US-Africa Summit a non-event

Prof Moyo

Prof Moyo

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Government has dismissed the  US-Africa Summit slated for Washington in August as a non-event to Zimbabwe as the country prides in ownership of its resources more than trips to Washington, a Cabinet minister has said.Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said, if anything, America had taught Zimbabwe not to respect it through its punitive and unjustified sanctions on the country.

Prof Moyo said this while addressing students doing a Joint Command and Staff Course Number 27 in Harare yesterday. This was in response to reports that US president Barack Obama snubbed President Mugabe by excluding him from the list of African leaders invited to the summit.

“It is a non-issue to us,” he said, adding: “We understand this to be America pursuing its interests, afraid that China has made headway.”
He went on to say, “The countries that have a serious relationship . . . with China are not part of it and we do not mind because what matters most to us is the sovereignty over our resources and not a trip to Washington, especially to be paraded in Washington to say ‘haa look at them all, it is only me and I have invited these 47 people’.

“That is old politics, old economy because the bottom line is  resources. They can have that summit, what we know is America, the business community wants to come and do business with us over these resources under our soil.”

He applauded the media for noting Western hypocrisy on the matter.
“Now they (media) see the hypocrisy of it and yes they will put that headline (Obama snubs Mugabe) and if you read the copy you will see that the story is a grounded one,” he said.


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  • Jotham

    Obama bars Mugabe, Obama snubs Mugabe- the Private Press(Daily lies/Newsday /the SIZo News) was awash with stupid headlines. Obama is not God. He is screwing the minds of African leaders begging for crumbs being thrown around by the USA, disguised as developmental assistance. Why is Obama using aid(whatever that means) to buy the minds of Africans. The African Leaders are being turned into mere poor pigs of no use. They are to attend a useless forum where they are turned into little spoiled African Children who can not ask any meaningful questions. This is a shame.

    • siyaso

      The question is, in view of what you have said why are they going?.

      • Mfanekhaya

        Its a status thing, they think they are the ‘chosen’ The U.S. media have made it appear a privilege to be invited. All he wants to do is position America for more (unfettered) access to abundant African resources. He cant stomach the Chinese lapping him in that race. To us it is indeed a non-event, what with the illegal U.S economic sanctions that we have had to endure for the past 13yrs or so…what can this summit possibly do for us?

        • gerro


  • gulaz

    a non-event today but for all this long you have been going there.kkkkkkkkkk

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    It is not only natural resources
    they want, they want political power of Zimbabwe by installing a puppet
    president, they want to control Zimbabwe human resource by deciding what they
    must eat. who must supply what by being owners of the people of Zimbabwe and
    decide the future of Zimbabwe, they want to control the economy of Zimbabwe,
    the culture of Zimbabwe the opinion of Zimbabwe which give them tremendous privilege
    and power, they want to own Zimbabwe like they own other Africans, Africa is
    owned as seen with their supreme dominance over every spheres of our lives.
    They even shape the thinking and opinions of Africans, so such devilish
    people why would anyone in a sane mind state want to go to slave meeting and
    hear their gibberish? Africa remains the most backward place and
    is losing it languages, identity, culture while these monsters ones are
    replacing ours and we have been meeting them for centuries. Only slaves will
    not identify these people as devils.

    • gerro

      Nhai nhai ko mamwe ma Zimboz arikurasika papi chaiipo

  • George Marange

    its sad Prof that you have to stoop so low. Why do you always cry that the sanctions be removed if you are not worried about the snub that Robert Mugabe got? It is actually you who is full of hypocrisy. Shame on you…selfish elite who are privatizing the resources of Zimbabwe instead of investing diamond money into the civil service and building infrastructure like the Harare – Beit Bridge Highway. Its a shame!

  • Hluke Hlungwani

    Shame on you prof, you are suffering a brain cancer, think twice, this is to with people of zimbabwe, saction is still hanging on your heads, you are rich, zimbabweans are going to Botswana, RSA and Zambia for better life because you can think

  • Muchengeti

    Why allocate so much press space to Government denials for a non-issue and non-event?
    Doesn’t this display the exact same hypocrisy attributed to other nations?

  • the chairman

    we are rather busy with zimasset

  • Chaide

    Was a non event until the Prof opened his mouth, then it really became an event. Silence is golden Mr Prof, sometimes its best to let it go!

  • martz

    Who is America?????? We need to be our masters. It took a white man 100 years i.e. in 2000 to harvest 200 million kg of tobacco in one season and last year we were at 170 million kg. Guess what we are going to harvest this year. Your urbanites go and hang!!!

  • job sikala

    hahahahahaha zvakaoma Obama anoda maresources edu.

  • Mimi

    Professor is in shock because he also wanted to be included on the list of those to undertake the US trip, otherwise why bother to comment.

  • Jojo

    non event????

  • tanatswa

    Cry the beloved country. Why denigrate something that is worthwhile simply because we have been excluded for reasons well known to the generality of Zimbabweans in particular and Africans in general.
    I have just finished listening to Iran’s Prime Minister’s speech in Davos. What a speech and it is astounding but gratifying to see a nation with pariah status ( just like Zimbabwe) reaching out to the global community. He says ” No Nation can stand on its own: No nation can develop on its own: We all need each other in this global community. No power can regard itself as permanent, he went on to say. In essence the Iranian said is what the majority of Zimbabweans having been trying to say to ZANU PF. Forget the finger pointing: the manufactured stubbornness and idiotic revolutionary zeal. Start working with the global community, relax your rigidity of thought and false victimization. Now we have the top spin doctor/ propagandist declaring the US-Africa summit a non-event. Tell that to the 47 African countries that will be in attendance. They will laugh in your face. Get with the program. Enough of this toy-toy politics.

    • Londisizwe

      With nothing relevant to say and negligible possible contribution to the world economy, equally significant was the absence of notable Zimbabweans at Davos.

    • BishopLazarus

      You seem to suggest that Zimbabwe is at odds with the international community or unwilling to work with it. This is ignorant nonsense.

      Zimbabwe has wonderful relations with South America, The Middle East, Africa and Asia. The majority of the international community has absolutely no problem with Zimbabwe.

      If you are of the view that the EU, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the international community than you are ignorant beyond help.

      Zimbabwe did not go to Britain a pick a fight with it. We did not declare war on America nor have we worked with terrorists.

      All we have done is to take back our land which has not gone down well with white people. It is just that simple.

      Now they say they are imposing sanctions because of democracy and human rights. Eh! They say this with a straight face whilst drinking tea with Saudi Arabia.

      Wake up mfana.

      • tanatswa

        Can you read Bishop Lazarus. Are you capable of understanding what you read. Nobody suggested that Zimbabwe is at odds with the entire global community, only that the leadership should take accountability and responsibility for its failures which are essentially are as a result of a lack of strategic thinking and incompetence. Instead the leadership personalizes issues of national importance and seeks out phantom enemies in defense of poor governance. We cannot survive on slogans and misguided revolutionary zeal. It does not serve the national interest. Stop whining and face the truth so that Zimbabwe can move forward. According to you the so “called white man” is the sole source of our economic problems. This pedestrian thinking as well as it is racist. Zimbabwe needs fresh thinking. We have had 33 years and our political thing is as archaic as ever. Don’t keep pointing fingers. And by the way this much hated white man will be your part of your community, both locally and globally forever. So grow up.