‘Unlearned MPs a problem’

Cde Jacob Mudenda

Cde Jacob Mudenda

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
SPEAKER of the National Assembly Cde Jacob Mudenda has bemoaned the limited academic qualifications of some legislators, saying this contributes to their failure to grasp key parliamentary processes.
He said this while addressing students from the National Defence College at Parliament Building last week.
The students were drawn from the ZNA, AFZ, ZRP, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and the President’s Office. “To be an MP, there is no basic academic or professional qualification requirement.

“They come by popular vote. The only requirement is that you should be over 18 and be a registered voter. So, you get people who are so popular for some reason and come to Parliament but they do not have the basic academic tools to understand some of the Bills,” he said.

“Some of the Bills address complicated and technical issues and they get lost (during debate).” Cde Mudenda said Parliament administration was in the process of crafting a strategy to capacitate parliamentarians so that they make informed debates in the House.

“We are in the Eighth Parliament now and we are seized with the idea of paying attention to bills. If you listened to my acceptance speech, I indicated that we shall not be a rubber stamp Parliament and it is my intention that we shall not rubber-stamp Bills.

“We have just come from Mutare where we have concluded a framework of our strategic plan and one of the things is to enhance capacity of MPs to interpret what the intended laws are all about. We will enhance our research portfolio so that when MPs are not well informed about that particular Bill they will be advised from a researched paper so that they will be able to adequately debate on the Bill,” Cde Mudenda said.

The strategy is expected to be completed by the end of March. Observers have criticised Parliament for failing to properly play their oversight role due to the incapacities of some legislators.

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  • Mimi

    No, Cde Jacob Mudenda, as thing stand even the learned MP’s have proved more cunning than anyone else. The liberation war was never fought by learned people but the liberation war Heroes managed to do the job. At times just being leaned does not mean MP’s are clean. Infact the opposite could be true. The likes of Cde Chinotimba have not been meddling in these looting sprees so far. Zimbabweans would not want an MP like the other MP who advocated for all women to dress shabbily or have their heads shaved but being honest, and honourable is totally something else. All the looters uncovered so far have on their shoulders so many Degrees but what have they done. You know the answer… looted big time.

    • Mufolozi

      The war was over 34 years ago !
      Garden boys in suits are running Zimbabwe into the ground !!

      • Jotham

        Are you making funny of the less educated. Kudzidza kwako does not translate into intelligence/wisdom.

        • Professor.

          Nyaya yawatanga iyi Mudenda ichakubvisisa pachigaro ipapo. Watch out. Unoti hatina kufunda isu?

    • Jotham

      Mimi, your comment is just too correct. This is just a master piece. Degree or diploma holders are the most dangerous in our society.

    • chatunga

      kunze kwamuchechetera harina charakadzidza dununu riya

  • Common Sense

    Zvino munhu angapinda muParamende kuti aende adzidze here? Anoda kudzidza back to school.. kwete kudzorera nyika shure!!

  • Tapi Tapi

    Mimi you got it all wrong.What Cde Mudenda was saying is very simple and straight forward ,he simply said some MPs are not conversant or lack understanding of what Bills are.It is a fact that some even do not have basic education qualifications which really makes me worried wether they will be able to understand issues been debated in parliament.in the longrun its the electrorate who is short changed by these unlearned MPs.Mudenda has a point.For once we have a man who calls a spade a spade.

    • NYONDO

      No my friend Mimi is right these guys do not have even a failed form four certificate and that in itself presents a problem in interpreting the bills. If someone does not have basic education itsaona chaiyo

      • makwavararama

        chimbofunga kuudza mwana hupedzisira kwatinoita mamaid edu asina form 4. usare ugobika mabura nemwana mozodya. maid anotora mbambaira (mabura) oisa mupoto otora kamwana oisa mupoto zvobikwa zvose because vati ubike mabura nemwana. we need vanhu vakadzidza

        • Jotham

          Your comment lacks relevance here. The Bills must be debated in a simple language(Shona/English/Ndebele etc). Remember these Bills when finally they are approved and adopted must be understood by the recipients- the generality of the Zimbabwean populace.

    • makwavararama

      MPs are called legisaltors their main role is to create legislation not to sink boreholes in rural areas a responsibility of line Ministries. People a fooled kuti anounza development while development should be championed by line Ministrues not MPs. tisu madofo tinovhotera dofo harina contribution muhouse. some MPS have been in parliamentarian for the past 20 years but with zero contributions because of this low education. Wi this modern world a degree is neccesary to an MP with computer literacy

      • Jotham

        Ministrues – ahaaaaa. asichiyi nhai?. Kuzoshandisa chirungu vanhuwe. Now someone claims so and so is not educated. So and so is a dofo. who is dofo here?.

    • chatunga

      YOU got it wrong, parliament should not be difficult, its not for doctors or professors wherever you go its by popular vote. the thing is the educated ones try to confuse anaChinoz manje avahwinhe kkkkk

  • John Chimindo

    The level of education is indeed a problem. The problem is that the educated and competent people do not have much interest in politics. Why? In my case, because ZImbabwean politics is dominated by violence, intolerance and corruption. I will not sit amongst such.

    • Jotham

      The uneducated will always make laws for the educated thieves like you.

    • Mhofu Chaiyo

      True, but I think it is the electorate that is the problem here! It doesnt make informed choices.

      • Jotham

        People don’t vote for Degrees or diplomas. They vote one of their own to lead them, work for them. I can bet , the Most better leaders the World over have basic education.

    • Dr Boss

      Correction..the problem with “Educated” people in Zimbabwe is that hey are too SELFISH to actually think of doing something for the good of the nation. All they are worried about is getting themselves rich (case in point: our looting CEOs). People think “What Can the Country Do For Me” not “What can I do for he country”. We do not have a sacrificing spirit which is the foundation of any great nation. We are just selfish. period

    • Kunashe

      manje vaChimhindo mese vakadzidza mukadaro bva nyika yacho hapana zvainobura. isu tenge tichitoti dai vadzidza matora nzvimbo magadzirisa nyika. Saka zvino makaenderei kuchikoro kwacho

  • gloria Madhekwe

    Why dont u make it a requirement, Mr Mudenda are telling me that its being realized now that there a technical issues a lay man might not understand when debates are conducted?? I guess this is nonsensical Mr Speaker, ko tauraika neshona vanzwevo, ndava you will be with those people for the next 5 yrs or even more.

  • DAN

    The speaker is talking about debate on bills not corruption here. Remember parliamentarians are law makers therefore someone must have a certain level of education to be able to contribute when it comes to law making.

    • Jotham

      Make those debates in Ndebele /Shona etc

      • Mhofu Chaiyo

        Very crazy fellow – you think debating in Shona/Ndebele does not need to be eduacted!? You are very, very sick! The issue here is on conceptualisation of issues. I am so disgusted in you!

        • Jotham

          What conceptualisation ???. Usarasika masikati the Speaker is insulting people. He must give us an example whereby MPs failed to understand issues brought before them. The speaker was just filling Newspaper pages with trash

        • marconi

          saka urikuti Cde chinotimba havasi educated. He knows the law. the law comes from the people. the chiefs understand the law. education kunzwisisa. I think cde chinotimba vatori more educated than some bookish academics. Ungakongoti ndadzidza usingawunzi food on the table kudzidza kwako kuripapi.

      • makwavararama

        why? kuitira dofo ngavaenda kumubato wemaoko not MPs

      • magonde

        Its about literacy, the ability to read and write. For example, my parents can speak Shona, but they can’t read or write because they are illiterate (gross). If you can’t read or write how can you understand what is written in the bills? Certain level of education must be a requirement, although I wouldn’t mind one or two thick/empty heads in the house to lighten debates.

  • Macharangwanda

    Kungoti bhora MUGEDHI wobva watonzi NP, Nhengo Yeparamendi,zvakaoma vakomana.

    • kevin

      Indigenization in accordance with ZimAsset. Bills should be presented in indigenous languages. Whatever bill, there should always be a copy written in all languages. Not only for the benefit of parliamentarians but for the general povo.
      Anywhere, why do our own Zim journalists interview the President in English?

  • Chanhuhwa chii?

    I think the Honorable Minister has it straight that some are failing to understand or and inter-prate certain areas as debated in parliament. This creates unnecessary argument prolonging processes and a lot of misinterpretation out there. Foolishness is a serious disease which spread very fast hence the need to curb it a bit early, but, Honorable Minister, If blind people choose a one-eyed man to lead them can they be blamed for that?

    What the parliament should then know is that in an area where the educated are out-numbered by the uneducated, the election takes the status and the educated are held suspect in such a constituency, to the point where the populace opt to elect one of their class so they don’t get lost in the misty-polluted jungle of languages as the educated keep parents busy relating words since all speeches are spiced with deep English words. Call that a communication-barrier and learn to use our mother language when talking to the people. The word Politics is English but, note that Politics is not English.

    Other nations have developed through their own mother languages, every people understand better in their own mother language. why is it that in zimbabwe we set our standards in foreign languages?

    • Murozvi


    • Kuta Kinte

      China, Germany, Japan etc use their own languages but here in Zimbabwe, we take English as the official language and even if one happens to have done only grade one and is fluent in English, that person is viewed as very educated!!!! It is only the heavy dosage of colonization which controls all our daily thinking and actions. It is a pity.

    • marconi

      Politics is not English. It must be Greek. Remeber Aristotol wrote a Book called ‘Politics’

  • chatunga

    Anopenga the technical issues of law making can be complicated, chero vacho vanonzi vakadzidza most of them wont understand the technicalities. That’s why they is a technical team of lawyers who take care of that once the house has agreed on the general direction the law is to take.

    He wants an elitist parliament well that’s not going to happen. That parliament is a cross section of the population.

    Mr speaker sir if you want an educated parliament then educate everybody.

  • George Marange

    Chinoz ankwana apa nhaika?

  • Mutakah

    Shouldn’t lawmakers know the law? Why are they exempt from the 5 O-level minimum requirement? Being lawmakers with influence over people’s lives they ought to impose higher standards on who may or may not run as an MP. Anything else is a joke.

  • Abel

    saka Mudenda urikuti CHinotimba kudii iwe?

  • Listix

    60% of U.S. congressmen and women practiced law before entering politics.
    Point of law, “the illegal detention of a person who has been denied due process of law is a crime”.
    How many of these lawmaking lawyers has used their legal background to fight for the detainees in Guantanamo bay? How many have argued to bring charges against the kidnappers?
    Being educated doesn’t translate to being the “right man” for the job.

  • blar tindo

    Joseph Chinotimbo shoko ririkuparidzwa navamuvhangeri iri rakanangana newe kkkkkkkk mupurisa wekanzuru

    • Jotham

      What is funny here , so all security are educated and are worthy laughing at . Dzimwe fungwa ndedzana poppy.