Tsvangirai, Mujuru join hands

mdc-npp-mujuru-tsvangirai-mou-pictures-zimnewsnet-660x330Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru and her National People’s Party leadership were yesterday summoned by MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to his residence in Harare to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for a proposed coalition of opposition parties ahead of next year’s national elections. Dr Mujuru and her top brass comprising Ambassador John Mvundura and Mr Dzikamai Mavhaire in tow gladly obliged, effectively marking their absorption as a political outfit by MDC-T.

The MoU confirmed a long held view that the two were under pressure from their Western backers to form a coalition to enhance their power bid against President Mugabe. Dr Mujuru is also fighting for political relevance following her unceremonious expulsion from the Zimbabwe People First by its founding “elders” Messrs Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo recently.

She had to hastily form her own outfit, the NPP, to prove her worth, but the party is still yet to gain traction and establish substantive structures.

To confirm her underdog tag in the proposed coalition of opposition parties ahead of next year’s elections, Dr Mujuru and senior officials of her party wernt to Mr Tsvangirai’s residence to append their signatures to the MoU.

Last year, a Government source privy to the goings on in opposition circles said Dr Mujuru had become a political concubine of MDC-T after she was captured on camera with an open palm in the company of Mr Tsvangirai in Gweru.

Speaking to journalists after signing the MoU, Mr Tsvangirai said: “This is a Memorandum of Understating. It outlines our desire to work together, to pursue clear objectives, which is having an alliance leading to fighting elections and creating a government that is going to pursue a democratisation and a transformative agenda.

“It’s an understanding – there will of course be substantive negotiations later. This is just an outline of our commitment to work together.”

Dr Mujuru said: “From us the leadership of National People’s Party and the rest of National People’s Party members, supporters and sympathisers, I would like to say our happiness is immeasurable because a lot of people in Zimbabwe have been asking us questions.

“How are you going to do it? How are you going to make the way forward? When are you going to be meeting with your colleagues of the opposition parties?

“And I have been telling them not everyone in the opposition party is going to our signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. We have taken more than six months of consulting, discussing, making ourselves understand as to what expectations our people have or should be given from the two of us and I am happy to say today is the day.”

Dr Mujuru was quick to extend the begging bowl to donors saying: “I am sure the Zimbabwean populace and the world at large will really be coming forward to also assist in many ways which we are going to put across and also giving us their ideas of how things should be done because we know your expectations are very high.”

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  • yowe

    Herald munozonyanyawo varume mmmm

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Ah! The joining of dirty neo colonial political hands wont give then any chance to win in 2018 elections! It is only to the chagrin of other mongrel lot on the political opposition landscape. Wither Mutasa-Gumbo/Biti/Ncube?

    • RG

      Change is inevitable and 2018 is the year a new government will be elected. A new and better Zimbabwe for all is in the making.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Yes , technically a new government is elected every five years.But be informed that it will be new government formed after new elections, which will be won by ZANU PF! To that extent , I agree with you. Don`t waste your time imagining the politically impossible i.e MDCT or any Evan Mawarire whatever , winning. Zimbabweans are not given to myopia and political absurdities! Zimbabwe degenerating into a theater of the political absurd? My foot!

  • Charles Kuwaza

    with Joice n Morgan joining hands, we should be heading somewhere now.

  • Emanuel Nkomo

    Emanuel Nkomo
    Tsvangirai does not have good advisers.Since Biti who is a lawyer left ,he has no one to give him good advise.What is he going to get from Mjuru.?Mjuru does not have any supporters at all.She has only become popular in the media but has not won the hearts of Zimbabweans.Tsvangirai needs to have carried out a survey on that ,in order to see how much support this money hungry woman has.Even the media that has made her popular in their media has not actually gone to the streets to find out what the people are saying about her.Tsvangirai should form coalition with those political parties that have support in Matabeleland and Midlands region in order to gain more votes in the next coming general elections.He should join hands with Dumiso Dabengwa and Ncube of the other MDC.That way all voters in Matabeland and Midlands will be part of his election outcome.Mujuru does not have any supporters that can help him win the next coming elections.This shows that he lacks knowledge of the political culture of Zimbabwe .Zimbabwe politics is centred on tribal line.This was created by Robert Mugabe and his zanu pf.Many people vote on tribal lines.So logically Tsvangirai share Shona speaking people with zanu pf .And only a small percent with other political parties. Mujuru has no support in Matabeleland and Midlands.So why waste time with someone who has no followers.Mujuru realised that ,That is why he wants to rise to power using Tsvangirai.Lack of knowledge is really dangerous.For all this other years that Tsvangirai has been the President of MDC T ,he should have been reading books on politics ,pyschology ,sociology,law books and administration.Lack of know of knowledge has led him now to make a wrong move.Mujuru will only help in making him lose the elections .People in Matabeleland and Midlands do not want anything to do with Mujuru.A lot will rather vote for zanu pf or abstain as they feel that Tsvangirai has betrayed them.If he had foresight and good advisers he would have gone to Matabeland and Midlands to find out from the people as to whether that course of action was in their favour or not.Let us wait and see.Zanu pf is already happy because they will win overwhelmingly .That is why President Mugabe said in his interviews concerning the coalition of Tsvangirai and Mujuru that ,if you add zero and zero you get zero .He said his teacher told him that if you add thousand zero with thousand zeros the answer is still zero.haha .Where are learned people to help Tsvangirai?