Tsvangirai to stay longer in S. Africa

Mr Tsvangirai

Mr Tsvangirai

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
Ailing MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who is currently undergoing treatment for colon cancer in South Africa, has taken an indefinite rest from party duties, his office confirmed yesterday.

Party sources said Mr Tsvangirai would remain in the neighbouring country for sometime after being treated, to allow him to rest.

His three deputies — Mr Nelson Chamisa, Engineer Elias Mudzuri and Ms Thokozani Khupe — are in charge of party duties.

Mr Tsvangirai was airlifted to South Africa after his health condition deteriorated drastically while attending a workshop in Kadoma last Friday.

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His spokesman Mr Luke Tamborinyoka confirmed that on his return, Mr Tsvangirai will not immediately resume party duties.

“President Morgan Tsvangirai, who is in a very stable condition, has completed his medical procedure in South Africa, but is now taking several days of rest from the hectic schedule of work that awaits him in Harare,” Mr Tamborinyoka said.

He did not disclose how long the opposition leader would be away from work.

“The people’s leader is now fully recuperated but will not be at work for some days to come as he fully recharges his batteries ahead of the mammoth responsibility of providing leadership in galvanising the nation for the watershed polls next year,” said Mr Tamborinyoka.

“In the meantime, the three Vice Presidents will continue to execute their assigned tasks to ensure consistent and uninterrupted leadership to the various party programmes currently taking place,” he added.

Mr Tsvangirai was reportedly carried into a private plane on a stretcher bed at Harare International Airport although his office tried to downplay the incident, insisting the MDC-T leader had flown to South Africa for a routine medical check-up.

His close associates immediately followed him to South Africa amid indications his condition was serious.

A senior MDC-T source who requested anonymity, said; “Yes, I can confirm that Mr Tsvangirai will remain in South Africa after his treatment,” adding that he was out of danger.

“Our president is a hands-on man so if we allow him to return too soon, he will resume party duties when he should take time to rest,” he said. “People will start calling wanting to meet him. He can’t turn them away. So we have decided that he should remain in South Africa for sometime, otherwise healthwise he is out of danger.”

Mr Tsvangirai’s illness raised panic in the opposition with accusations among members that the party, especially Mr Tamborinyoka had not been forthright on his condition.

Other officials were also irked that members of the “kitchen cabinet” were ring-fencing Mr Tsvangirai to make it appear that they loved him more than any other party member.

Mr Tsvangirai’s illness also led to jostling among party members for his successor with some touting Mr Chamisa as the heir apparent.

Others within the MDC-T argued that there was no one who was superior to the other among the three deputies.

Ms Khupe has had a fall out with Mr Tsvangirai over the handling of coalition talks with other opposition parties and has avoided visiting the party headquarters, Harvest House, for security reasons.

Ms Khupe and other senior officials were assaulted in Bulawayo after they boycotted the signing of the MDC Alliance in Harare last month.

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  • Chamunorwa

    I hope he gets better very soon. His family and friends need him. Perhaps our political leaders must learn to pass the baton to others. We simply do not need centenarians or other spent forces leading us. No man or woman should ever feel that nothing can happen without them.

    • Order

      And this is an ideal opportunity for Morgan to demonstrate that his organization is different by passing the proverbial baton. Surely one of his 3 vice presidents can finish the 2018 race. A perfect time to show that leadership renewal is possible in Zim.

    • Do Me Sun Knee

      Bwahahahaha, who’s is he centenarian?

  • Dee Ndngwe

    Mmmmmmmm for the very first time in my adult life to read a fairly written article by Herald!!!!!! Just giving simple details as they are without embarrassing unfounded and unprofessional allegations. The last time I also read a fair comment of the economy regarding inflation and multi-pricing which deviated greatly from the white elephant promises which you used to feed our innocent people. But it seems this happens only when Ngwena is in charge. Its part of his reformist political strategy I guess.
    Its commendable though. Good job herald.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    When it gets to Tsvangirai’s health or scandals or anything like that Herald is very generous with the reporting. I have never seen or met such morbid people who celebrate someone else’s bad health or misfortune. Zvenyu zveZanu pasi tsve. I’m not saying don’t report but be bipartisan and impartial. Treat him the same way you treat a certain 93yr old. You are not Peoples Voice. You are a national paper.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      No one is celebrating Mr Tsvangirai illness. We all wish him speedy recovery. . He has played his God ordained opposition role well. The nation still need him to continue his role , but not to form any government in this country. We pray for his physical recovery , but not political success . He will lose again in 2018, despite the so called MDCT ALLIANCE engineered by the Western anti ZANU PF political forces. Meanwhile, how is your Evan Mawarire doing politically? I saw you the other day foolishly discussion with him, your political myopia. Poor you!

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Three centres of power create confusion. Probably the secretary general office must create cohesion in the interim so that MDC does not become like ZANU PF which is run from the bedroom. Tsvangirai should consider stepping down and going to congress to elect substantive leaders. Only Khupe and Secretary General are properly mandated currently.

  • Mister Nashville Gwelo.

    This “reporter” is simply transferring the shenanigans happening in the crumbling Zanu PF and making it appear like the same bs is happening in MDC led by the veteran former trade unionist,and president of the Movement For Democratic Change (MDC-T) ,Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.Tsvangirai and the people’s party,the MDC are the only ones to hand Mugabe and his tired Zanu PF party a crushing defeat in the 2008 Harmonised Elections.Tsvangirai ,by Mugabe’s own admission via a ‘slip of the tongue’ at a Zanu Politburo meeting won by a whopping 73 percent .

    Mugabe instructed the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to withhold the results for a record six weeks while his mafioso manipulated the results….the rest is history.

    Get well soon President Morgan Tsvangirai.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      To the contrary. ZANU PF remains strong and better organized than MDCT. MDCT will lose in 2018. Don`t misinterpret the current succession dynamics in ZANU PF as politically fatal. Our party has in built shock mechanisms to deal with the dynamics positively and continue viable and united. It can drop political leaves but not the whole political tree. The 2008 fiasco will never be repeated. Remember that its not true that all historical cases will be repeated. Lessons learned are useful to avoid another political accident, you are naively insinuating. Gweru will never be Gwelo again.