UFIC to build high school

Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa

Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa

Praise Bvumbamera Herald Reporter
The United Family International Church (UFIC) is building a secondary school in Sunningdale, Harare, to cater for pupils in and around the suburb. The educational institution that is being built on an eight-hectare piece of land, will have Form 1 to Form 6 classes. It will be called Ruthdale High School and will have an enrolment of 1 080 pupils.

The enrolment for both boys and girls begins in January next year. Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony by Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, UFIC spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufakunesu said it was critical for the church to build the school in Sunningdale to benefit residents.

“Currently, there are no secondary schools in Sunningdale, therefore this development will come as a huge relief to the residents of Sunningdale and Harare at large,” said Pastor Kufakunesu.

“Not only will the state-of-the-art school minimise the long, arduous and potentially risky journeys that the children of Sunningdale community embark on on a daily basis to access distant schools which are outside of their vicinity, it will also provide a centre that will be beneficial to the community as a whole.”

Pastor Kufakunesu added that UFIC valued education and the school was going to accommodate everyone.

“This school on an eight-hectare piece of land will enrol a total of 1 080 students from Form 1 up to Form 6 in classroom blocks with striking architectural detail, fully furnished with rest rooms, laboratories and fully furnished administrative, sporting and extracurricular facilities,” he said.

Harare City Council Deputy Mayor Enock Mupamawonde lauded UFIC for contributing towards the education of the city’s residents.

“This is the kind of investment that we are looking for, we will continue nurturing relations with UFIC, which is going to transform the lives of Zimbabweans.”

He urged fellow Zimbabweans to emulate UFIC, which was going to bring more development in the country.

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  • Tyno

    this is a job well done mhamha! thank you Prophetess Ruth you are a good mother who is bringing positive transformation to our country. May the Good God of our Father Prophet E Makandiwa preserve your life for our sake!

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    Thank Jesus, not these individuals.

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    At least they are not owned by individuals. But this one has been named after Muporofita Ruth Makandiwa.

    • Mbwende Jairos

      Pfutseki jairos

    • Anonymous


  • Life

    Masaisai why use English to make your silly comment if you hate English
    that much, why not practice what you teach, dzidza kutenda zvakanaka zvinoitwa nevamwe, Thank you Prophet and Prophetess for a job well done

  • Panga

    Internet trolls my foot, ndeipi Manu

  • Victor

    Thank you mhamha Dr Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa for such a big project. Our children will benefit from such an investment. Long live mhamha Makandiwa.


    Iwe wanyora nechirungu wani? wakapambwa pfungwa futi saka usataure zvemazita ezvikoro taura zvako unoda kuzviita mungezi

  • Peter

    Imbwa BS

  • Musatanist

    Bonga remunhu risinga appreciate zvakana. Vaka chako utumidze

  • Nyasha Dube

    That’s not the kind of works the Word of God refers to coz even the devil

  • Nyasha Dube

    Chiyangwa has a primary school, Zvinavashe has a high school, Ezekiel Guti has a university and hospital and talking of mission schools and hospitals around the country. So who is following who?

  • Nyasha Dube

    So many individuals have built schools before. They are copying

  • Mwana WaMwari

    Yes go ahead and amass your wealth from these foolish people following you. Enjoy for the little days you have for you will surely burn eternally in the lake of fire. Fortune teller masquerading as a prophet from God, calling yourself God, bewitching ignorant lunatics with your boateng wrist bands. Truly The Prophet Ezekiel prophesied this. Even kindergaten kids in their normal senses won’t flow with these makandiwa enterprises. Only if you were not ignorant you would have known that your UFIC is a company registered as a private entity trading as UFIC with makandiwa, his young brother (the one who moves around collecting tithes (the law) from congregants’ homes (e.g the mashangwes), and ruth as directors in the board of trustees. Pachafa one wavo ndopamuchabata sure. But please don’t stop go ahead and help this satanic family the little money you have to their Sandton exile-home-to-be

  • http://www.teeme.co.zw Obrian Bay

    Vose varikupikisa mukabvisirwa dzungu ne shanje naMwari munoenda kure