UFIC to build high school

Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa

Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa

Praise Bvumbamera Herald Reporter
The United Family International Church (UFIC) is building a secondary school in Sunningdale, Harare, to cater for pupils in and around the suburb. The educational institution that is being built on an eight-hectare piece of land, will have Form 1 to Form 6 classes. It will be called Ruthdale High School and will have an enrolment of 1 080 pupils.

The enrolment for both boys and girls begins in January next year. Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony by Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, UFIC spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufakunesu said it was critical for the church to build the school in Sunningdale to benefit residents.

“Currently, there are no secondary schools in Sunningdale, therefore this development will come as a huge relief to the residents of Sunningdale and Harare at large,” said Pastor Kufakunesu.

“Not only will the state-of-the-art school minimise the long, arduous and potentially risky journeys that the children of Sunningdale community embark on on a daily basis to access distant schools which are outside of their vicinity, it will also provide a centre that will be beneficial to the community as a whole.”

Pastor Kufakunesu added that UFIC valued education and the school was going to accommodate everyone.

“This school on an eight-hectare piece of land will enrol a total of 1 080 students from Form 1 up to Form 6 in classroom blocks with striking architectural detail, fully furnished with rest rooms, laboratories and fully furnished administrative, sporting and extracurricular facilities,” he said.

Harare City Council Deputy Mayor Enock Mupamawonde lauded UFIC for contributing towards the education of the city’s residents.

“This is the kind of investment that we are looking for, we will continue nurturing relations with UFIC, which is going to transform the lives of Zimbabweans.”

He urged fellow Zimbabweans to emulate UFIC, which was going to bring more development in the country.

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  • Tawanda

    Thank you Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa for remembering the community of Sunningdale. YOUR LOVE IS AMAZING.

  • machakachaka

    Ruthdale was taken from Ruth Makandiwa, who payed a crucial role in establishing this school. Surely we cannot rename her Muchaneta, just to make sure the school would follow suit and have a Shona name.

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      The couple is now preparing for retirement. Tithes may not continue to come and an investment in a school is a good one for school fees are likely to be more regular than tithes. With schools too, all those followers will be coerced religiously into enrolling their kids there hoping that one day they will all ascend to heaven. Remember how religion has been used by capitalists as a repressive apparatus to maintain hegemonic control over masses.

      • Ola

        Haaa you never cease to amaze. We have never heard you complaining about other excellent schools which have christian roots and have contributed immensely to the development of Zimbabwe.

        Ruthdale will contribute to this too!

        Well done UFIC for uplifting our country and kudos for thinking about those disadvantaged children who walk several kilometers a day to access quality education. May this vision birth more schools. We cant thank you enough!!

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    sowe raMadzibaba Rami rakatorohwa ne bulldozer baba.

  • moholo

    Well done man and woman of GOD, Praise be GOD..

  • Panga

    So a wife of a profit is called a profitess

  • Panga

    Reedemed my foot, the shcool is part of their business empire

    • Dr chandagwinyira

      Ko Muringazuva Primary School ( AMethodist School) which they built three classroom blocks, electrified it and gave a borehore what was the benefit to them. Whether the school is business to you and some fools its still development to our society.

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    Zvekutyisidzirana izvo. Prophetess waani wacho? You are right, probably only in Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Ghana do you find such funny cults.

  • tm

    Zvarwadza. we will always lead and the rest will copy from us

  • Paul

    So what if it is? Off all the schools in this country why only mention of that name only just don’t hate/just look for something negative to say

  • D&G

    Thank you Mhamha Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa for such a great vision. May God give you more years and more ideas. I am so ‘colonized’ by your work and ethos that my children will all go to Ruthdale High School. Happy the school is named after such prominence.

  • bantu holomisa

    Vana Jairosi!! Thank Jesus? Saka iwe zvawapedza discussion yese iyi uchitukirira vanhu topa satani mhosva here kana kuti Jairosi anyora? We are responsible for our actions, whether good or bad this is why the final Judgement has to come and we will receive rewards or be condemned for our actions. Makandiwa wagona usanzwe boorangoma iri.

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      Satan? what is that? You believe Satan exists? Kana waita hupombwe woda kupomera Satan…wakambomuona? Dai aionekwa aipedzisira otoseka zvake….wabira vanhu waakuti ndiSatan…ndiwe iwewe.

  • bantu holomisa

    Masaisai, vaka chako chikoro ugotumidza zita raunoda. Unodirei kuudza vanhu mazita ekuisa pazvinhu zvavo. MaZimbo mune dambudziko that’s why all you can do is to rename streets, schools, towns but never build. Shame stereki!!!

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    So a prophet’s (assuming this snake oil salesman is indeed a prophet) automatically becomes a prophetess? The wife of a prime ninister becomes a prime ministress? Don’t give me the gibberish about how she is a prohet in her own right, blah blah.

  • BUN B


  • Ola

    There are several Christian schools named after Godly people. It is because of their stature and inspiration.
    Have you heard about Saint Joseph, Saint Anthony, Saint Ignatius etc. These are all names of people who were acknowledged in Church doctrine.
    So I don’t see why naming the school after the influential figure of Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa would be a problem.
    The Prophetess wasn’t born as a married woman. She was once a young girl who also used to stay in the same area where the school is going to be built. She is aware of the challenges young girls/boys trying to get to school face including rape, torture and many other challenges.
    In the cold months of June walking such distances is just an unfathomable task.
    Now if one of us is touched by the plight of young girls and take the risk to bring about change—we can only support that person. She is being the change she wants to see.
    Lets rally and support those that are doing something, whose ideas are turning into action and great results. Lets just not talk from the side-lines as spectators. It is our children that are going to benefit. It is us who are going to benefit. It is Zimbabwe that is going to benefit. SO WHY ALL THE ATTACKS?