Tsvangirai hints at retirement

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Herald Reporter—
MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday gave the clearest hint yet of his possible early retirement from active politics since his disclosure in 2016 that he had been diagnosed with cancer of the colon. In a statement, Mr Tsvangirai said he was seriously thinking about his future and the possibility of handing over “the levers of leadership” to the “younger generation”.

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Of late, Mr Tsvangirai has been in and out of hospital in South Africa where he is undergoing a series of chemotherapy sessions in his battle with the disease. Last week, President Mnangagwa paid him a visit at his Highlands, Harare, residence to commiserate with him and offer moral support.

“At a personal level, I feel an air of satisfaction as I reflect on the great journey we have travelled together even as I seriously ponder about the future,” said Mr Tsvangirai.

Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

He said owing to the disclosure of his health status, he had found it prudent to appoint two additional Vice Presidents, Advocate Nelson Chamisa and Engineer Ellias Mudzuri, to assist him in his party duties.

“I am looking at the imminent prospects of us as the older generation leaving the levers of leadership to allow the younger generation to take forward this huge task that we started together so many years ago with our full blessing and support,” said Mr Tsvangirai.

“It was therefore not by accident, but by design that when I disclosed to you my health status, I also took a bold step to appoint an additional two Vice Presidents to assist me.

  As I have said before, while politicians only think about the next election, true statesmen think about the next generation, for current leaders are only but caretakers for future generations,” said former trade unionist, who has led MDC since its formation in 1999.

“We do not have any entitlement to lead but we have a duty to serve. We must recognise the imperative that new hands, with the full blessing of the people, must take this struggle and this country forward with the destination remaining the same — a society that prides itself for not leaving anyone behind in their pursuit of freedom, prosperity and happiness. That is the only lasting legacy and precedence that we must leave to future generations.”

Mr Tsvangirai said he was writing a book that chronicles the journey he has travelled, starting from his leadership at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) to the time he joined the political fray.

Elias Mudzuri

Elias Mudzuri

“You, the people, have travelled with me a journey that had its own tribulations. Yet it was also a journey in which we worked hard and achieved so much together. I am in the process of writing a book that is set to be a collective national treasure on the great things we have achieved together over the years in our journey of service and sacrifice,” said Mr Tsvangirai.

He narrated events leading to his assumption of the post of secretary general of the ZCTU during a congress in 1988 in Gweru. “Beyond what we have achieved together, we ought to leave a lasting legacy where the baton can be changed peacefully, in a tranquil and cordial atmosphere of unity and togetherness,” said Mr Tsvangirai.

His worsening health condition has fuelled fighting in his party, with growing calls for him to step down by party bigwigs who believe his condition makes it difficult for him to endure the rigours of an election campaign. Zimbabwe is scheduled to go to the polls by mid-year.

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  • Rudeologist

    Did you say “early” retirement.
    What is so early about an old man who is way over his retirement age???

    • Cde Njelele

      Relatively to other leaders is what is being said “early“! He is decade younger than our current President. The issue is his health condition.

      • Truthhurts!


    • Chatambudza

      Do you mean 65 year old Morgan Tsvangirai is “way over” the retirement age compared to 93 year old Robert Mugabe, 75 year old Emmerson Mnangagwa, or Cabinet members Simbarashe Mumbengegwi (72), Kembo Mohadi (68), David Parirenyatwa (67), Obert Mpofu (66),…. etc… etc?

      • Fred Moyo

        How old is Mudede?

        • Truthhurts!

          Same age as ‘Goodlooks’. They look like twins now,

      • Truthhurts!

        If we judge by looks and ‘kusakara’ Morgan ‘Goodlooks’ Tsvangirayi is now a nanogenarian. Akawanza ‘Yekedero!

    • Zvobgo

      better he retires than have his former disciples discipline him than we saw one hanger on “operated on” last November
      few are as wise as Mandela

  • Sad

    Well done I respect you blaz, you are a hero par excellence, take a deserved rest.

  • yowe

    Morgan should hurry the process up and allow the party to choose its next leader as per the constitution.Time is not on your side.If they delay this process and fail to campaign they will loose the election and not have adequate representation in parliament .We do not want them to start crying that the election was not free and fair and calling for international “pressure” then we have an economic stale mate in which no one wants to invest because of uncertainity. Vanhu takuda progress and to stop worrying about politics everyday.YOWE IS A PATRIOT

  • eliah

    Its good that Elizabeth Macheka is not in politics otherwise the Chamisas and Mudzuris would be having a torrid time like what we witnessed with another former first lady who had overtaken those who were in line for the throne and positioned herself to take over, make the right decision at the right time Tsvangirai but were does this leave Khupe the tribalist in this jig saw puzzle.

    • Zvobgo

      Elizabeth Macheka
      Grace Marufu
      Mary Mubaiwa
      Auxilia Chigiji

      • Fred Moyo

        class of…?

  • Wandile

    He is a true national hero

  • Barney

    Why describing it as early retirement? Because he is not yet 93? The Zanu pf Mugabe world view will be with us for a long time!

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    He spoke like a real statesman congratulations Tsvangison

  • Cde Mthunzi weNgongoni kaJama

    Why is the Herald obsessed with MRT sickness…why not show a file photo instead of the current one. You just want to reinforce that he is sick and dying. Why are you this morbid? I await the day when the Herald reforms and be people centric!!

  • sky

    If he retires will the MDC hold an election to select a new President or ndezve ku sharudzwa na Morgan ?

  • http://www.fiftyescorts.com Guvheya29

    Good decision Save. Leave the button to Chamisa. Chamisa will be a better candidate to remove the Zanu Pf regime