‘Vultures’ ruffle Chiyangwa

FUMING BOSS . . . ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa is an unhappy man and feels that vultures, who are feasting from football, are destroying the game and that should come to a stop as soon as possible

FUMING BOSS . . . ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa is an unhappy man and feels that vultures, who are feasting from football, are destroying the game and that should come to a stop as soon as possible

Robson Sharuko Senior Sports Editor
A FUMING ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa yesterday questioned the nation’s sincerity to helping the Warriors and the Mighty Warriors write success stories on the international football scene after the senior women national team were left penniless from their African Women Cup of Nations qualifier against Tanzania at Rufaro.

The Harare property mogul was left seething after ZIFA reaped nothing from gate receipts from staging the match between the Mighty Warriors and their Tanzanian counterparts on Sunday.

Chiyangwa had promised the Mighty Warriors, who triumphed 3-2 on aggregate to reach the final qualifying round, to share the gate receipts in appreciation for the team’s success as they booked an elimination date against neighbours Zambia.

What incensed Chiyangwa even more was that the money that was raised from gate-takings at Rufaro on Sunday was parcelled out at the stadium among various service providers while the Mighty Warriors, the team which brought the fans to the ground, ended up with nothing.

The Sports Commission took their 15 percent stake from the gate receipts while Harare City Council took 20 percent of gross gate-takings with some of the money being paid to service providers. Chiyangwa said he found it ironic that the Sports Commission should be taking a chunk from the gate receipts, while the Mighty Warriors walk away with nothing, when the Government was not funding the team’s quest to qualify for the African Women Cup of Nations finals.

Even the Harare City Council, said Chiyangwa, needed to understand that, when it comes to a national cause, they had to be seen to be playing a part in helping the Mighty Warriors or the Warriors rather than feasting on the little that was being raised from the gate-takings.

The ZIFA boss was also not amused that some security personnel were also paid, while the Mighty Warriors walked away with nothing, and he said a ZIFA councillor, who also received payment, should have led by example by showing that he was not in the game to make money but to develop the sport. “I’m furious, very furious with what happened at Rufaro Stadium on Sunday and if this is the way that we are going to run our football then it’s pointless, it doesn’t promote growth and only serves to destroy the game, the goose that is laying the golden eggs,” Chiyangwa said.

“When you have people and organisations feasting on the gate-takings, with the money being shared at the stadium, and the players themselves — who are the stars who brought the people who paid that money to the stadium — end up with nothing, then we should be questioning ourselves whether this is worth it after all.

“We promised the players that they will get all the gate-takings and suddenly today I am being told that nothing was left for them because the money went to the City Council, some of it went to the Sports Commission and even our own ZIFA councillor was paid while our girls, who did the nation proud by qualifying for the next round, received nothing.

“This is just not right and I will not allow it because some of us suffer a lot, just to make sure that the team is put in camp, the team is fed in camp, the team is provided with the right equipment to represent our nation, remember we are not getting any help right now from the Government in terms of this campaign by the Mighty Warriors, and the team flies to Tanzania to represent our country.

“Now, when they come back home, and there is a chance that there could be some income that could be raised by the team, and we promise the girls that if they go through they will get everything from the gate-takings, we then hear that nothing was realised from what came into our coffers on Sunday.

“Organisations that don’t do anything, in terms of preparing the team, are the first at the cashiers’ box to get money which they say they deserve and they don’t care whatsoever that the players, the stars that the fans came to watch, have nothing left to share.

“This is cruelty, it’s an insult to the players, an insult to football and I will not allow it to continue happening because there is no point in having the Warriors or the Mighty Warriors when they can’t even get a cent from their sweat and blood and you have vultures who are just waiting to get the money from our players’ efforts.

“It’s ridiculous and I’m fuming right now, you can write that, I’m fuming right now because this is wrong and someone must stand up for football and, as its leader in this country, I have to stand up and fight for our cake because the players look up to me to provide that leadership and I would have failed them if I don’t act accordingly.”

Chiyangwa said while the country wanted the Warriors and the Mighty Warriors to succeed, their mission should not be funded by ZIFA alone and, worse still, when they make some money from their home games, that money ends up in the pockets and bank accounts of people and organisations that had nothing to do with the teams while the players get nothing.

“For a long time we have had a system that is wrong and is unsustainable and that is why ZIFA is always in debt because even the little that we are supposed to get is taken by some organisations and people who have nothing to do with football and that is very, very wrong,” Chiyangwa said.

“Our players are heroes because they served their country very well in the two matches and surely one would have expected the Harare City Council and the Sports Commission to say that, this time around, let the girls get something.

“Football is about the players and the fans, the players attract the fans to the stadiums, and without them the stadiums will be empty shells and the time has come for football, and by this I mean the players and their coaches, to get what is due to them rather than this system where we are simply using them to make money for other people and organisations while they get nothing.”

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  • Onini Wacho

    Zvatanga tichashora neinozvimbira. Fidza anenge ari on the right track so far. Seems to have the priorities in the right place. Fix this nonsense Fidza and bring back sanity into the game. ZIFA councillor ava ngavaudzwe mashoko.

    • jore

      I agree with you bro, I never gave this guy a chance but so far he has handled the Limpopogate and this one very well. Ndozvakatadza kuitwa na Cuthbert Dube izvi. so far so good in terms of direction.

  • mazino akaora

    Well said PC

  • Fresh

    how much was it anyway?

  • Chadzo

    Maa vultures iwawo ndiwo anokodzera kutengeswa kwemagame, coz haunga tambire mahara kaaa,ngavadzore mari yemaa girls havanyare here? councilor wee zifa uyoo ngaadzore mari or vobva havo please…..

  • Tindo

    You have my 100% support on this one Dr Phidza!!! Take it to Makhosini

  • Mosad

    Well said Doc,

  • josephmoto4

    Not everyone is already rich Fidza, siya vamwe vadyewo, YOU give the mighty warriors something.,.

  • Zvichanakachete

    Nothing well said here… Just barking the sama nonsense over and over… Only 35% has been accounted for.. Maybe plus 1% taken by the Zina commissioner… Where is the 65%????? Council needs the money to maintain the venue, if he is questioning that he has no clue about administering national football. Sports commission before his kule (bob) filled it with thieves used to develop grass roots sports in schools etc.. A sensible person would be talking about maybe re-negotiating the allocations and explaining where the 65%… Kwete kungo wawata… Nxa…

    • Freddie

      Well said. in fact, with whom did PC agree that all gate-takings go to the Might Warriors. It might have been his wish, BUT necessary steps should be taken and all stakeholders engaged so that the wishes are fulfilled.

  • Chikonamombe

    On spot PC. The system is designed to fail. No transactions must take place at the stadium. Engage all stakeholders and they must all justify what they get and share also the losses

  • shamiso karimadora

    Have always wondered why the police also get paid for performing a
    national duty of maintaining law and order within the borders of
    Zimbabwe. The stadiums are part of Zimbabwe. I also believe ZIMRA
    collects revenue on behalf of government, is it not a case of double
    taxation that the Police collects something from the gates as well. Can
    somebody out there share the experience of other associations e.g SAFA

  • Pfende pfende

    Well said phidza.this is the truth we have been waiting for.

  • mhofu

    I am 100% behind you Fidza on this one, for national team, no service provider should be paid a cent. they shld get their payment for local games, gate takings are the only source of income for ZIFA and requesting for even one percent from it is crazy of the sports commission. what are they doing for the game anyway

  • Tigeress

    Services providers have to be paid. Nothing for mahala. Maybe taxes to Council & Commission can be reviewed but not eliminated, they cover overheads. Players dont write Memos and emails or pay for electricity.

  • Nesongano

    What really irks me is that our police demands payment for a service that they should provide free of charge. Is it not their job to maintain peace and order in the country? Do they have to appear hired as if they are a private security company? What does the the SRC use all the money that it collects from such events? It really pains that those who are supposed to benefit are milked until they bleed!!!

    • job bhutsu

      every country baba, police charge for events

  • Enock Ikope

    why make payments on the spot. that should be stopped immediately. a payment system should be devised and implemented so as to stop this hand to mouth attitude.

    • The Awakened

      Enock you are a voice of reason, on the spot how peculiar.

  • UnBanked

    This is a very good position from the ZIFA boss. We can only hope that you do not face impediments in implementing your thoughts. Soccer is an industry and needs business minded people like you. Lets plaugh into it and grow it before we think of reaping.

  • madyira

    I believe Fidza has a mission to achieve and let us all support him. so far so good fidza i really do not understand why people and organisations are behaving like this. imagine harare city, sports commission & zrp reaping where they did not desrve. NATIONAL DUTY achihuri ndeipi apa manyenyeni asi chiii nhai ko iwe councillor aaaaaaaa out

  • Gilbert Marebe

    Its surprising the Zifa boss is coming face to face with reality for the first time when he declared he had more than five years experience running football in Zim during his whirlwind campaigns. Sir, this is how its been like since 1980. We thought these were the issues you were fighting to put right, to grow attendance at matches, increase equity, transparency and accountability with gate takings and sponsors’ contributions. It looks like you had your sights on the power, international travel and rubbing shoulders with the who is who in world football rather than addressing the bread and butter issues for zonal, regional and PSL clubs and players. Unless these issues are addressed once and for all your reign will not be too different from your predecessors – a case of much ado about nothing.


    You are absolutely right President Chiyangwa. For once, let the Sports Commission come out and say they deserve this money. On what grounds? Even the City of Harare should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Boy Chizezu

    This is a step in the right direction Fidza. Knock sense into these vultures skulls.

  • kuda

    phillip is right, clean up the mess sir we on your side attack them

  • Widzo

    I like the fact that Fidza is a man of action kwete zvaiitwa na Cuthbert aive asingatozivi kuti Gwanzura irikupi

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    But when Chiyangwa says,`We promised to pay the players“! Who is “we“? Was that the agreed position with all stakeholders? His leadership skills are now being put to test. Yes it may be necessary to boost the morale of players but that must be made clear and agreed by all ab initio. If those who shared the gate takings breached the ZIFA rules he must punish them. What is the standard practice on gate takings and remuneration of players? Kwete kungo jingirisa-jingirisa! The new ZIFA leadership should show their clout to raise sponsorship from the corporates better than those they replaced, especially during these hard times.

    • rukudzo

      Ndosaka muri Professor Mzvinavhu. Well said.

  • Mosquito

    Step in the right direction. We also need to learn from our neighbours Zambia.
    FAZ matches are managed by volunteer organization’s of good standing as a social responsibility. That includes security, ticket sales, ushers, crowd marshals….and the team is the biggest benefactor always.

  • rukudzo

    Va Chiyangwa, change the system. You are the right person to do that. I have faith in you. What City Council & Sports Commission are doing is tantamount to eating the hen that is meant to lay the eggs. What strange logic……Famba ne bora Pfidza

  • chinos

    Fiery PC, its good you are standing for your constituents. But you also have to realise that the owners of these stadiums need to get some income from their assets. What can be discussed is the lowering of the rates charged. As for the sports commission, they should get their funds from government than killing the goose

  • Mugandanga

    Fidza siyana nema gate takings. Ngavatange vapihwa ma thaza avo na Chinamasa tozotaura zve na dhora epa gate

  • Chikandamina

    Phidza you are right, for the next game on Tuesday, please make available tickets and sell them at disgnated outlets before the match day,
    No tickets should be sold at the stadium, by so doing you can have proper accountability,
    Here in SA thats what they do at computicket and other outlets,


    national teams represent us all so can the minister clarify how a national team of the most supported sport in the country not get funding from the government . In my opinion the warriors if supported well can market our country well. lets start using our NSS if the council is not reasoning

  • ian

    The issue of service providers getting “their” monies at the stadia was discussed some time in the past and I think that it was agreed that this was very unprocedural! Therefore, administration staff at ZIFA have got a case to answer on that one. Fire one or two guys just to show how serious you are about these issues, Fidza! Also, considering that ZIFA is in a process of rebuilding, some of the monies to service providers should be waived until such time that ZIFA is in a position to pay. The economy is not doing very well so service providers should be able to understand especially the Sports Commission which is not adding any value to sports at the moment. Be tough with them Fidza ( use political muscle where necessary) so that these vultures do not put a dent on the good work that you are doing.

    • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

      You mean to have service providers who donate their services? Hatidi ZIFA yema dealer-dealer! Can your Fidza donate car (hire) services freely to ZIFA? Pafunge.

  • carl

    Pay the players first and the share what remains. I support FIDZA he has a point!

  • Munya Mutasa

    Mr. Chiyangwa appears passionate about the welfare of soccer players, and that’s good. He is generally a passionate man and I like that about him. I’m, however, disturbed that the ZIFA president didn’t know about the applicable levies and had promised the Mighty Warriors ALL the gate takings. Is he that out of touch? The Secretariat at ZIFA definitely knows about these levies. And this nonsense of disbursing money at the stadium should stop. Why not bank all the money first and then make payments from the ZIFA account.

    The ZIFA President should engage the relevant stakeholders and lobby for a reduction of the levies. A bit of order will do.

  • Tongai Dodo

    Well said mr Chiyangwa that is bad there are too many parasites in our football and the levy % and rates its way too high the system needs an overhaul change

  • sajeni_chimedza76

    well said Phidza.
    we want the development of our football.

  • MkanyaGP

    What happened to the other 65%? Its at Zifa. Please give them. Didnt you do maths?

  • major

    spot on! i support the suggestion that all games involving national teams, ZIFA, players and certain service providers should share the money BUT council, SRC and ZRP musn’t get a cent from the gate takings.

  • Collin

    Haa on this one i must say i strongly strongly agree with Philip. I’ve also seen it first hand that after all the monies are taken, or rather, “stolen” by all these guys, the home team would actually fund the remaining monies from their coffers if there are not enough gate takings. The percentages charged by these so called organisations is just too much, for what really? This nonsense must stop. The sports commission should probably just charge a flat fee to the clubs per month & not from gate takings. The police should also just do their jobs as it is their mandate to provide security to the public

  • Prof Knownothing

    Mafia style smoke and screen. What happened to the 65% of the gate takings? So that you are not held accountable to it (surely it should go to the ZIFA account), you bark and make noise over the 35%.
    While you are making the right argument, I doubt your sincerity

  • Wilson Magaya

    It is time we are creative for the sake of the hard working people. The players need to be recognized for their effort under difficult conditions. The city should allocate the takings or part thereof to social responsibility and so pay the player instead of itself. The sports commission is about the game and the game is people driven, herein they need to feed the Goose that lays the egg. THE PEOPLE WHO PLAYED THE GAME and won. “Nyika Vanhu”, Lets work and get the hard working people of Zimbabwe work for the beautiful game, “Musha Matare” Lets get together and be creative to ensure sustainability of the Good. The ZIFA president has his heart in the right place, lets support him.

  • http://www.afcrplc.com Flint Madziya

    Well done PC! Sort the mess out.

  • richard black

    we are really in trouble now when phil starts to actually make sense ….this is the mad man running the mad house and actually making sense …..what next Phil for president ?

  • Mister Arcadia PhD.

    I am one of those who didn’t want Fidza anywhere near football ,but I am beginning to like the way he us carrying out his mandate.Keep it up Fidza,leave a legacy for others to follow.