UFOs rattle villagers

ufoMichael Chideme Municipal Reporter
VILLAGERS in parts of Mhondoro and Chikomba districts are living in fear following the recent falling of foreign objects in their area.
Police said they were still to ascertain the origin and type of the objects.National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said investigations were still in progress.

“Investigations are still going on at the army engineers. We do not have any conclusions yet,” she said.
Minister of State Security Sydney Sekeramayi said he was still to receive a detailed report on the investigations.
“I am expecting the full report,” he said.

Two objects landed in the Mhondoro area at the Zimplats Mine and at Denya Village in Mamina while one landed in Unyetu in Chikomba district. The object that landed at the Turf Village, Zimplats Mine in the Battlefields area is made of aluminium material and resembles a rocket.

It is three metres long and a has 1,8 metre diameter while the spherical objects that landed in Mamina and Unyetu were said to weigh above 10kg.
The explanations of the people in all the areas were similar despite the distance between them.

People interviewed separately confirmed they heard three loud bursts and hissing sounds that they thought were gun fire followed by jet sound.
The sounds were followed by thuds that shook the ground and were felt and heard several kilometres away.

Speculation is high that the objects could be from satellite spying on Zimbabwe with residents in the affected areas insisting that the people responsible for launching the objects should be named and made to explain.

Ms Tariro Ganye, an Early Childhood Development teacher at Denya Primary School in Mamina — Mhondoro said the community was terrified by the noise produced by the spherical object that fell a stone throw away from the housing compounds.

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  • prof

    please involve rocket scientists or academics in the investigations. The army and police will take forever to conclude because their minds are corrupted with politics. I suspect these are parts of obsolete satellites installed long ago by Americans. NASSA actually reported that there is a constellation of 24 satellites some of which have become dysfunctional. Please engage universities, we may provide better conclusions on this.

  • Cashful

    army engineers who failed to identify chitungwiza blast hahahahaha good luck

  • ian

    how bout providing some pictures of these objects?

  • Sonic

    This is most likely space satellite debris, which is obviously a cause for concern which warrants the direct involvement of international independent scientific bodies/space agencies in the investigation. If confirmed that its space satellite debris, this would obviously increase the urgency of monitoring and dealing with dysfunctional or decommissioned satellite revolving round the earth. No one wants objects from space falling on them…

    • Joseph Remis

      If the blast described by the witnesses was at 6h10mn GMT, you are right.

      On July 14,2013 around 06h00mn was predicted the decay of orbiting object 8133. http://i.imgur.com/15Wcn40.jpg
      6h10mn is the exact time of the pass over Zimbabwe for this decaying object.

      This was the last stage of an US Delta Rocket launched on August 27, 1975 to insert in orbit French German communication satellite Symphonie 2.

      The decay is a natural effect of atmospheric drag.
      Some 5 to 10 objects of this size are decaying on Earth every month.

  • Mafiravanhu

    ma objects aya ngee kubata mvura kuti isa naya mu Zimbabwe. You don;t know how evil this people are

  • tiripo

    This is where we need professor Mutambara.He is the NSSA man and his robotics can come in hand.

  • Guest

    If the time of the noise was around 06h10mn GMT on July 14, 2013, it’s the decay of an US Delta Rocket decayed in the Earth Atmosphere at this approximative time. This rocket launched the French German Communication satellite Symphonie B on August 27, 1975 and decayed naturally because of the air drag.