VID boss issues licence to failed driver

Margaret Matibiri Herald Reporter
Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) Kadoma depot manager Munyaradzi Kachere has appeared in court charged with criminal abuse of office as a public officer after he reportedly issued a driver’s licence to a woman who had failed a road test.The woman, Niurka Takudzwa Munemo, allegedly failed the road test on four attempts at the same depot.

On the day in question, she reportedly failed to adhere to a Give Way road sign and her examiner, who was supposed to issue her with the licence, told her she had failed.

Munemo proceeded to Kachere, who issued her with the licence, despite indications she had failed the road test. Kachere appeared before Kadoma provincial magistrate Mr Farai Gwitimba on Wednesday and was remanded to June 14 on $100 bail, coupled with stringent conditions.

It is the State’s case that Munemo went for a road test and failed to observe a Give Way sign, prompting her examiner to give her a black spot.

The court heard that after the test, her examiner advised her that she had fail the test because of the black spot.

Munemo allegedly proceeded to Kachere who had tested her four times before and told him of her predicament.

The court heard that Kachere issued Munemo with the driver’s licence regardless of the fact that he was not qualified to do so.

Kachere was arrested by Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission officials who were already investigating him.

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  • Benjamin Shixman Mahembe

    Thats real terrible. Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission officials should visit VID depots, the corruption levels are very high. They must start with VID Kwekwe corruption there is real sickening. All instructors from driving schools tell you that if u dont pay forget about getting a licence. I think thats the main cause of high rate accidents in Zimbabwe many drivers dont deserve the licences they hold.

  • Benjamin Shixman Mahembe

    Related to this issue. May the Minister of Higher Education, Prof J.Moyo confirm what is happening as teachers college eg Morgan Ziintec College who are denying students coming back from attachment to get their results and to attend college due to fees which are outstanding. I think the college know that students allowances were reduced by half due to economic conditions when the minister of Finance reduced them from $353 to $157.00 per mnth. Pliz minister these colleges are so harsh they dont want payment plans and are also taking of deferring the studies. Is it far wen someone is left with two terms to complete the course. Pliz Proffessor do something.

  • Model_Citizen

    Its hilarious how “justice ” is quickly served when one makes a little exception yet justice pretends to be asleep when the public is made to pay BRIBES to get the licences they deserve. I have been in this situation before and what I think transpired here is a bitter inspector who, after failing to get a bribe, changed the story to implicate the boss. There is no evidence of the failed road test and its definitely not a secret that people are robbed of their hard earned cash at these depots. The court is literally giving these inspectors the OK signal by making this a case and its a shame because the “Give way sign” does not regulate one to stop as previously alluded but who care…..right? 75% of licence holders do not even deserve them and a woman who has gone for road tests 4 times must know what she is doing and is confident enough not to pay for what is rightfully hers.