nedobge. Hawo maprovincial chairpersons akauya in full support, maybe chimene will be assembling a new executive from cell level which implies the formation of a new/splinter group of war vets. lets wait and see. Time will tell. Kana pane avhunza moti ndichipazhamwongo wareva

  • DK

    1. This is interesting. The accusation of the military with regards the reported Gushungo planned bombing is turning out to be a grave mistake. You do not accuse the military that way. These soldiers have been so quiet, we never heard them respond to any of these political bickerings, but it looks like they are being poked enough to respond, and i am sure they can respond soon rather than later.

    2. “It is one centre that should be holding, but vanhu varikuenda
    vachinotanhaura masimba ecentre vachigovana,” he said adding. “The
    powers of the State are not given to two or three people. It is one and
    that one is President Mugabe”. Here the war vets are telling us about G40 sharing presidential powers amongst themselves! Is Matemadanda telling us that the center is no longer holding such that G40 members can share it’s power? If that is the case, then what is next?

    3. “Masoja edu haasi ekutamba nawo, tinozviziva,” Cde Mutsvangwa said banging the table. He said Zimbabweans would be happy and in peace to hear that freedom fighters met and discussed the events occurring in the country. “You
    are here in civilian clothes and your colleagues in uniform- you know
    them. They too, will be happy and will sleep tight today because of this
    meeting,” said Cde Mutsvangwa adding, “You have calmed the situation.” Here Mutsvangwa is hinting on something. What are the soldiers saying about the accusations in Chiweshe last week? Is this a direct challenge of the First Lady, Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere? The movie script is turning out to be more exciting.
    Whoever has been advising Dr Amai is seriously after something, creating anarchy in Zimbabwe. The Chiweshe rally was something else. Amai’s declaration that tinoda kuti vatonge zvakaii, and Mphoko’s declaration that on top was Bob and Amai insinuates that Dr Amai Mugabe is now in Gvt hierarchy, and that is a serious indication with regards the center of power. We need clarification here. Chii chiri kuitika munyika muno? 2018 anosvika here? Why the accusation of the army? Hakusi kudenha kuti vataure here uku? Can they really use petrol bombs when they own the artillery? CHiwenga, Shiri, Sibanda, Zimondi…tiudzeiwo zviri kuitka Isu hatidi hondo muno.

    • Just-In

      I didn’t know with the level of education on which Zimbabwe is ranked , i never thought by this time we still have people who are retrogressive, the War Vets are useless regarding this matter. I truly and honestly i respect war vets on the job done of going to war and liberating this country, truly it took courage and sacrifice, of which they did.
      1. They also need to remember that they trained and they were equipped but our parents also participated in the same struggle, worse off, not trained, they were not equiped, they were more exposed and at high risk compared to you war vets. So don’t behave like you are the only people fort for this country, my father lost his well paying job and became a mujibha whom up to now has not yet received any compensation at least you were given ma 50k.

      2.Where were you when things were going on.Just STOP IT.

      3. This is all high sounding of academic nonse.

      4. Who doesn’t know Mustvangwa’s arrogance, the guy doesn’t have control of his mouth.
      5.the speeches demonstrates fear at its best, Dr G varema, she has send tongues wagging,
      6.The guys are desperate, if confident that you have people at heart, and people have war vets at heart, why don’t they just break up from a part which they are accusing of disrespecting war vets, why start being concerned about the povho when they are fired from ZANU PF. STOP IT!!!!!!!
      7 Dr is calling Shots, she is powerful, like it or hate she is powerful. i was listening to war vets speeches they are all scared of Mugabe, if they are scared of Mugabe, who will dare touch DR Grace, the person will be in for it before he gets to Grace.
      8.Do you war vets you will fool Mugabe by chanting slogans on one hand while you denounce his wife in public and you think his silence is stupidity. Prof Jona and RG are far much wise than these war vets and Tomana.
      8.The young guys are tired these war vets which are continuous increasing year in year out, yet 36 years from independence the number must be going down to date considering how National Heroes Acre is running out of space every day , without talking of provincial heroes

      Chingo medzai pie yakapora, mongoramba muchikudzwa asi imi zvinoratidza kuti munoda kuba. Most of you makaba nezita Ra His Excellence and now want to axe him out of power because he is old Manje head on na Dr Grace,

      Sign Off

      • Gushungo

        War vet kudii kwacho, get out mhani! War vet, G40, Zanu and Lacoste is one thing, mese hatikudei.

    • Kufandada

      The people who were arrested for attempting to bomb the dairy were military

    • Grace Jones

      Please whatever your own personal vendetta with Mutsvangwa keep it to yourself stop poisoning us. We support the war Vets And are very happy that they are a voice of reason. Zvenyu ne G40 ndezvenyu

      • Blackwave

        Iwe ndofunga uri wemhuri yekwamutsvangwa iwe tibvirepo

        • Grace Jones

          Aa iwe uri mununguna waKasukuwere

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    On sabbatical leave. Will comment in due course!

    • Fred Muchena

      comment Cde!! I know u will blame sanctions and MDCT.

    • masvukupete

      Cde Muzvi Kikikikiki Sabbatical leave!! Pavakupisa mbichana ka apa. LOL. Please spent your sabbatical wisely in coming up with new excuses for a incompetent leadership that does not know how to manage a modern state system. So long Cde, see you when you come back. Isu we will still be around no leave required. Kikikikiki

    • Son of the soil

      Kkkkk the party cdes are tearing each other to pieces and you are now going sabbatical leave, Nehanda forbid. But anyway we say cdes tear each like wild animals, we have no pity for you. You are fighters and destroyers you will never build anything. God has finally heard our cries for this evil generation to get out of power.

    • DarkChild

      Ayehwa ka Prof. This is such a moment when we need your well experienced, informed and educated analysis the most! :D

  • yowe

    Gore rino richanakidza

    • Dr

      Cde Matemadanda and gang are you trying to say HE President R.G Mugabe is not respecting the solders? I think you and your corrupt friends are losing it respect the elders of the party please

    • gutu chitovah

      Gore rino igore REZVOKWADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yowe


  • SimonPetere

    Zvinoshamisa I am hearing this from a War veteran. At least you are telling us the incompetence of Zanu PF. Everything is so true. Thank you so much …I hope Mugabe heard this ….G40 should be dealt with but the same war vets are equally guilty

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    Maybe Hunzvi was right after all

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    The only people who support that speech would be G40. The words that were uttered there were a continuation of what Mahoka did ku Zanu-PF HQ. Where in the world have you seen a low level party cadre challenging a sitting president and his vice to respond to spurious allegations.

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    Now you say “Grace was right” but yesterday you were complaining when you claimed she had grabbed land in Mazowe.

    • sekuru murehwa

      taura hako When did grace ever be right ,

  • Mu Porifita Muhombe

    I can see that there is only one person who seem to keep ZANU PF as one piece at the moment. Once he goes (it might be soon) this party will be in pieces. That will be the time when Mai Mujuru will come in as a peace broker and possibly rule this country.

  • Tongo

    Where was he when fellow war vets were being vilified and persecuted in 2014. He is a factionalists….Who does he think he is fooling? Since when have these guys spoken for and about the so-called povo?

    • bodo_kwete

      He is already on his way to Mai Mujuru to apologise, asking her to consider patronship of the WarVets at the cost of the incumbent.

  • Nyandoro Kunzwi

    Ah wave kusanganisa nyaya iwe? Usaite hasha like a vicious dog.

  • Bastet

    icho chibhakera chenyu icho ndochaponda nyika. manje makairasa coz zanu is broken beyond repair. with or without the presence yenyu vana mutsvangwa,hapana chamuchaita coz yu ar just as bad and rotten to the lyk yo old ancestor. musat westera tym muchitaura nhando coz u r all dead meat.

  • Cecil Roars

    You spoke sense at last. Your meetings were always about yout welfare. At least you now know that you fouht with civilians as shown by your opposition to wanton destruction of homes and corruption

  • Cecil Roars

    Did you also not hear what he said of the previous acts of this group? I respect both of your opinions though.

  • myHomeland

    Nice statements up there, clearly reckless statements made in Chiweshe last week.

  • Tinotya

    Where is my post Mr. Editor.

    • theheraldonline

      Which one Tinotya?

  • George

    The office of the President, as far as I am concerned, should be given due respect. I mean office not ideas. We can make a critique of ideas coming from the thoughts of the presidency, fine, but never to demean THE office. The office of the President includes his 2nds in charge – vice Presidents. Demeaning that office means demeaning the state of Zimbabwe and that to me is pointing towards a serious crime against the state itself. My advice is, no matter how excited we may be, the state must be seen as belonging to all Zimbabweans. Lets pour out our thoughts and criticise each other including our leaders but never ever demean people who represent the face of the STATE.
    The army in this country appears CALM and lets not tempt them and give them an excuse to be referees.

    I hope whoever has side-stepped is taking stock to right the wrong. We all make mistakes and can be forgiven but only if we can see that in action. Lets keep the peace.

    The war vets are war vets. They can sort out their issues.

    • karombe

      thats very diplomatic george. unfortunately vari kutaura taura havazvibati

  • jacktheswede

    “You have calmed the situation”…so says Mutsvangwa to his group of eternal belly- achers. Yep, they are in the proverbial eye of the storm. Grab your popcorn buckets people…Rambo 5 coming soon!

  • ThaDoggPound

    You are right. There’s no need to fight these guys even though we may have differed in the past. Your enemy’s enemy is your frienemy as youngsters are wont to say these days.

    • Far Que

      Right on!

  • ThaDoggPound

    Who or what is this Shumba referred to in this Operation Shumba?

  • chihera

    nxaaaaaa masichupiti evanhu!!!!!

    • SimonPetere

      Mukanya kkkk

  • theheraldonline

    Indeed, it’s long, but it’s your right to air your views. How are you?

  • Telescope

    Yowe ndafungiswa class isina teacher and students having it their way. Is this real or just concern about being pushed from the feeding trough. Kuzova rini Nehanda Nyakasikana vana vako vachishinyira nenhamo. Herald reporting without fear or favour!!!

  • Team Lacoste

    Pasi ne G40. Pamberi ne “Operation Shumba”.
    We know the elements causing division in the Party. Some of them are so close to the President, we say no they must stop it. ***

  • Kingongo

    I have noticed some people from the opposition celebrating these events but little do they realize that without sekuru sorting out this developing mess, the country may be plunged into a civil war before 2018.
    A civil war between these factions could also render the opposition as legit targets from both sides.
    The first thing these hardliners would do is to take out their perceived threats & this includes so called “sellout” opposition parties.
    Their statements & past actions clearly show a preparedness to force their way through.
    ** while they unleashed terror on everyone.
    The opposition should be more worried by this development than anybody else.
    This can easily become “The 2016 Zimbabwe War” if sekuru fails to sort it out.
    We need him even more now than before or (god forbid) after because “after” will be too late

  • gutu chitovah

    Far Que you said it all.these fights are necessary now and esp at this stage. the people who did it are the best to expose it. If change shall come to Zim then it has to originate from those who hold the pillars of state power. that will definitely come. we have all been quite uptodate and someone somehow saw the need to expose these shenanigans. whether the person is clean or note we shall all hear that thru the upcoming accusations and counter accusations. they are the witnesses for themselves the defendands and the plaintiffs. we remain victims. chimwe nechimwe chine nguva yacho lets give this time and see the results. One thing for sure is that Masamba Asiyana. uyu wamuvhenganiswa uyu

    • Far Que

      Hear hear. Let them go at it. Usually when elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. In this case the grass has been trampled but, like the proverbial Phoenix rising from it’s own ashes, this grass can only spring back up because of these ongoing skirmishes.

  • Tinotya

    Hey people what’s wrong with my earlier post? Mr. Editor, I know all about the gatekeeping bullshit, but I believe I contributed something worthwhile to the debate in front of us. Why withhold my post? I’m getting angry at you. Don’t develop clay feet. Hapana chinonyanyoshamisira chandataura. Grow a pair if you have time. Thanks.

  • Tinotya

    Thanks Mr Editor. Thought you took your sweet time publishing my post. Forgive me for the mild abuse.

    • theheraldonline

      Oh, ok. Apologies Tino.

  • Lunga

    …..and,altogether now..WHO REALLY CARES!!!!

  • Gen Tongo

    Matemadanda and Mutsvangwa are trulu factionalists, and supporting insurgency, ONE CENTRE OF POWER, only. Last year but 1, it was on Mutasa, Shamu, Mujuru, now the time has come for you, You must GO.

  • Donanga

    Mutsvangwa ndiwe here wakati mai Mujuru havana kudonhedza ndege

  • Njanji

    I personally sympathize with these war vets who have been so brainwashed since 1980 into believing that anything not Zanu (pf ) is anti-people.They were made to think that Zimbabwe is Zanu(pf) and that Zanu(pf) is Zimbabwe. Its good that some have realised that they were under an evil spell and have begun taking corrective measures.

  • SimonPetere

    Used used used …The war vets were betrayed by a few people. I blame the **

  • Chappie

    Everything is blamed on the West. The comrades seem to be just mere puppets, same as the comrats keep repeating in SA. It seems they are confident the populace are stupid and will lap up this nonsense.

  • Murombo mudukuti

    Apology to the masses first for the atrocities against them…then utter ur nonsense, maybe we can lend an ear

  • zimbabwean

    what is exactly regime change agenda?

  • Kuta Kinte

    Ndapererwa. My Party.

  • Kufandada

    (1) Mai Mugabe suggested there is an attempt to stampede her husband to hand over power.Are these guys suggesting Mai Mugabe is the one bringing regime change from within state house?
    (2) Can they explain what does Operation Shumba mean?

    (3Ko maivepi when No Confidence Votes were passed against Joyce Mujuru and others?

  • joe

    war vets have nothing to discuss about the party, they are not even in party structures.. 9 provincial WAr vets chairmen means nothing.. remember Mujuru had 9 provincial REAL chairmen on her side, but all of them were booted in less than 6 wks. plus politburo had stated no more VONC but they still proceded..
    Those who are smart should smell the coffee, and see who G40 really is, and be veery afraid…

  • joe

    these guys are really excitable.. they are now t the point of no return

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Tafadzwa I think your comments are rather unfortunate and really disrespectful of our war veterans. Can’t you feel that this is an emotional appeal to be left alone. They are saying, let us be the fools that liberated you and have our peaceful lives in our poverty. Let people like you live your lives and let those that did spew venom enjoy their wealth. Shamwari, I saw some war veterans living in extreme poverty in Marondera the other day and I almost cried and went to buy them a few groceries for them. Do not add salt to injury my friend. I know you might not mean what you said.

  • chakutareal

    Nhai Mutemadanda et al who said when you are stripped of your office positions in the war vet organisation you are no longer a war vet. JUST LEAVE THE POSTS PEACEFULLY and enjoy being a war vet sevamwe. Kurambira pazvigaro inyaya yecorruption yamunoita muchihwanda naezvigaro zvenyu. Ibvai tinongoisa mamwe mawar vet and the organisation goes on with you as ordinary members. Respect is not pleaded for but is earned. Mavhoko amunombonyora aya muchituka vamwe nhasi orwadza nokuti kwatukwa imi. Tangai makudza vamwe kuti imi mukudzwewo.

  • Grace Jones

    re saying he cannot take his powers and give it to other people . Nobody is going to get rid of Munangagwa like you think. When it come to push or shove. War vets can tell Mugabe **..They are saying they can go back to war. who will be on the other side?So they do not care it is Mugabe. they are saying follow procedure. He cannot wake up and appoint Grace. They said no to it.

  • Grace Jones

    when your house plan was registered and approved by harare city council after money was paid to council. when the building itself was monitored and passed by harare council and you built your 120 000USD mansion and have now lived there 14 years after a certificate of fit for occupancy was issued again by harare council how would you like somebody to wake up and have your house demolished without any chance for you to rescue even one piece of building material. be real. the thing is Mugabe no longer has a brain and G40 tries to compete in pleasing him. This was not logical but they still did. The state will have to compensate people. Where does the money for that come? we do not even have pay for civil service yet they go ahead and start some other meoney needing ventures

  • Grace Jones

    so you finally found out. where have you been? Its been going on for a long time

  • Grace Jones

    he is notgoing. we will see Mphoko Jona and Kasukuwere down.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Now suddenly you see the light. You called us fools when we demanded that our government respect the rule of law. You mean that the government should now respect the rule of law because lawlessness is threatening to destroy ZANU-PF?

  • karombe

    most of the war vets vari kutambura pamwe chete nepovho. vagere vanoverengeka.

  • rev

    let the games begin

  • Blackwave

    Taura hako..who cares???

  • Saharawifoxx

    Nhai zvako muZimba haabatsirike