VID boss issues licence to failed driver

Margaret Matibiri Herald Reporter
Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) Kadoma depot manager Munyaradzi Kachere has appeared in court charged with criminal abuse of office as a public officer after he reportedly issued a driver’s licence to a woman who had failed a road test.The woman, Niurka Takudzwa Munemo, allegedly failed the road test on four attempts at the same depot.

On the day in question, she reportedly failed to adhere to a Give Way road sign and her examiner, who was supposed to issue her with the licence, told her she had failed.

Munemo proceeded to Kachere, who issued her with the licence, despite indications she had failed the road test. Kachere appeared before Kadoma provincial magistrate Mr Farai Gwitimba on Wednesday and was remanded to June 14 on $100 bail, coupled with stringent conditions.

It is the State’s case that Munemo went for a road test and failed to observe a Give Way sign, prompting her examiner to give her a black spot.

The court heard that after the test, her examiner advised her that she had fail the test because of the black spot.

Munemo allegedly proceeded to Kachere who had tested her four times before and told him of her predicament.

The court heard that Kachere issued Munemo with the driver’s licence regardless of the fact that he was not qualified to do so.

Kachere was arrested by Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission officials who were already investigating him.

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  • Ray Mbada

    Then we go on to amend laws, embark on dualisation of roads and place speed limiting gadgets on vehicles kkkkk this is where our problem is. This I said in one of my comments yesterday where I pointed out that our lawmakers, lawyers, law enforcement agents and the judicial system should come to our rescue as a nation if we are to witness survive anywhere.

    Now, what do we do if the licences are being dished out to unqualified drivers? The licence given this way is a licence to cause problems in our roads, a licence to kill and, I’m forced to believe some satanism organisations are employing people like Kachere to help destroy lives. ZVAKASIYANEI NEKUPA BENZI PFUTI? HAMHENO!

  • MR X

    Regarding this incident the story was wrongly reported.What happened was that the examiner prompted her a blackspot at the giveway sign because he said she was suppossed to stop which is not the case she slowed down and proceeded apa story iyi ine one side chete ,izvi zve giveway zvakaita vachibuda pa VID wc means if it was a black spot why did the examiner proceeded kuenda ku town kwese uko izvo zvaitika vachibuda.something is not right .i think both parties were supposed tobe present at the court hearing.the licence holder is a victim here not an accomplice and justice should prevail at the earliest possible

  • gede-think tank

    I really believe there is more to this story .This man ,the boss is probably innocent .Is there proof of him accepting money from this lady?.Apa paita sour grapes .Why is the man even in custody ? Possibly this lady told the boss (vid) that the man who had tested her ( road wise) had not done it in good faith .Hapana nyaya apa ,regai boss aite basa rake .Mbavha chaidzo munodziziwa. 4 times failing ? kunyepa chaiko. pane nyaya mhani. .There is need for two instructors or people that test especially when we see how vulnerable women are in the light of these dubious vid male testers(tasters).

  • MR X

    June Tayero or who ever you are yu sounding too personal than rational just like those so called investigators who biasly contacted the investigation with the anticipation to find incriminating evidence which happened to be circumstantial .Kachere might have be guilty on other charges bt not on this one.To the reporter you surely deserve a pat on your head with a Hummer because am totally astounded with your ignorance and highest level of intellectual bankruptcy …..really ?? you didnt bother to have facts bt quick to defame and character assassinate those people with the published names ,dd yu even bother to reach for comment from both parties ?and thats your duty

  • Freedom Fighter

    Not forgetting Bulawayo boss. Corrupt people.