Tsvangirai hospitalised

Mr Tsvangirai

Mr Tsvangirai

Herald Reporters
MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai was hospitalised at a private hospital in Harare over the past two days owing to what party insiders termed a “mental” and “nervous” breakdown.
Though his spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka denied that the former Prime Minister in the inclusive Government had been hospitalised at the facility in Belgravia, saying he had only been visiting the institution daily for treatment, The Herald has established that Mr Tsvangirai’s wife, Ms Elizabeth Macheka, visited her husband at the institution on Monday and Tuesday.

Initial reports hinted on food poisoning, but sources close to developments, say personal and political developments appear to have weighed down on Mr Tsvangirai who has been holding rallies countrywide in a bid to outwit a lobby against his continued leadership of the main opposition party.

Sources said Mr Tsvangirai was admitted on Sunday, the day he missed the second consecutive rally he was scheduled to address at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield.
“Tsvangirai came here on Sunday, briefly left, and then came back later in the day after which he was admitted. Elizabeth (Macheka, his estranged wife) visited him today (Tuesday). Indications are that he has had a mental and maybe a nervous breakdown,” the hospital official said.

An MDC-T source added: “The marital and political problems that Mr Tsvangirai is facing seem to have taken a toll on him. Remember his marriage has not fared well and the party is in turmoil. This seems to have affected our leader.”

But Mr Tamborinyoka last night denied that his boss had been hospitalised, saying he had been visiting the institution and returning home.
“Mr Tsvangirai has been unwell and has been coming to the city centre to see his doctor and going back home. He has not been hospitalised as you are claiming. His doctor has directed that he rests at home and that is what he has been religiously doing.”

Mr Tsvangirai has failed to attend two rallies in as many weeks.
He was a no-show in Glen View a fortnight ago, and did not pitch up for another rally in Highfield on Sunday.
Mr Tamborinyoka on Sunday told the media that his boss was under the weather.

Early this year, his wife Ms Macheka, who left the matrimonial home over several issues, told The Herald that Mr Tsvangirai was not well, but would not say what the ailment was.

The two were living separately with Ms Macheka residing in Borrowdale and Mr Tsvangirai occupying a State residence in Highlands that he moved into when he was prime minister in the inclusive Government.

Through this, the MDC-T party he leads has fragmented with his secretary-general, Mr Tendai Biti, leading a revolt that has seen a spate of claimed suspensions and expulsions from the formation.

A party source said the combined pressures of work and marital woes had taken their toll on Mr Tsvangirai, despite his insistence to private media that he was fit.
“Mudhara ari pa tight. Kwese, kumba nekubasa hazvina kumira mushe. (The boss is in a tight spot. He is not finding joy both at home and at work),” the official said.

Early this year, The Herald confirmed that Ms Macheka had walked out of the matrimonial home, just a few months before factional fighting tore MDC-T apart.
This came after Mr Tsvangirai and MDC-T suffered a crushing defeat to President Mugabe and Zanu-PF in last year’s harmonised elections that ended that inclusive Government.

Ms Macheka, who earlier this year told The Herald that her husband had an undisclosed illness that was affecting their marital life, was not reachable for comment.

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  • BaRuva

    ngavaende kuSingapore kana vasingapore muZim

    • punungwe

      Ava tinovaziva vari vekwa TB Joshua. Sasahwira wavo Joyce Banda!

  • Bigboy Musonza

    Heya ko vakadzi vese wavayi tambisa. Uyo wekuChiweshe gadzirisa

    • dd

      Remember you apologised for furning an inteview with our Treasury who was non exisetnent. Now you are ceating your people claiming to be MDC. Be warned Zanu paper not to fool peolpe thinking that you can go away with it.

  • muzaya

    So what? His private life and marriage troubles are his.. what have they go to do with the problems in the country created by ZANU PF???

    • Chakalaka

      Muzaya uri kurasika. Kana wada humambo you become a public figure. Iye munhu ari HIV (+) munombomudii? Hatidi kuramba tichingova mu election mode Save vatifira vachangopinda pachigaro. Tsvagai vane good health, good behaviour, good moral standing, good credibility, good education. good etc, etc.

  • Ndareva

    Its good to know the health of our leaders mazviona ka! This is double standards though, talk about Save not Gushungo ho nhai?

    • Truth

      Hahuna chawareva…Bob has been hospitalised on several occasions and at one time he was with several of his relatives on his death bad. Mugabe has also died on several occasions so its fare reporting.

  • Cosmas Marowa

    Kukuenda kuSingapore kunoenda vamwe

  • mpengo

    I never imagined it would’ve been easy. Happens. He’s human.
    Sometimes its really not worth it.

  • Zimbabwe

    Tamborinyoka denied, claiming instead that his boss was only “an outpatient” receiving treatment at the mental institution. kwakwakwa. Kuti angaregera kupenga shuwa…Shulumani, Locardia. Elizabeth. Loreta. Tendai Biti (aka Morgan Mugabe). Sekai Holland. Sipepa Nkomo. Donors. Khama. Mangoma. Mugabe. Zanu pf. Nikuv. Mudede. Makarau. Mufume. Guardian Council. No cash. Catch. 34%. Welshman.

    • Truth

      Wareva…zvamuwandira Chematama, Morgen Richard Gumbura..ko kurusa ma elections…shasha yanga ichida kutonga. Ko madiyi kumanya naye kwa BT Joshua? Ndiko ku Singapore kwakevo.

      • Don’t Take Photo

        yapfumbira manje. hanzi ndiko ku singapore kwakevo.

      • Blarara Zonke

        ku Singapore!!! Kikikikikiki!! Chaonekwa nehama hachisekwi asi.

    • DZ

      Wandiuraya muface. Who wouldn’t go crazy with such varied and sustained pressure. Even mangochani e ku GALZ anga asonana naye lol

  • chandunga

    Mwari ndewe munhu wese…hurema hausekamwi..Uye vakuru havatukwi especially kana vakaiswa pautongi nedenga, shamhu dzemhepo dzakaoma. Dzinouya makarivara. Just be warned.

    • mabamba and chombo

      anorapwa muzimbabwe he sets the standards

      • Jotham

        Standard yekurwara – you need a brain reorientation. What is the difference. When one is ill – that person needs a Doctor period. Where that doctor is – is not the issue, Jackass

      • Truth

        What standards..unopenga here..kuenda kwa TB Joshuwa is that setting standards…abusing vana vevamwe is that setting standards. Ikozvino Locardia akatiza is that setting standards..Mangoma ararohwa Gumbura akatarisa is that setting standards????????????

  • ndodahondo2

    Mugabe akarwara anonzi ari right, if he faces opposition anodashura vanhu.Tsvangirai akarwara anonzi ari right, if he faces opposition unozvindikita vanhu. So morgan is now a graduate from ZANUPF school of politicking.

  • punungwe

    What this says to all of us is that this man is not mentally strong enough to lead our country. Woita nervous breakdown nana Biti ava ko musi waunonzi naObama ‘HIWEEE!!’ unoita sei? Zvimwa hazvidi kuvhunduka izvi.

  • Gmmm

    very biased reporting. “..has failed to attend two rallies in as many weeks.” and then u go on to say, “..He was a no-show in Glen View a fortnight ago, and did not pitch up for another rally in Highfield on Sunday.” So where are the MANY WEEKS.

    • Fundi

      Akomana chirungu chakauya nengarava, “in as many weeks” not “many weeks” as you seem to think. A fortnight is two weeks, thus the two rallies, one per week that he failed to attend. Eish!!!

    • Don’t Take Photo

      ya shamwari wazvifumura. chirungu chakanaka samare kuti ‘in as many weeks’. tokuregerera hako.

  • wezhira wezheve

    Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe, vanhukadzi tine nhamo
    Kana iro rokwebwa, roti mavara azarevhu
    Ida wekwako sezvaunozviita iwe bhaibheri rinotaura
    Wako akateyiwa segonzo unonzwa seiko
    Chaunoda akuitire, newe muitire ichocho
    Manomano muroyi, kunyepera kutya dzvinyu
    akasungiriro nyoka muchiuno

  • Nyuchi Yegonera

    So if the president is sick we are supposed to believe what the presidential spokesperson or ZANU PF spokesperson says his sickness is, and not what the private media or foreign newspapers say? If Charamba or Rugare Gumbo tell us the president is in Singapore for his annual check up or to have his eyes checked we are supposed to believe that.But if Tsvangirai,s spokeperson says his boss has been visiting his doctor and going back home we are not supposed to believe him? We are supposed to believe the herald? Initially you said reliable sources told you he was terminally ill,now its food poisoining or mental issues? so what should we believe? Could you at least make up your mind and give him what ever sickness that sounds life threatening to you and stick with it.Something tells me before the end of the week your reliable sources will have come up with a different diagnosis.

    • Truth

      Vano nyepa vanhu ve MDC….” everything is fine in the party..we have agreed to solve our internal problems internally” Zvino ndezvipi..expulsions after expulsions, counter accusations after counter accusations.

  • wangu P

    Chandunga unopenga shamu yei ita semunhu mukuru hapana asingarwari munhu wese akaberekwa nemukadzi anemazuva mashoma panyika ane kutambudzika.

  • July

    Get well soon

  • Dzakabvuraudzwa

    Mwari ngavaporesewo

  • Fairplay

    Get well now Morgan

  • Jongwe

    Sei musina kutipawo update about Comm in Chief zvomoti nanga nanga nehealth ye”mutengesi” uyo???

  • wired

    I find it funny how people deny having sought medical treatment. Why deny that you are in hospital?

    • Don’t Take Photo

      usually if its a normal illness, people dont deny.

  • Shadreck

    Your cartoon in today’s Herald is in very bad taste, its not funny at all.

    • zvarwa

      Its funny Shadreck zvarwadza ka. Asi dai ariwe ZANUPF achibuda muDaily News pangadai payine cartoon iwe Shady wosekerera

      • Shadreck

        Politics aside, which ever political party one is….. I personally
        believe we should never derive funnies about issues on peoples’ health. I
        sincerely wish everyone who is sick right now a quick recovery and
        healing in Jesus’ name. One day or the other we all fall sick at some
        point as humans and we need each other together as one to love one other
        as Zimbabweans and pray for each other. I for one always pray for our
        country’s President Mugabe as well every time he goes for regular
        checks-ups that God’s protection be with him. God Bless our beautiful
        Zimbabwe and its lovely people irrespective of political affiliation.

  • truezimbo


  • mabwe

    At least he is being treated in the country

    • Dikondo5brigade

      mental illness yakasiyana nana cancer bhururu.Vana cancer vanoda ma specialists unlike madhunyaz anoda chero sangoma.Also zvekuti treated in country hazvina basa izvo.Chatava kuziva ndechekuti mablanko vari patight

  • harpp witking

    mental breakdown kkkkk shinso hanzi ndakupenga

  • Twimbo!

    Anenge ari kugwara ne nhova, ngaanoona Baba Sharo.

    • Blarara Zonke

      Kikikikiki, wandibaya!! Ko akaruma chinhu cha Cheso Power??

  • baba imi

    Tsvangirai is a strong character stop writing lies.Mental issues what,the one with mental issues you know him and you dont talk,please stop this lies Herald will endup broke like ZBC keep on with propaganda!!!!!!!Us who follow Tsvangirai knows these ar lies and wishful thinking.Anga streswa nBiti ndiani?Kana Mugabe akatadza kustreswa naSimba Makoni .Tsvangirai ndowamaona achistreswa naBiti???Pane chii chekustresa ipapo.

  • knox


  • Yekera

    I’m amazed. Less than 2 weeks ago, private media was awash with how Bob is ill and dying and MDC complaining why the president’s health is a secret!? Now he’s ill and he keeps his own illness a secret! What hypocrisy.
    Now Morgan knows that to be ill is human?

  • Messenger Of God

    As an individual Tsvangirayi’s first mistake was to divorce his second wife Locadia ( For God said any man who put away his was save for fornication causes her to commit adultery and he comitteth adultery also) However man are allowed to marry as many wives as they can afford to look after. He should have kept Locadia, kept Elizaberth and as a third wife and that girl from Bulawayo as his fourth wife and another from South Africa ad his fifth depending on who he met first. Its not too late to repent tho he can take them back all of them as his wives and God will forgive him. As for wealth he should give all he has to the poor, I mean all and God will forgive him.Yave nguva yekuti uchinamata Tsvangirayi…Messenger Of God

    • Dereck

      “Messenger Of God” .. I am still counting the 6 (six) months that you prophesied kuti will be the maximum Gumbura would be out of prison ACQUITED!.

  • Romeo Obi

    Herald you talk rubbish hamuna nyaya asi mugabe akaenda kunorapwa munovanza wani .mwari ariko munosvikakupi .kusvika zvanaka chete hapana achagara pachigaro hupenyu hose zvichapera hondo yakapera wani .vanu vezanu makarara nezamu mukanwa

  • dick mboko

    I no that Tsvangirai was hospitalised due to Old Age

  • Shame

    But mu face ari patight uyu

  • previous moyo

    your personal hate for tsvangirai is just disgusting.Herald’s bias is just too unprofessional

  • Truth

    Fuseki..wena!!!! it depents on what specialist needs does one want. Tsvangirai is a mental case which needs a psychiatrists and Bob has cataract.

  • Mfanekhaya

    He can’t afford to go abroad for treatment. Havn’t you heard? Donors have dumped him…

  • Don’t Take Photo

    Anon. kwana. Tsvangirai i dhunyaz. Anechimbwampengo. Arikuwona zvinhu. Saka of course he must be treated in the country. Kumbe aye ko TB Joshua wakhe e Nigeria. Oh sorry. He cant go to Nigeria. Kwaita Boko Haram ikoko.

  • Vibo

    Truth you are an idiot. Who needs more care a man who needs psychiatric help or a cataract? There are many eye specialists in Zim, Guramatunhu one of the.

  • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

    Kuchembera hakurapiki mwachewe. Kasakara kabhobho kenyu manya

  • X

    Vibo, the sad bit of it all is that people like Truth are the ones ruling the country. They cry Sovereignty, Indegenisation, yet on a sing of flue, they run to the white man’s land for treatment. Tsvangirayi is seeking treatment in Zimbabwe, Mandela, until death was treated in South Africa, Raila odhinga had brain surgery at Nairobi hospital. Whats wrong with our trained specialists like Guramatunhu as you correctly put it?

  • Truth

    You are worst off than an idiot Vibo..guffi. Chematama should go Kwa TB Joshuwa..ndiko kuSingapore kwakwe