Tsvangirai changes UK programme

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai has changed the subject of his lecture to be delivered at Chatham House in the United Kingdom tomorrow in a move described as an attempt to deflect focus on himself and his embattled party. Sources said Mr Tsvangirai was also scheduled to appear on the BBC’s HardTalk but he declined, saying the station was too probing.

According to his initial programme, Mr Tsvangirai was expected to deliver a lecture on the future of opposition politics in Zimbabwe, but the subject had been amended to focus on “Zimbabwe after the disputed election, the way forward”.

Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka could not be reached for comment last night. But MDC-T sources intimated that the change was deliberate to shift attention from the MDC-T and Mr Tsvangirai’s battered character.

“He was later advised that the topic on opposition politics in Zimbabwe would put him and the party at large under the spotlight given his immediate past shenanigans,” said the source.

“So, this new topic is well calculated to put spotlight on other parties.”

Another source said: “Zimbabwe’s elections were endorsed by the United Nations, Sadc, the African Union and other progressive forces the world over and it boggles the mind how he (Mr Tsvangirai) is going to expound his claim of a disputed election.

“The secretary general Mr Tendai Biti admitted publicly they lost the election on the basis of poor policies and to some of us the issue of elections is a closed                                 chapter.”

Commenting on the matter yesterday, Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba, said: “It is a very presumptuous title. It assumes that (Mr) Tsvangirai is a decisive factor in Zimbabwe’s politics, yet he is not.”

An MDC-T official from the Renewal Team led by Mr Biti who refused to be named, said: “This guy is incurably wedded to the West.  They have messed him up by supporting his rivals, but he keeps going there.”

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  • Campos

    The focus on Morgan to the extent of scrutinising the title of a lecture he is giving clearly shows this man is giving Mugabe and ZanuPF sleepless nights. Why is there so much attention and focus on him if he has messed up opposition politics? Mugabe said Tsvangirai is dead and buried but the 24/7 public scrutiny he gets shows he is still the only man who can unseat Mugabe and his cronies.
    You can denigrate him all you want but the majority still love him. If ZanuPF won the election fairly as they claim then why are they still obsessed by Morgan? Why does ZanuPF not focus on delivering just one of the utopian promises they made to their supporters instead of wasting money on round the clock surveillance on Morgan?
    Opposition politics are legal under the constitution and Tsvangirai is free to ge wherever he wants. Last week the UK opposition leader Ed Miliband was in the US for talks with Obama and his senior officials. Cameron and his cabinet did not scream murder because it was a lawful visit. ZanuPF needs to grow up and appreciate the fact that Zimbos are very aware of the propanganda and lies that they peddle on a daily basis and they will do something about the current rot.