US think tank, George Soros behind MDC-T poll announcement bid

George Soros

George Soros

Herald Reporter
WESTERN think tanks and financiers are behind MDC-T’s plans to violate the Electoral Act by announcing contrived results ahead of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission with a view to drive supporters into the streets for premature celebrations to set the stage for running battles when ZEC announces contrary results.
This — sources close to developments say — is designed to set the stage for Egypt-style uprisings.
“This is why the party held its last rally at that open space close to the Showground which they christened Freedom Square, to evoke images of Egypt’s Tahrir Square,’’ said the source.

Pursuant to this, MDC-T has since enlisted the services of a computer expert to manipulate results from various polling stations using money from the US think tank International Republican Institute (IRI) and the George Soros-funded Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA).

Documents in our possession indicate that the MDC-T, through its election directorate guised as the Election Resource Centre (ERC), secured a budget of more than $12 million dollars for the purchase of a software called Elections Results Collection and Management Systems (ERCMS) from a South African  registered company, Expertious Technologies fronted by a Zimbabwean, one Oswald Jumira.

The use of the software, which was tried and failed in Ghana, is the basis on which the party’s president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai has been bragging about his ability to announce election results before the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) officially publishes the poll results.

According to a document prepared for the party by Jumira, the “ERCMS is composed of the mobile data collection, database and server infrastructure and the web based interface/console for data management”.

Jumira further explains that “the structured data collection applications are loaded on the mobile device for data collectors to enter the election results in real-time.”

Jumira, who was paid $133 950.00 just to make demonstrations on how the system works, has been working with the MDC-T, OSISA and Mr Trevor Ncube’s Mail & Guardian newspaper to enable the MDC-T collect, collate and manipulate election results from polling stations for the purposes of unofficially announcing them using the Mail & Guardian and Google Southern Africa before the official results are announced by ZEC.

The Mail & Guardian and Google Southern Africa have assembled a team to coordinate the illegal publication of results of the Zimbabwean election.
The team comprises three Zimbabweans, Fortune Sibanda (Manager Policy and Government Relations, Google Southern Africa), Teldah Mawarire (Mail & Guardian) and Tawanda Chimhini (Director            ERC).

The other team members are Kwaku Ofori, (Ghanaian and Manager Platform Engineering), Adrian Ephraim (South Africa and Mail & Guardian Online News Editor) and Alistair Fairweather (South African and Mail & Guardian Digital Operations Manager).

Sources within the MDC-T have indicated that the ERCMS relies on feeds from 1960 ward-based roving observers using motorcycles, initially apprehended by police, to move to areas with mobile cellular phone connectivity for transmission of results to cell number 0776 738 194 which then feeds into a server that uses ERCMS to collate the results before they are published on the Mail & Guardian newspaper and Google Southern Africa.

The move, which sources say is “part of the MDC-T strategy of ‘defending’ the vote” is designed to feed manipulated results which portray an MDC-T lead in the presidential poll with the hope that this drive MDC-T supporters into the streets celebrating so that by the time the official results come out, there would be hordes of people who would resist any official result against their party.

This, the sources allege, was meant to poison the environment and prepare party supporters for some Arab-style revolts.
The party’s incessant claims of alleged rigged, the sources said, were meant subliminally prepare supporters to refuse to accept the officials.
Efforts to get comment from the party leadership were fruitless last night as their phones went unanswered.


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  • Mahofa


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    • L Makombe

      This is the language of a child of the devil.

  • RT Murehwa

    Not even Agatha Christie could write a thriller like this!!

    • L Makombe

      This is the problem with Zimbabweans, we do not listen to advice but we look at the source. Why try to shoot the messenger. Who runs this Resource Centre for results. If you are Bibclical, Balam nearly perished after ignoring advice from his donkey. Zimbabwe does not need parallel structures. Children of God let us continue praying for the destruction of the devil and his agents where ever they are. Zimbabwe needs the peace from God and not chaos which is brought about by Satan. Anyone who is for chaos through whatever means is a child of the devil, period. Those agitating for violence regardless from which party are the children of Satan and are doomed for destruction and hell.

      • Tichasangana Parwizi

        Iwe Makombe ndokurasika ikoko tikwanire apa mxm

  • Sekuru vaBaba Jukwa

    Nhaiwe maHofa what do you mean when you say “rubbish” ?

  • Mago Matema

    Freedom square? Thinking of doing Arab spring in Zim..please maZimbabweans Hatidi hondo kana mhirizhonga

  • Tozvireva

    Reminds me of Mills n Boon novels long back. Too romantic a story!

  • mukwerekwere

    It’s too late lads, the votes were cast yesterday, your propaganda is useless now.

    • zimbotry

      If its true, if Herald has these claimed documents why do you not publish them? Scan them and let us read them. It does sound plausible and has a degree of truth but without evidence its as good as Tsvangirai claiming votes were rigged without evidence.

      Even if they do release such results and manipulate them, there may be few disturbances from the left-wingers but Zimbabweans are generally not an extreme lot. We shy away from violence. That is why the idea of non-targetted sanctions failed.

      • Musa

        Iwe have you or heard Bhora rapinda mugedhi here maniacal and, masvingo, mash central mash west, mabvuku Mt. pleasant Kamphinsa. ,Bhora Mughedhi waya

  • Mwana Wevhu

    George Soros is one of the great people of our times. These guys have succeed very well in what they do and do give back (more than 50% ) of their wealth to the ones in need including our fellow Zimbabweans. Ana George Soros have huge business empires across the globe and have invested in Europe, America, Asia and possibly in Africa and brought a lot of development jobs. Dai maChina vachidzinga vanhu vakadai seZanu munoti vaidai vari kubudurira here? Zvimwe tendai kwete kungoti murungu wese ari kuda zvekupamba hupfumi.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      @Mwana wevhu:::? The issue is that the West only support those who also support their economic interests. The SOROS and &co are homo economicus , whose animal spirits are hell bent on securing the world in favor of their business interests! Can they assist the peaceful transition of the SA economy away from the current apatheid system, if they are well meaning , to avoid the kind of revolution that is currently the issue in Zim? KANA URI mwana wevhu , pafunge! Why are Zimbabweans being punished for reclaiming our ivhu(land)?. Yes there may be positives in foreign investment but the bottom line is exploitation that will not ensure we become masters of our economies ! Tinodawo economic democracy yacho chete chete, with that assistance from the foreign investment , not being exploited and then foreign capital moves ouit when rersources are finished! . Can UK & US allow their economies to be controlled by the rich Arabs inevesting in those countries? Can you assist us to have sanctions removed so that we can prove to you , yes we can do it with our own resources. Look , we had our elections without foreign financial assistance yaidiwa na BITI & Morgan !

      • Common Sense

        ‘ The issue is that the West only support those who also support their economic interests’, no, really?

        You forget that the West supported the ZANU-PF govt’ for 20 years and poured billions into this country, and what did ZANU-PF do? rape this place to the ground…

        So is it any surprise that the West are backing a more legitimate horse

      • Mwana Wevhu

        @Cde Mazvinhavu ,I salute you for your well informed and thought reply. Not what other people on forums tend to do , calling names including of leaders without any substance.If every Zimbabwean was analytical approach like you displayed then there would be no arguments or killings. I think a lot of things are still unknowns at least for me. Too many camelions out there. I do not support sactions neither do I support Zanu Pf way of doing things.

        The best way to empower people is to give them education and not to punish or kill anyone standing out like *** style. Look at Mutumwa Mawere, *** , am sure you can provide more names of distinguished individuals who were stopped *** by their own Zimbabwean government.

        Investors tend to run away wherever there is war and South African situation was war like and can be expensive. Zimbabwean 2008 (hence the economic collapse) situation was war like too because too many innocent lives were lost, I personally know a friend murdered because his relative were MDC activists.He was abducted at night and their house burnt down and was found dead 2 days later. After the coalition was formed there was a lot of stability and stability attract investors, foreign and other Zimbabweans in diaspora. So no need to blame Soros for coming at this time. I salute him.

        • Respect women AIDS kills

          Birds of a feather flock together.

    • G Tichatonga

      I don’t care what George Soros owns……he doesn’t own Zimbabwe.

    • mukanyadzoka

      if you knew your history you would know Soros was a Nazi worker at some point before moving to England. all the good things he does now will never make up for the bad things he did during world war 2…verenga mabhuku chana chaamai.

      • Tichasangana Parwizi

        And mUgabe’s match up?

        • Musa

          Tapedza noemi machine a please madyiwa nyararai

          • Respect women AIDS kills

            Bhora rakapinda mugedhi, Musa, richipisa zviya zvokupisa, MDC-T “goal keepers” vakafenda nokupisa kwabhora. They were admitted to several clinics and hospitals throughout the country, where I understand they are in a critical but stable condition and are likely to be discharged in time to congratulate the ZANU PF team for resoundingly winning the all games played throughout the country with a smart record of zero foul plays.

        • Respect women AIDS kills

          The Zimbabwean liberator, His Excellency, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces of Zimbabwe, with his black empowerment policies, is giving the stolen land and natural resources back to the rightful indigenous Zimbabwean owners, true sons and daughters of the soil. I hope the rest of African countries will emulate his policies and in the so called dark continent with the richest natural resources, but the worst poverty, one day, poverty in Africa will be eradicated. This is what the colonisers are afraid of. Read your history, slave trade, colonialism and neocolonialism. Long live Comrade Mugabe!

          • susie

            A true son of the soil I am so proud of robert Gabriel Mugabe and so proud that I have voted for him since I became eligible to vote and will die sapporting him

          • Respect women AIDS kills

            Good for you susie! From your comment, you were obviously born after independence. Part of your statement “A true son of the soil I am so proud of robert Gabriel Mugabe” seems to indicate that you are versed with the history of Zimbabwe.

  • lesly


  • Mudimbu

    Time has come for the tide to be turned worldwide. Is this possible? Can these evil people be given a run for their money? Zimbabwe is a free country and not a playground for Soros. Maybe he should die of a heart attack!

  • Dave Erasmus

    I look forward to the day when this newspaper is no longer the mouthpiece for Zanu PF propaganda. This is probably the most rediculous farce they have yet to come up with. The people of Zimbabwe spoke yesterday and they will decide the future of this wonderful country. We all pray that there is positive change and that Zimbabwe can, once again take up it’s rightful place as one of the greatest countries in the world.

    • G Tichatonga

      In your dreams. Imperialist Erasmus.

      • Ngwena

        Tichatonga, listen and listen very carefully. I am making an assumption here that you have some kind of decent education to understand simple but critical things.
        To continuously label people who have different political views as “imperialists” is not only evident of your lack of understanding of the true meaning of that word, but also clearly displays your lack of wisdom.
        Zimbabwe has been politically free for 33 years now.Can you explain to me what Zanu PF is going to do differently in the next 5 years which they have failed to do in 33 years?
        Secondly, if those imperialist can cause economic havoc in Zimbabwe, then common sense suggest that they are “relevant” for the development of the country. Move on dude……..that cheap propaganda worked in 1979.
        Now that Zanu PF has “won” the election……lets see how that would affect your life Mr. Tichatonga.
        Njere shoma dzinouraya tenzi nebasa!!!
        Zimbabwe’s greatest enemy is an ignorant man who cast a vote without thinking.

        • Respect women AIDS kills

          Ngwena, part of your comment “Zimbabwe’s greatest enemy is an ignorant man who cast a vote without thinking”. Assuming you are aware that majority rules, add to that, Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa (>90%), with results released so far, do you any Zimbabwean who voted casted a vote without thinking?

          • Joni_Q

            Don’t kid yourself literacy is not a measure of intellect. Why any grown up will brag about the ability to read and write their name is astonishing. Besides the AU noted an alarming number of “illiterate voters” requiring assistance so this 90% figure that you lot like to brandish is a statistic anomaly.

        • G Tichatonga

          I suppose you wanted me to read your nonsense carefully huh? You suffer from mental slavery. You admit that we have been politically free for 33 years now and wonder what else the blacks can do. In your warped thinking you then imply that only the imperialist can take this country to the next stage – shame! The next 5 years will be dedicated towards economic freedom. You are not only ignorant but painfully arrogant as well.

  • Kulungele

    Just explained how NIKUV was going to do the rigging….nice try though heh!Had everything prepared

  • garbage

    This story sounds like a load of garbage!

    • G Tichatonga

      I am glad you call yourself “garbage”.

    • Respect women AIDS kills

      You are indeed living up to your name garbage, dare i say more?

  • Mupoperi

    What Tsvangirai said is very plain and simple he said results are going to be posted at every polling station after being certified by a ZEC official,Tsvangirai is then going to add the votes from all the polling stations,which is the same method ZEC will use to come up with a winner,this only calls for the use of a calculator and not the nonsense theories and conspiracies you want to tell us about,if ZEC comes up with different results than whats coming from the polling stations then something wrong with that picture.Mavakutyaka?

    • Chokwadi

      i think the issue is not about simple additions otherwise anyone with a calculator and data can announce the results. the matter is that it is the prerogative of ZEC to announce results whether MDC-T or ZANU PF wins..ZEC is the legal mouthpiece for election results…any other avenue is illegal.

      • Semhalo

        That does not change the fact that ZEC results cannot differ from results compiled from the polling stations, whether one announces the collated results or doesn’t.

      • Common Sense

        Not if they are not shared as ‘official’ results. That is not illegal.

        MDC-T have every reason to do this. In 2008, the results were coming in from the polling stations live. Very quickly ZANU-PF realised that anyone could then add up the numbers and come to a conclusion over the totals for each party… so they stopped it immediately, primarily to allow them to manipulate and stuff ballot boxes with ZANU-PF ghost votes…. this fact is in the report by the SA Generals who were invited by RGM to investigate. Ans this is one of the reasons this report is not being released by spineless ZUMA.

        If you can’t see the fabrication in this story, then you are a lost cause.

    • Musa

      You are behind my friend. ZANU ya gowesa Bhora in Mash west, maniacaland, masvingo mash central, Harare ten seats already. This is the last of what we want to hear about MDC please.

      • Respect women AIDS kills

        Go Musa go, Bhora rakapinda mugedhe!!!!!!!!!! I am imagining Mbuya neHanda, the late freedom fighters of Zimbabwe all happy and continuing to rest in eternal peace. What they fought for is going to be achieved through the land reform program, empowerment and employment creation for vana vevhu

    • Respect women AIDS kills

      Kusadzidza kwa Tsvangirai, kunogwadza veduwe. And those who also support him appear to be of the same feather. Let’s be analytical, nekudzidza kwakaita ma Zimbabwean, which “normal” Zimbabwean would vote for him? Tsvangirai should be tried for the genocide which he attempted on the people of Zimbabwe by calling for the imposition of illegal sanctions which because of his lack of analytical power, he thought were going to bring a regime him, culminating in him being the President of Zimbabwe. I don’t think Zimbabweans, with a literacy rate of >90% would want to have an “O” level holder as their president. Do I dare remind all how he insulted the Zimbabwean women by his scandalous affairs including impregnating a 22 yr girl and his subsequent male pig chauvinistic statements to justify his deplorable action? MDC-T polling agents have been arrested for possession of the SV11 form. Prior to the election some MDC-T guy handed a ballot paper to ZEC, where a police Officer was said to have voted for MDCT, purporting that someone had picked it from the bin and submitted to him. Even a Grade 5 Zimbabwean Primary School Pupil would have had the intelligence to see this tactic as foolish and stupid. What has been happening on the ground before and during the elections appear to indicate that Tsvangirai and supporters, wanted to discredit and/or possibly rig the election.

  • Asakara

    Ndosaka herald newspaper risingatengwi nhema nhema dzirimupepanhau iri dzinonyadzisa. Chokwadi chiripo ndechekuti pa’polling station imwe neimwe maresults anoverengwa onamirwa ipapo kuti munhu wese amaone. Ndiwo acho anoshandiswa neMDC-T kwete zveHerald zvenenhema zvekuti they ‘manipulate the figures’ Nhema idzodzo ndidzo dzakaitakuti Mugabe a’luze’ ‘popularity’ Musanyeperwe kuti MDC-T vacha;announcer’ ma’figures’ achabva kuna George Soros.

    • G Tichatonga

      Dream on – which newspaper commands the biggest circulation?

  • rmunemo

    ko anovigirweiko maresults acho ? anditi anonamirwa pa noticeboard after counting. anoda kumbobikwa futi here.kana kuti kumirira kuti maobservers amboenda

    • Respect women AIDS kills

      Countries are run by laws. If every Tom, Dick and Harry were allowed to do their own thing, there will be chaos globally.

  • Asakara

    Idzi ndidzo dzinonzi nhema dzinofushwa neherald

  • Perverted Alchemist

    hahahah, try again Herald, this paper is not even worth the paper it’s printed on. It’s simple computing, adding figures to come up with a total, it’s not rocket science.

    • Respect women AIDS kills

      You indeed sound perverted, dream on.

      • Perverted Alchemist

        pray tell , since you are not perverted, how are the votes computed?……and there was silence

  • mukanyadzoka

    desperate times call for desperate measures…first order of business privatize all media and government should own a tv station, radio station or newspaper for misinformation purposes…….I am MuKanyadzoka the true son of dzimbadzemambwe/

  • Vasoko

    Tsvangirai is not a God. He is human. There is nothing that can stop him from that


    kkkkkkkik Is MDC-T going to announce results if ZANU-PF win?Gore rino tichaonerera.

  • Tichasangana Parwizi

    Computer Expert to rig the votes hahaahahaha Zimbabwean vote is manual, so even if you tamper with computer programs (according to Herald) you still have to count the ballots….HERALD i have no words. As for the reporter you should be shy typing such….

    • Musa

      Mascara imi. ZANU PF won. Murishure

    • Respect women AIDS kills

      Read the original Herald article and find out how technology was going to be used to rig the election before making comments. Be objective in your analysis rather than being subjective

  • Mudimbu

    Vana veZimbabwe, you are not as defenceless at it might seem. This is what I want you to do from now on: each day when you wake up pray to God for protection from Soros and his friends. Do mention the name then watch and see what happens if they do not change. Munoyeuka nyaya yaMordecai na Haman na Ester muBhaibheri? The God who gave you diamonds in your hour of need is able to do much more and no matter how much money they have, He is more powerful than all of them combined. So start doing that each day and you might as well throw in Roy Bennett’s name in there for a good measure because he stole from you.

  • Musa

    Bhora mugedhi waya. Maniacal and waya, masvingo waya, mashonaland west waya, mash central waya. Manzwa butter vana Biti go back to your law firm

  • neutral

    If there is anyone in this crowd who has a business in a foreign country with 100% or even 45% shareholding, come Forward, THEN AND ONLY will I support MDC and its policies. IF you as a Zimbo are not allowed by even your fellow Africans to own a business and take their resources for your own use then why do you want the British and America even the South Africans to take Zimbabwean resources and improve their ecomomies. Kungoda chete kunzi murungu and you reporting for duty to a white man. PPle like you do not even make an effort yekuita munda Kumusha kune vabereki vako.

    You only like news when its about ZANU PF doing something bad, but if its the MDC doing something sinister its call “RUBBISH OR A LIE”

  • Shumba

    If it is true that the MDC-T is being funded by George Soros to manipulate the electoral outcome and announce themselves as winners before the official announcers of the election results, ZEC, do so then Zimbabwe under MDC-T is doomed. Do you know who George Soros is and how he makes his money? Alow me to enlighten you a bit: George Soros is an illuminati, a devil worshipper, a satanists and satan is the source of his wealth. What is the illuminati? It is an ancient and shadowy group of elites who control nearly every aspect of life n this planet – from finance and government to religion and culture. Who is the iluminati? It is a group made up of the world’s political and financial elite and also music rappers. What does the illuminati do? Conspiracy stuff – assassinations, currency manipulation (sounds familiar in the Zimbabwean period between 2000 and 2008), Super Bowl halftime shows. All executed through puppet institutions and groups like the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Freemasons etc. And all carefully controlled and hidden to ensure that their meddling in world affairs will remain secret. George Soros belongs to the illuminati, he sold his soul to the devil for money. His money is dirty and Tsvangirai and his lieutenants just want money at any cost. Being gullible as he is, i hope he did not sell his soul to the devil. God help Zimbabwe, we do not want that nation to be led by people who subscribe to paganism. May the sovereign and perfect will of God upon Zimbabwe prevail.

  • Desire

    Baba Jukwa ambozviedza but just a couple of fools swallowed it the rest dismissed the 78% rubbish.

  • Jaime Khamba

    George Soros and other billionaires should use their money to finance crumbling public
    schools in USA which are being closed and teachers fired due to the lack of money instead puring the money to support none winnable MDC-T ticket.