Tshinga Dube refutes Mutsvangwa remarks

Rtd Col Dube

Rtd Col Dube

Felex Share Senior Reporter
Only war veterans have the right to remove or retain their chairperson, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa, the Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees, Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube, has said.

He said he had no power to remove Cde Mutsvangwa as the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) — which Cde Mutsvangwa leads — was an affiliate of Zanu-PF.

This follows media reports attributed to Rtd Col Dube that Cde Mutsvangwa was no longer the chairperson of the war veterans after being suspended from Zanu-PF for three years and removed from Government last week.

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He was also quoted as saying that the freedom fighters should immediately convene a meeting to elect a new leadership.

Cde Mutsvangwa was dismissed for “gross misconduct and disloyalty”.

Rtd Col Dube said he was misquoted and it was not his prerogative to coerce war veterans to elect leaders and yesterday he demanded retraction of the story from Chronicle who originated it, and The Herald who reproduced it.

In a statement, Minister Dube said:

“The ministry, indeed, respects and recognises the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association as a private voluntary organisation that has and is guided by its own constitution.

“In this regard, the ministry will only exert its authority to ensure that all its client communities are well organised and united so that their members can effectively access their statutory welfare benefits, be economically empowered and be socio-politically mainstreamed in society, without at the same time meddling unduly in their internal affairs,” reads part of the statement.

Minister Dube dismissed the statement describing the report as mischievous and the evil work of agenda-setting by some individuals.

“Honourable Minister Dube would like to categorically state that he made no such suggestion and that he has no quarrel, either personal or organisational, with Honourable Mutsvangwa.

“He, therefore, believes this mischievous reportage to be the evil work of agenda-setting individuals which must be condemned in the strongest terms.”.

“That I said Cde Mutsvangwa is no longer chairman is not correct, I was misquoted,” he said.

“(Cde) Mutsvangwa was elected by the war veterans and they are the only ones who can dismiss him and his Excellency (President Mugabe). I have no power to do that. I never said that we are going to have elections.”

He said his focus was on uniting the freedom fighters and ensure their welfare was addressed.

“When I took over, I said our aim is to unite the war veterans, but because of the problems that there are too many factions, we might have to call them to come up with a structure to unite them not for them to have elections,” Rtd Col Dube said.

“I cannot determine how these people solve their leadership issues and our problem is simply to have them united at all costs.”

The Zanu-PF Politburo, which suspended Cde Mutsvangwa, resolved that he will not hold any position in the revolutionary party during his suspension, but will remain the National Assembly member for Norton.

The ZNLWVA has rallied behind Cde Mutsvangwa, saying they would continue supporting him and their patron, President Mugabe. They said his suspension would allow them to have more time with him as they push for a redress of challenges affecting their well-being.

Also suspended for three years was the Women’s League secretary for administration Cde Esphina Nhari, who had a vote of no confidence passed on her by the wing for chanting the slogan “Pasi NeG40” at a rally in Gutu last year.

Cde Mutsvangwa’s wife, Monica, was also suspended for three years after she participated in an illegal meeting that tried to overturn the ousting of Manicaland chairlady Cde Happiness Nyakuedzwa last year.

Cde Nyakuedzwa was kicked out for disrespecting First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, who is the Zanu-PF Secretary for Women Affairs.

Seven former youth provincial chairpersons were also expelled last week after some of them issued a Press statement insulting and denigrating the First Lady.

Seven youths leaders from associations aligned to Zanu-PF were expelled for naughtiness.

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  • http://sn.wikipedia.org Tinovaziva

    Kkkkk! Rome is burning while Nero is in India.

  • musa

    misquoting iya ye mdc yapinda mu zanu

  • Legal Expert

    This makes a lot of sense. I respect the Minister for acknowledging the need to follow due process.

    • Sekuru Karikoga

      He is just saying because some dudes are threatening. Nobody is afraid of a toothless dog. Kana usina pfuti tinongoti pwe. The minister says that in public but the real truth ari kuti chidembo tamba tamba muswe ndakabata.

    • Chief Legal Adviser

      Interesting development which leaves the issue still a moot point. The minister is clear that war vets must unite to enable smooth dialogue with government. How they unite or not is the task of Cde Mutsvangwa and his Executive. But they should have one voice. That seems to be the ministers trajectory. Its politics stupid, that is splitting the war vets . The ex political prisoners and detainees also had leadership wrangle but they have not degenerated to the level of war vets because their disagreement is not polluted by the ugly factional politics. The war vets declared that they stand by their elected Chair and patron. But the Chair and patron are not eyeing to eyeing! That is the moot point in my learned view! The war vets have a constitution and the patron has a governing constitution and an elected office up to 2018. It is naivety to imagine the patron putting his tail between his legs to accommodate the controversial Chair .What then is the solution here ? Cde Minister Dube`s portfolio goes beyond the war vets to cover also the ex politico prisoners and detainees. The question to be answered is that: `Is the war vets dispute with government over welfare of our liberators? Is the split among war vets over their welfare? If its factional politics , what is the core of that political difference. Assuming its over premature succession debate , is that necessary before 2018 and 2019 for the country`s Presidency and First Sec of ZANU PF respective positions? May I rest my comments!

  • suspended from holding a position in zanu pf also means you cant hold a position in an affiliate organisation,mutsvangwas position is untenable,if he is really popular the best way forward is to form his own warvets association coz ZNLWVA is a party baby and if the party finds you unsuitable to be a member how then can one lead one of its most important affiliates

    • Mukotami

      The articled erred by saying ZNLWVA is an affiliate of Zanu PF. Not all veterans are members of Zanu PF, we have some Ex combatants in MDC who are also members of ZNLWVA. I think the War Vets body is independent or should be independent.

      • Ngomalungundu

        That cant be true with Cdes Mutsvangwa & Matemadanda.,to say some members are from stooge political parties. Why stretch your imagination that impossible when they are not accommodating each other in ZNLWVA because of difference in political views in ZANU PF ? Has Jabu Sibanda been attending their meetings after the booting supported by Mutsvangwa?

        • bodo_kwete

          I always ask, where is cde. Jabu??

          • muchovi washoko

            Cry the Beloved Country

      • bodo_kwete

        Zimbabwe Liberators Platform

    • Musafare

      Articles 23 and 84 of the Constitution confer certain rights and privileges for War Veterans, irrespective of their political affiliation or Robert Mugabe’s honorary title of patron of the ZNLWVA, which also has its own constitution that is definitely not subject to Zanu-PF’s party constitution.
      If the G40 faction of Zanu-PF wishes to create its own Warvet association it is free to do so, but there won’t be many genuine G40 Warvet bootlickers to fill its ranks.

      • ex political detainee

        The best solution is for war vets not to be divided by the succession issue, prematurely, before there is any vacancy for succession. If the factions exist and war vets are divided between the factions , then war vets are fueling the ZANU PF disunity. The majority of party members are not war vets. But the majority of ZANU PF supporters will go along with Cde Mugabe not Mutsvangwa., hence the call by Minister Dube for war vets to unite. ZNLWVA does not belong to any faction. Mutsvangwa has to unite the war vets as other former leaders did before him. If he cant , then he has failed to lead. Why did he drag the organization into factional politics?

    • Grace Jones

      affiliate does not mean the same kureva kuti hamuzivi difference here or its just being pained kuti mamukoniwa Mutsvangwa. In fact the war vets have said their organisation is independent. they said they are not members of zanupf by compulsion but voluntarily.Vanogona kubuda muZanupf but still remain war vets. There are ZAPU, ZPF MDC MDCT etc war vets .Mugabe is patron by Invitation. Tomorrow they can choose another. G 40 people are the ones trying to force affiliation paisipo

  • Kuta Kinte

    In trying to join pieces, I can detect that Minister Dube wants unity in all these dispensations. I would also prefer a situation where all issues are solved with a unity of purpose. All these expulsions, votes of no confidence, factions etc are human errors which work against the future we desire. Please try to move in one direction for us to build our Zimbabwe.

    • Tsotso

      Not easy to mix some things bro/sister. That is why we end up with heavy explosions, mixing incompatible materials. Better leave it as is!

  • clement moyo

    I think this word ‘comrade’ has become a confusing term which is being used hypocritically and tends to negate the actual character of an individual and his public disposition. How can you call these thugs comrades?

  • TTM

    As a way to clarify issues @HeraldOnline, why did you ban comments on the Indian trip by the President? Why invite us to comment when you cannot stand people’s input when they do? This is just to seek clarity.

    • theheraldonline

      TTM, thanks for asking. We did not ban comments on the said story as your screenshot is also showing earlier comments on the article. We simply closed the debate after experiencing a heavy spam attack on the story. This was whereby some readers repeatedly posted the same messages over and over and we had to protect the site and other users. We however made sure all earlier comments remain under the story for the benefit of everyone. We therefore recommend readers to stick to the Terms and Conditions of use on the site so that all are able to participate without being frustrated or irritated.

      • Musorobhangu

        I have never seen any of my posts. Can you tell me why?

        • theheraldonline

          Can you see this response?

      • TTM

        Thanks for the clarification.

        • theheraldonline

          You are welcome TTM. have a great day.

  • my zanupf

    Mutsvangwa akabisirwa kutaura chokwadi. dzimba dziri kuvakwa vana vevhu vachitambura.

    • bodo_kwete

      Looks like “mafirakureva” Grace is the only person allowed to speak out what she holds for true. This is the problem Zanu has. Everyone with a bit of brains in Zanu should know that enganging such might mean end of membership. **

  • kutototo

    In short, the Herald and The Chronicle lied, quoting Tshinga Dube at length. It is these papers then which are on the forefront of the ‘agenda setters’

    • Ngomalungundu

      But reading the Minister`s position about the need for unity, that could be interpreted as calling for elections to create unity or use other means to unite war vets. Mutsvanagwa will not be able to facilitate amicable dialogue with the government because of his bellicose and abrasive approach. If he thinks the government will kneel before him leading the ZNLWVA he is insane.

    • bodo_kwete

      Yes they did or is it that the Minister is lying?

      • Chief Legal Adviser

        But reading between the lines, the government is saying war vets need to unite and that is only possible after removing the bellicose and abrasive Cde Mutsvangwa. The two newspaper tried to debunk the meaning of the minister`s message. With Mutsvangwa as Leader not acceptable to government the government will carry on but the dialogue will be marred.If the the two sides have to dialogue, its not the government that should go but Mutsvangwa. Period.

        • bodo_kwete

          mugabe anofunfa kuti iye nemukadzi wake ndivo vega vane nharo nhai??

  • theheraldonline

    We have also checked under deleted comments, i did not see your name. Kindly re-post any missing comments for publishing. We would not want to disappoint you.

    • Fred Muchena

      Herald always publish comments!

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Nothing positive out of Zimbabwe shame man.
    So sad

  • Myth

    Ko Mandi akaendepi?

  • Guest Zvangu

    Cde Njelele who was saying nonsense kuti the removal of Mutsvangwa as Chairman was procedural just because zvataurwa naMugabe is absent today.Cde.Njelele reminder again.One centre of power does not apply everywhere.We fought for the rule of law not one person rule

    • Cde Njelele

      Cde Mugabe removed Mutsvangwa from the Cabinet. ZANU PF suspended MUTSVANGWA from holding office for three years. I never said Mutsvangwa was dethroned from his ZNLWVA chair by the President. If MUTSVANGWA cannot behave well , he cannot be the leader of that organization to dialogue with the President. He has shown disrespect to our leader. So practically speaking he cannot be rude and then seek to lead our liberators. It must be understood that the majority of war vets still respect Cde MUGABE, unlike the few misguided leaders.

  • the herald of lies

    Sorry Herald, you had to change your story here….. shame!

  • Jonga

    Some of the discussions about war vets are missing a point. The question is which came first between ZANU PF and War Vets. The fact is war vets came as a result of Zanu PF formation. After Zanu PF had been formed as a political party they thought of forming an army. Which would have its members trained to fight the Smith regime using arms. These Zanu PF trained soldiers had their allegiance to the party which controlled them. The same applied to ZAPU. The point here is when you are calling yourself a war vet which means you had a party which your were complementing its efforts to dislodge the settler regime from power. After the successful protracted armed struggle for independence that was where war vets came into being. Prior to that there were known as Zanu or Zapu combatants. These combatants were under their respective armed group which was either Zanla or Zipra. These armed groups were following their parties objectives for fighting the war. Either group was under Zanu or Zapu. Therefore you can not separate the war vets from the party which created them. Those who are saying the war vets association is independent from the party are lacking the understanding the relationship of the two before and after independence. When a child is grown up pursuing his own interest doesn’t discard the family name. The name is used in succession with different generations to come. War Vets and the party are synonymous period