Tsvangirai changes UK programme

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai has changed the subject of his lecture to be delivered at Chatham House in the United Kingdom tomorrow in a move described as an attempt to deflect focus on himself and his embattled party. Sources said Mr Tsvangirai was also scheduled to appear on the BBC’s HardTalk but he declined, saying the station was too probing.

According to his initial programme, Mr Tsvangirai was expected to deliver a lecture on the future of opposition politics in Zimbabwe, but the subject had been amended to focus on “Zimbabwe after the disputed election, the way forward”.

Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka could not be reached for comment last night. But MDC-T sources intimated that the change was deliberate to shift attention from the MDC-T and Mr Tsvangirai’s battered character.

“He was later advised that the topic on opposition politics in Zimbabwe would put him and the party at large under the spotlight given his immediate past shenanigans,” said the source.

“So, this new topic is well calculated to put spotlight on other parties.”

Another source said: “Zimbabwe’s elections were endorsed by the United Nations, Sadc, the African Union and other progressive forces the world over and it boggles the mind how he (Mr Tsvangirai) is going to expound his claim of a disputed election.

“The secretary general Mr Tendai Biti admitted publicly they lost the election on the basis of poor policies and to some of us the issue of elections is a closed                                 chapter.”

Commenting on the matter yesterday, Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba, said: “It is a very presumptuous title. It assumes that (Mr) Tsvangirai is a decisive factor in Zimbabwe’s politics, yet he is not.”

An MDC-T official from the Renewal Team led by Mr Biti who refused to be named, said: “This guy is incurably wedded to the West.  They have messed him up by supporting his rivals, but he keeps going there.”

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  • Judas Iscariot

    George Charamba said” It is a very presumptuous title.It assumes mr Tsvangirai is a decisive factor in Zimbabwe,s politics yet he is not”
    If he is not a decisive factor why is it that we hear more about him than any other politician in this country?
    Why do we have to know about his where abouts,who he is going to meet and what they would discuss.This makes me feel he indeed is a very decisive factor in our politics.

  • jaj jay

    why do we want to put focus on the one Tsvangirai always and leave the bread and butter issues with no attention,personally i would think its prudent for us to be hearing on what plans are there in the bag to fix the economy,then we discuss than following on tsvangarai as though we eat from his table

  • Cde Nharo

    Ah ini zvangu ini Herald.

  • kutototo

    umm regai save vaite zve bhora mberi.

  • Sober

    If Morgan is not a decisive factor why don’t they talk about Welshmen Ncube,Magret Dongo,Madhuku,Kisnot and all other opposition leaders.The fact that they talk about him from dawn to dusk shows that he is the only threat to Zanu PF.Yes they cant waste their time and energy talking about Dabengwa whom they know can not pose any meaningful challenge to them,they focus on the most important one and in this case is none other than Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.If he is finished like Mugabe said then let him do his things,why then do you scruitnise him.They report even his spit,yawn,sneeze hahahahahaha

    • Command Center

      Wasiirira. The toilet he goes to (havakendenge kunhuwirwa), the women he goes out with, the toothpick he uses, the tissues he uses, the road we walks, the air he breathes, the deo he uses, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Prosper Chinamhora

    sleepless nights no, he is a welcome weaker challenge and ZANU(PF) hopes he clings to the MDC_T leadership so that 2018 will be a walk-over again coz he will make mistakes aplent like always.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    To be honest with you , patriotic Zimbabweans worry about Tsvangirai becoz he is a dangerous tool of the West .When he met the NATO military officer what were they discussion? He is not a democrat as shown by how his party splits like an amoeba! If you re-read my posting you will get why we worry about this stooge The example you give about an opposition leader in UK does not hold water becoz no opposition leader goes abroad to promote sanctions against his country. Would Miliband not recognize the Union Jack in Germany or US? No AMERICAN will go against his country`s patriotic interests . Do you think our land is not a patriotic national interest for which we are suffering the sanctions?
    We dont worry about Tsvangiruza with respect to the elections, but his sinister propensity to be foolishly used against our national interests!