Tsvangirai, ladies pictures cause stir

Morgan Tsvangirai poses for a picture with the unknown women.

Morgan Tsvangirai poses for a picture with the women.

Tichaona Zindoga Political Editor
PICTURES of opposition MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai cavorting with a group of women have caused a social media frenzy with party functionaries tripping over each other to explain the incident.

In the pictures, Mr Tsvangirai, clad in a red casual shirt with an MDC-T logo is seen with five unidentified women on a park bench at what appears to be an exclusive lodge wrapping his left arm around a woman in a red dress while a second woman appears to be reaching out to talk to him.

In another shot, Mr Tsvangirai is seen still sitting with the woman in red, who is partly obscured, while two skimpily dressed women are in the foreground appearing to dance and pose for the picture.

Mr Tsvangirai is laughing while apparently watching the posterior of one of the women while the others are cheering.

The former prime minister, who lost his wife in a tragic car accident in 2009, is married to Elizabeth Macheka.

Last night, his spokesman, Mr Luke Tamborinyoka, did not answer his mobile phone neither did he return the calls to The Herald.


MDC-T spokesman Mr Obert Gutu sought to dismiss the pictures and tried to bat away suggestions of a scandal.

“Those pictures were obviously photoshopped. They are completely fake and puerile. This is Zanu-PF propaganda in its most desperate mode,” he said.

“Instead of focusing on real issues of resuscitating the collapsed economy as well as addressing the impending drought that will affect about 6 million Zimbabweans, the Zanu-PF regime is busy pursuing this childish and spurious propaganda campaign against Morgan Tsvangirai.

“No right-thinking person will be swayed by this desperate and frivolous campaign to malign and denigrate Morgan Tsvangirai’s public image.”

The Herald could not independently verify the authenticity of the pictures which one MDC supporter, Promise Mkwananzi – in comments on Twitter – said were taken at Village Lodge in Gweru.

The latest pictures are reminiscent of pictures that were released by a South African woman, Ms Nosipho Regina Shilubane, of them holidaying in the Seychelles aboard a ship named, “Legend of the Seas”.

The woman claimed that Mr Tsvangirai had promised to marry her.

Mr Tsvangirai, has been linked to different women details of which relationship have been damaging to his struggling political career.







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  • Fred Muchena


  • Ngwenayasvinura

    Lets leave Tsvangirai and his women alone.Is he the reason our economy is in tatters?This s the same guy that ZanuPf ###### , always defeats in the elections. Does he matter?
    You guys in ####are said to be sleeping around with 1000s of kids. Said by your own ####.

    Mapfumo sang….’Kana musingamutye munomuny’ombereiiko?’

  • jj

    Are we supposed to take this as news? You bend over and stooped too low!

  • wezhira wezheve

    mvura ngainaye

  • cde mabhunu muchapera

    Nhamoinesu macomrades.. vanhu vaya vatanga

  • ThaDoggPound

    I get it. Its back to Tsvangirai hatchet jobs now that the dear leader has commanded a cease fire on the factionalists and the successionists.

  • Humphrey

    watamba ne banga unofa nebanga

  • ndoro

    Herald must be serious. Is this newsworth

    • Gamba

      Please we want sadza on the table the tyme for this is over this is 1974 politics of the press ko haadiwo here Tsvangirai wacho imi mehga ndimi mune simbi Amai vakataura wani kuti mune 1000 kinds and 100 women kkkkkkk

  • Handiuyiko

    This are very desperate moves to fool the people. I thought we could do better than this since we claim we are a learned people. How can you publish these photoshoped pictures in a National Broadcaster?? Sometimes I’m very ashamed to claim i’m from Zim, our politics is too embarassing.But zvichapera chete!!!!!!!!

    • Tose Dzvamu

      Unfortunately for you Tsvangirayi has confirmed kuti they are correct pics of him and not photoshopped

  • AYAS!

    Interesting for an elected official….However let’s focus on real issues. As a solution to the now un-ending fiasco in our party, why can’t we wait for an elective congress to vote in our preffered candidates. atahis will bring in instant peace and stop the sub-plotting and imminent implosion of the ruling party…our ZANU PF. Let’s have Amai, VP Mphoko and VP Mnangagwa all declaring that they don’t have Presidential ambitions UNTIL the vacancy opens up. Cause in truth if one is not ambitious then they should be confined to back office staff. I believe this can be our solution……and by the way can we have secret ballots in all future ZANU PF elections…it will eliminate intimidation!

  • chinos

    Please show us the pictures so that we judge for ourselves

  • Telescope

    There is chaos in Chiadzwa, No rains countrywide, instead you should be giving us status on availability of water in Muzarabani Mtoko Gutu Hurungwe and Seke. Maakutamba nepfungwa dzedu. You think those pictures will turn into rain naimi Herald.

  • watson


  • Japana Hapana

    Ok. So what the point here? He is still able like a man. Its not like he *** spineless and waiting to die.

  • boutros

    A whole political editor, Tich Zindoga, writing such trash!!! If theres no news why not reproduce the Zanupf 2013 election manifesto so we can assess progress, 3 years after the elections?

  • Collin Mackenzie

    It’s a pity how people try to run away from the truth.
    This man has an will always be a @@ man.
    Please stop blaming Zanu PF or politics blame Morgan for misleading the Zimbabwean people.

    Shame on his spokesman,Zanu PF this and Zanu PF that Shut up, the truth is there for to see.
    Shut up.

    • Mister Arcadia PhD.

      Hahahahaha photoshop ! Where is Dzamara?

    • Food 4 Thought

      Tsvangirayi is not in government saka what he does in his free time is not newsworthy. We all know kuti madhara ese eZanu are equally mischievous ** and that is part of the reason why they are unable to turn this country around. **

  • hezvo

    and ko 2 million jobs aripi

  • Observer

    “….wrapping his left arm around a woman in a red dress….”
    I suggest you look carefully BEFORE commenting. You may be exposed as a liar.
    I hope this will get past the moderators!

    • Telescope

      Zvako iwe and yet his hand can be seen just below the ladies arm…poor reporting. Saka ane two left arms. Hatineyi naTsvangson. Ipai nyaya ku H Metro.

  • mou

    so what!!!…ndezvake izvo isu toda bread and butter on e table

  • wesley

    Why are the women twice as large as Tsvangirai? He is not small…….

  • Darron

    Hmetro tabloid

  • Catch 22

    These pictures can be true go to any rally you see all sorts of people asking to pose for a photo with politicians. Herald expect politicians to say SCANDAL SCANDAL I cant be pictured with you. H metro will think Im sleeping with you.

    • Tinoda Runyararo

      There is nothing wrong with these photos…if I was doing PR for MDC, I would say look at our president, man of the people! These could be supporters, and it shows that the leader is approachable….I am just saying….but toziva kuti mudhara anodawo zvinhu hake! I think the denials of MDC make this a story….otherwise, there is a good time being had apo

  • Cecil Roars

    He was in the company of women – beautiful women of course andni think that is his crime. Would that have mattered to the Herald if he was in a photo with 4 men?
    We see you with women and we do not worry about it. In 1995 there about someone used to say it was non of the business of the press when the press reported that he was cheating his wife with his Secretary. But they are happily married now.

  • just passing by

    at least if he becomes president he will have a social life, kwaaa

  • Tsunami

    Vakomana nanga nanga naTsvangirai 2million mabasa aripiko hamunyari here dzinganzi news here idzodzo

    • nadi

      kkk taura hako zvinebasa rei evry1 has got a right to social life.iye akapfeka wani.hanz na Wink tapinda summer time iwe woshora ma yellow bone akutosvora

  • Caleb312

    Photo-shopped or not, Tsvangirai like any other Zimbabwean is free to associate as premised in the much talked about Zim Constitution.

  • Etiwel

    Mashaya nyaya here?

  • wembabvu

    Herald can you publish better stories.The girl in red muzukuru wangu face yake chaiyo.Chandineta the body haisi yake.What is not clear is the motive behind publishing false stories.i can give you the contact number for the lady in red and you can hear it from the horse’s mouth.Sekuru Jonah Limwaz

  • oniwellnyekete

    that’s not news

  • Zvakaoma

    Tichaona Zindoga, you are pathetic. Tsvangirai’ left arm is NOT wrapped around any woman… its on his side holding something, a fone maybe? I have no comment on the rest of the pictures, asi musavenge munhu nembwa dzake. Your editor passed this hogwash? how about reporting on progressive issues?

  • CuriousCat

    In more important news, I just ate chicken for lunch. It was delicious and I have the receipt to prove it.

  • Christ & Matemadanda

    A couple of days ago mai Mugabe said if we are to lay bare what big mashefu muZanu PF dobin terns of bedding women some will not come out of their homes because of shame. The President zuro uno then said let’s not as buse each other we may differ politically but let’s not abuse one a other. You Tichaona Zindoga usazoti I was just doing my job or it was orders from the top, we have your names and one day you face the music . its not a threat but you will answer for your wicked actions. Even if these photos are genuine so what ?? Haven’t we seen chipangano choir from mbare mazigadzi kuzunza **at most ZANU rallies and functions? Just because you fear and wana destroy Tsvangirai you create a ** story to try and sway people to turn against him but Infact you are cementing his relationship with us povo. Who in their right flame of mind still believe in ZANU PF ? Maka rovama war vets and the President blamed chris mutswangwa yet he said in the same speech let’s not abuse each other . ** ZANU PF is a curse to Zimbabwe we ask God why did you give us these people what have we done wrong to deserve these heartless people

  • G Tichatonga

    The photos are real. I actually know all the women in that photo ….all except two are married and these photos were taken at their request. I am not a Tsvangirai fan but in this case he was not wrong. The MDC-T should not put a spin on this because their leader did nothing amiss. These pictures were taken this past weekend at a known location.

    • Cecil Roars

      I agree. Sekuru vangu confirmed this to me. He also knows the women. Last weekend yes, the photos were taken before tgeuf meeting. Zimbabwe just doesn’t have news.

  • loonex

    100% poor journalism from this propaganda toilet paper. Will you ever pretend to be a newspaper and actually cover the serious news that is developing in the country as it collapses into the dustbin.

  • http://www.zimbabwe.com Oneal Patel

    These pictures are real, Tsvangirai has not denied this. Have a look at his Facebook page. A party leader taking pictures with his fans. Herald obviously would love to create a scandal at any given opportunity. ” Wherever I go in Zimbabwe, supporters ask to have photos taken with me and I have no reason to deny them a photo with their president. I had photos taken with a lot of people in Gweru over the weekend including a group of ladies coming from our meeting.

    I have done that on so many occasions and I don’t know why with thousands of pictures of myself with MDC supporters, The Herald would love to pick a few pictures with ladies and call it a scandal. They should rather be focusing on the national picture of despondency, suffering and a crisis facing the people.”

  • Mister Arcadia PhD.

    Hahahahaha pathetic! A National Newspaper stooping so low as to publish a Grade 7 photoshopped pic.Shame on you Editor! Where is Dzamara and the 2.3 million jobs?

  • Muturikwa we Gweru.

    Vamwe munongomanyira kuti tinoda news chaidzo, ZANU haichina chekutaura, Tsvangirayi haadaro, heee! photoshopping, ko mukamubvunza akati ndini ndiripama picture because ndinodawo vanhukadzi munoti chii? Kungomanyira ku defenda because ndi Tsvangirayi?

    • FACE

      Please guys look at that face Tsvangirai’s face that looks like a picture he was still ZCTU secretary young very young indeed for photoshop really bt missing the ingredients of a true picture you remember Ari Ben Mash video on ZBC TV by then kkkkkkk was very akward dont take us for granted HERALD

  • Zvichapera

    Oh my God. So what are are you trying to say? ** Please check your records. You are embarrassing yourselves by victimizing Morgan when we all know that ZANU PF is full of men who are vandalizing women. I use the word vandalizing, because they do it by force. Again check your records if you want to go down the disclosure route.

  • anonymous

    It’s not photoshopped

  • JZ

    This is a picture showing a former prime minister in the company of inappropriate ly dressed women. These women are dressed in a manner to reveal their bodies and all sundry.
    Perhaps should we infer that our politics has become a bunga bunga game where big men who are supposed to be drafting decent national policy gather up around benches for a groupie photo with calendar girls..kkkk
    Beware of indulgence, it is the root of corruption

  • Fred Muchena

    diverting people’s attention from what is happening in Chiadzwa

  • mpengo

    It’s a normal, healthy left hand… from the looks of it, also spoilt for choice

  • mpengo

    He’s a man. Let him enjoy his single-hood and popularity.

  • dave

    herald did not suggest that its a lodge, read carefully,…….its a fact that the place they are at is village lodge in Gweru ,some of us hav slept there a couple of tymz or so

  • Kyle James

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@. What’s happening to our country is a travesty the country is burning yet we degrade ourselves with cheap potshots to make ourselves feel better.

  • fury

    Tsvangirai haana kuonda kudaro. If it is him then its 1980s while he was not yet in politiking.

  • Mapfupa Amuka

    Vese vane basa nemagirlfriends vachitadza kuita basa nedrought, 1 million jobs (nyangwe 100000 jobs chaidzo) me core show year new more sir

  • Accumulator

    MDC?? MAROMBE DUMIRAI CHAIZVO . How can other people truely say they got a leader, for what?
    Vana ** Mutoro avo.

  • Jonathan Pamire

    Hapana nyaya apa.Dai ari Mugabe maburitsa ma picture aya here?Hapana kana dhiri apa.Tiudzei kuti ma civil servants vakazopiwa mari here?

  • Mukotami

    Apa iye chamatam zii zvake, everyone stampeding to comment on a picture yamusipo!

    • Accumulator

      KKKK Hehehe Ka Mini rally ne majoki

  • Nooshie

    ZanuPF cannot even print Zim’s currency and exchange it for more than the scrap value of the paper it was printed on, as for their “news” in print it is worth even less.

  • Daniel

    Photoshopped. Stop wasting our time. Let us discuss real issues affecting our country.

  • Tinoda Runyararo

    Dude, I think it is people like you who even discredit the opposition by standing by things that are not even defensible…there is nothing wrong in those photos, and they are not photoshoped. I am very good with photoshop, and no one, no matter what school they went, can do that…Tsvangirai anga aine vasikana paLodge, having fun (because he is laughing) , no laws were broken, nothing was implied…munhu anoda “maSupporters ake” chete…Zanu had nothing to do with this! Bvumai zvenyu

  • love

    angori ma pic amana. the girls were obviously excited to see chemas and were trripping over each other for pics end of story no scandal…just fans

  • Murume Akapfava

    This is a leader we want. Warm, and approachable, not the untouchable, cold-hearted, evil, satanic old shit we have been exposed to for the last 4 decades.