Tuku serenades Chivayo’s marriage ceremony guests

Oliver Mtukudzi

Oliver Mtukudzi

Music guru Oliver Mtukudzi serenaded guests at the marriage ceremony of businessman and socialiate Wicknell Chivayo and his fiancée, Sonja Madzikanda in Harare on Saturday.

Tuku had everyone dancing-including energy magnate (updated) Chivhayo and his fiancée when he played an array of ballads and yesteryear hits from his wide discography.

The private musical show turned out to be one of the musician’s best private gigs when family members got on the dancefloor to celebrate the occasion. Although the marriage ceremony was kept a secret, Tuku’s beats floated in the neighbourhood of Chisipite, giving the ceremony the much needed spills and thrills, befitting such an occasion.

The big family later posed for a photo-shoot with the revered musician, who wished the couple well. Having previously expressed disdain for Zimbabwean women, the Harare-based Madzikanda has apparently stolen Chivayo’s heart.

Wicknell Chivayo and his fiancée Sonja Madzikanda after the marriage ceremony

Wicknell Chivayo and his fiancée Sonja Madzikanda after the marriage ceremony

According to close sources, she is an accountant at a city firm located close to where Chivayo’s Mercedes Benz got clamped last month. His fiancée’s father, David Madzikanda works at the University of Zimbabwe’s School of Commerce while her mother, Tabitha, is a manager with FBC bank. The family lives in Chisipite.

Without giving out whether he was made to pay more than $50 000 as per his desire, Chivayo described the day as best in history. “Till death do us apart. A good woman is the greatest thing a man can have in his life. Glory be to God in the highest. Thanks to you my Facebook followers, your strong criticism and comments always give me strength to make good decisions like this’” posted Chivayo.

“My roora (bride price) function was the best in history (credit to my amazing in-laws and brand new wife) This is why I chose the Peter House and University of Edinburgh class, with my Unit M Seke background where and how would I have ever planned this? I hope to invite you all of you (sic) to my big wedding soon. We give thanks and praise,” read his posts. — Herald Reporters/Chronicle.

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  • Masaisai

    Is this news?

  • Mabaleka

    And his fiance after the marriage ceremony??? Isn’t it wife rather?

  • theheraldonline

    true, that got past us. thank you very much. have a blessed day.

  • haiwawo

    The loudmouth blob has married and has made headline news? Oh, my day will surely move now that the paper has given this edifying report.

    After all, we would not benefit much by having them cover the report of two youngsters, who we taxpayer pay for for all their protection and maybe too for their sojourn in Sandton, who are known for painting a city in the nether land red, and whose parent allegedly had to rush to arrange alternative accommodation when the lads were kicked out for persistent loutish behaviour.

    That would not do for discussion in this paper. According to the paper, that is of insignificance even if we are paying for that high life when many have have no decent homes and cannot party but instead have to scrounge for necessities of daily living. For the paper, it is more important to report on Prince Weak-knell (spelling and meanings intended) because the other story involves children who, like the rest of the family, are sacrosanct.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    As much as I’m not a fan of this guy I wish him well on his marriage. Siya zve small house and enjoy this new journey you are about to embark with this beautiful lady. Prove the naysayers wrong.